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Chapter 161.1

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch. 161 Pt. 1

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The entire Xiao Family had come over in a hurry without even eating any breakfast. They simply asked the maids to bring over extra sets of chopsticks and the family sat together for the meal.

After eating, they went to see Yan Ge’er and Zhuzhu before they left.

Second Young Master Xiao and his wife walked to their residence together. Second Young Madam Sun looked at her husband hesitantly.

Without her even opening her mouth, Second Young Master Xiao knew what she wanted to say. He shot her a warning look, “I’m warning you now in advance. I only have Rou’er as a sister. If she’s wronged, I feel wronged. With your narrow mind, you always like to quarrel over things with your eldest sister-in-law. That’s a matter between you and eldest sister-in-law. Brother and I are well aware of this matter and your behaviours won’t hurt the relationship between us brothers. Rou’er is back at her maiden home now. Nominally, she’s an outsider, but in our family, no one treats her as a foreigner. If you use your usual tactics to deal with her and say something unpleasant in front of her, don’t blame me for showing no mercy.” 

This made the second young madam look embarrassed and uncomfortable. Extremely unwilling, she said, “Is that how you think of me? You and elder brother-in-law are usually busy outside, and eldest sister-in-law and I have nothing to do. As for those teeth and nail fights, how often do you see one between eldest sister-in-law and me? Rou’er is your sister, so she’s naturally my sister as well. I’ll definitely treat her well.”

“That would be for the best.”

Actually, the second young master was also clear that his eldest sister-in-law and his wife wouldn’t be able to stir up any big fights with the men keeping an eye on them. As for what she had said about teeth and nail fights, they happened in every household. Staying under the same roof all day long, it was inevitable to butt heads every once in a while.

The Xiao Family old couple were also aware of it in their hearts, but they acted as if they were ignorant. Both Eldest Young Master Xiao and Second Young Master Xiao attached importance to their sibling relationship. Minor conflicts between the women in the family wouldn’t affect the relationship between the two.

“You only like to slander me.” The second young madam felt aggrieved.

Although the second young master was a blunt person, he also knew how to get along as husband and wife. He had witnessed a lot of affection between his parents ever since he was a child, so he naturally understood the principles behind a good relationship.

In the Xiao Family, he was the only one who didn’t share the traits of those from the Xiao Family. He was more like his maternal grandfather, Madam Xiao’s father. He had a rough appearance and he was tall and strong. At first glance, he seemed to be a rough man whereas the second young madam was petite and exquisite.

Second Young Master Xiao stretched out his sturdy arms, and wrapped them around the second young madam’s shoulders, hugging her. “You know the situation in our family. Father exercises strict self-discipline and he’s upright and honest. Although mother has a lot in her dowry, that is her own private savings. If she’s willing to give some to us, we’ll accept it. If she’s unwilling, we won’t covet it. Our family only has so many heirlooms passed down from our ancestors. In the future, when the family separates, most of that will go to eldest brother. But don’t worry, your man has ambitions and will make great contributions. I definitely won’t let you suffer.” 

Since he opened his heart to her, how could the second young madam still be thinking her previous petty thoughts? She immediately relaxed against the second young master’s chest and said, “Brother Kun, no matter how willful I am, I won’t be willful in this regard. Don’t worry, I will treat sister well.”

“As long as you behave yourself, that would be good.”

Meanwhile, the same topic was being discussed between Eldest Young Master Xiao and the eldest young madam.

However, compared to the second young master’s extensive words and deeds, the eldest young master was more restrained.

He didn’t directly address this topic but told Liu Qixuan what he expects from her maids and mamas in detail. From preparing food to clothing to housing, he covered everything.

As soon as she heard such words, the eldest young madam naturally swallowed the words in her throat.

Actually, she didn’t dislike her sister-in-law living at home, but her sister-in-law’s identity was unique after all. Her brother-in-law was a prince, a qinwang. As for divorcing a prince, this has never happened since the establishment of the Dagan Dynasty.

Especially with the two children, what would happen to them?

But with the full support from her parents-in-law, her husband, and her brother-in-law, she didn’t dare to say more. Originally, she planned to discuss this further with the second young madam, and think of ways to persuade her sister-in-law. Yet who would’ve expected that the second young madam was unwilling? Naturally, this discussion was unable to continue. Of course, this was a story for another day.

On the third day of Consort Qing’s return to her maiden home, Qing Wang came.

Without asking for servants to prepare him a carriage, he came on horseback.

The news wasn’t sent to Liu Qixuan, but the main courtyard and the second branch. Second Young Master Xiao has always been a man of action. He immediately blocked Qing Wang at the gate and gave him a harsh beating.

“Even if you’re a prince, if Laozi wants to beat you, Laozi will beat you!” Seeing the second young master start beating the other party as soon as he arrived, and the person was his brother-in-law, the two servants at the gate were frightened and ran away. Only then did Second Young Master Xiao throw another punch and curse harshly.

Qing Wang didn’t fight back.

After being beaten, he asked the second young master, “Second brother, let me meet Jirou.”

“Bah, I’m not your second brother. What did you promise me, did you forget? Before Rou’er’s big wedding, eldest brother and I came to you and warned you that if you can’t treat her sincerely, don’t marry our Xiao Family’s darling. How had you replied back then?”

He had said that he would definitely be good to Jirou. He would treat her as a treasure and only be good to her for the rest of his life.

But he didn’t do it!

Why couldn’t he do it? To this day, Qing Wang was still unsure.

Princes were never lacking in women. Even after he got married, the emperor still rewarded him a few. But he hasn’t touched a single one of them. Jirou was the only one in his heart, he couldn’t see anyone else.

Even now, he only has Jirou in his heart, so why did he force her to leave and even want to divorce him?

Qing Wang had been thinking over this issue for the past few days. He still couldn’t figure it out. Seemingly in a trance, he found himself in front of the Xiao Family Manor.

He only had one thought on his mind, which was to beg Jirou to forgive him.

“Second brother, it doesn’t matter if you scold me or beat me, I only ask you to let me see Jirou.”

Second Young Master Xiao sneered. “You want me to let you see her and let you continue to hurt her? Go hug your dear cousin from Goryeo. My Xiao Family can still afford to feed a few mouths.”

After saying that, Second Young Master Xiao pushed him out the door and slammed the door with a bang.

Qing Wang looked at the closed door in front of him and reached out to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth.

He didn’t dare to stay any longer. He knew very well that his identity wasn’t ordinary, and his presence might attract attention. If the matter was brought to his father emperor’s attention, it might bring disaster to the Xiao Family. Then he would never be able to redeem himself in front of Jirou.

When Qing Wang returned to the manor, he locked himself in his study.

These past few days, he spent all his time in the study. He wouldn’t see anyone, including Side Consort Han.

Side Consort Han came over a few times but was blocked from entering the study. Today, she heard that Qing Wang had returned with an injury on his face, so she went to the study again.

Qing Wang was drunk and wine jars were scattered everywhere on the ground. When the servants came in to clean up, he scolded them to leave. These wine jars had accumulated over the past few days and one could easily see how much wine Qing Wang had drunk.

Side Consort Han came in. The room was dimly lit, and she almost tripped over the wine jar on the ground. When she regained her balance, she saw a person collapsed near the corner of a table.

It was Qing Wang.

Qing Wang looked to be in an extremely sorry state, with his face black and blue. He had collapsed on the ground and emitted the scent of alcohol from head to toe.

Side Consort Han came closer and reached out to help him, but Qing Wang was still conscious. He reached out and pushed her away.

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