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Chapter 161.2

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 161 Pt. 2

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Qing Wang opened his drunken eyes and looked at her. “What are you doing here? Get out!”

“Cousin, you can’t be like this, it will harm your body. Let me help you up, don’t lie on the ground.

“Leave! Get out, get out!”

“Cousin…” Side Consort Han cried out, sounding very pitiful. “Even if you hate me and don’t want to see me, you shouldn’t mess around with your body. It’s so cold on the ground, how can you bear it? I know I was wrong, I shouldn’t have lied to you. I didn’t mean to do it, but you’ve been ignoring me, and I was afraid that you’d forget me. I was afraid that you’d abandon me, so I lied to you that I was pregnant…

“Here, I have no relatives, no friends, and no one to confide in… Every time I enter the palace, I don’t dare to speak, for fear of eliciting disgust. Whenever I visit other households, those consorts and madames all seem to be smiling at me, but in reality, they don’t put me in their eyes at all… I know it’s because I’m from Goryeo, and not Dagan…

“Side Consort Su and I are both side consorts. Yet, Side Consort Su is favoured by both His Majesty and Her Majesty. The consort is also good to her. When others mention her, their voices are full of envy. When they mention me… No. No one mentions me. They’re not even willing to bring me up…”

Qing Wang listened in a trance. Before, whenever he heard these words, his heart would always soften, but now, he only felt disgusted.

A lot of disgust.

Unwilling to listen any longer, he’d rather cover up his ears.

“Stop talking, get out!”


“It’s all because of you! If it weren’t for you, Jirou wouldn’t have left!” Qing Wang suddenly grew agitated and started shouting indiscriminately, “I shouldn’t have been soft-hearted towards you. I should have sent you away long ago. Jirou is right, I’m a coward. I was stuck in the past, unable to get out. I should have sent you away…”

Side Consort Han looked as if she was struck by lightning. She never expected Qing Wang to have such thoughts. Full of grief, despair and anger, she couldn’t restrain herself from trembling.

However, she still stepped forward, wanting to help Qing Wang up and earn his forgiveness. As the two struggled, something fell from Qing Wang’s pocket. Her eyes flashed and she reached out her hand to put it into her sleeve.

At this time, came the sound of footsteps. It was the head steward, Fu Xi.

When he saw Side Consort Han, he cried, “Your Highness Side Consort, why are you here? His Highness has been unhappy these past few days. Aiya, don’t make trouble.” 

Side Consort Han wanted to say something, but Fu Xi gave her a look, so she left without saying a word.

Once she was outside, she heard Qing Wang say to Fu Xi, “In the future, don’t let her in. I don’t want to see her.”

Fu Xi said, “Xiao Tianzi went to the washroom. It’s this servant’s fault for not arranging the servants to keep watch properly. This kind of thing definitely won’t happen again in the future…”

Knowing that Consort Qing was doing well in her parents’ home, Yaoniang felt more relieved.

But in the blink of an eye, another thing came to mind. There would be a palace banquet on the 15th day of the first lunar month.

Now that Consort Qing and Qing Wang were in such a state, it was unlikely they would enter the palace for the banquet together. Fortunately, Jin Wang came back and said that this year’s Lanter Festival banquet would be different from the past. It would be held with the people, so whether Consort Qing made an appearance or not, it doesn’t matter.

To pull the wool over the public’s eyes, Yaoniang decided to invite Consort Qing to accompany her. Consort Qing was reluctant to go out, but Yaoniang repeatedly sent people to invite her, so she could only agree.

When the day arrived, Jin Wang entered the palace first, while Yaoniang accompanied Consort Qing in the manor.

Consort Qing came to Jin Wang Manor in advance. Not only did Consort Qing come, but Yan Ge’er and Zhuzhu also came.

Once again reunited with their friends, Yan Ge’er and Zhuzhu finally showed some smiles. These past few days, Yan Ge’er and Zhuzhu rarely showed smiles. Consort Qing noticed it and took it to heart, making her distressed.

Over these past few days, she also saw clearly her family’s attitude. She understood that no matter what decision she makes, her family would support her and even try their best to help her.

But how could she put the safety of her family aside? If she really wanted to divorce, she would be fighting against imperial power. Even if she succeeds, wouldn’t it incur His Majesty’s disgust? Would she implicate her father and brother? As for Yan Ge’er and Zhuzhu, it was impossible for her to take them away. Even in an ordinary family, this was impossible, let alone the imperial family.

As long as she thought of this, Consort Qing felt suffocated as if she couldn’t breathe.

But if she were to go back to that manor, she absolutely couldn’t do it. Consort Qing had been struggling and anxious for the past few days, but she really couldn’t think of a good solution. She could only do as her father said, talk about it after New Year’s. If it can be delayed for one day, delay it for one day.

Consort Qing thought that Yaoniang would ask her about it. When Yaoniang didn’t say a word about it from beginning to end, she couldn’t help but feel relieved. With the children playing together, seeing the innocent happiness on the children’s faces, Consort Qing gradually forgot her troubles.

Lanterns were hung everywhere in Rongxi Courtyard, both large and small, some of them even colourful.

Yaoniang and Consort Qing played with the children for a while, before ordering the servants to take care of the children. Then they went out.

Emperor Hongjing was entertaining hundreds of officials at Wu Gate, and lanterns were set up all the way to Duan Gate. Every year, the other members of the nobility set up lanterns on Qipan Street, stretching all the way to Zhengyang Gate.

Night arrived. As soon as they left the manor, they could feel a kind of restlessness in the air, that seemed to belong to festivals.

Out on the street where the manor was located, there was a huge light mounted on the archway. This was ordered to be set up by Jin Wang. Looking out from the carriage, lamps and lanterns of various styles and colours were lined up in front of every street and alley. There were people everywhere, along with horses and carriages.

The carriage of Jin Wang Manor first went to Qipan Street. Even from a distance, they could see the five-clawed golden dragon lantern standing in front of the Gate of Uprightness with its fangs bared and claws brandished.

Yaoniang had never seen witnessed such a scene and was simply stunned. Consort Qing told her that every year, the Lantern Festival was the busiest time in the capital. Although there would always be a lantern stationed in front of the gate, the shape changed from year to year.

When the carriage could no longer continue forward, Yaoniang got out of the carriage and the guards escorted them for the rest of the way.

Further in, the area became restricted for ​​the common people. Even if it was said to be held amongst the people, it was impossible for Emperor Hongjing to allow the commoners to mix with them freely without any scruples. If there happened to be an assassin, the consequences would be devastating. At worst, the country would be destabilized, while the minimum would be chaos amongst the crowd.

The place for Jin Wang Manor to admire lanterns was set in a relatively front position, facing where Emperor Hongjing would be sitting. The more Yaoniang walked, the more her eyes turned blurry from all the bright lanterns. The further one walked, the more beautiful the lanterns were. Yaoniang was already so old yet it was the first time for her to realize lanterns could be designed with such variety.

The banquet at the Wu Gate had just finished, and Yaoniang was already waiting there when Jin Wang arrived. Emperor Hongjing and Empress Wei had yet to arrive. Qing Wang Manor’s spot was located right next to Jin Wang Manor’s.

One could easily tell that the lanterns decorating Qing Wang Manor’s spot were not carefully prepared. The lanterns were plain, and it appeared that his status among the princes had fallen even lower.

Qing Wang looked pale and haggard and he seemed like he wanted to say something. He called out, “Jirou…”

Consort Qing glanced over there. Qing Wang seemed to be encouraged and wanted to walk over. But then under the light, he saw Consort Qing’s eyes suddenly turn cold and a sneer appear on the corner of her lips. Then she turned away and stopped looking in his direction. He turned his head and saw Side Consort Han with several guards and maids around her.

Anxious, he automatically asked, “Why are you here?!”

Side Consort Han was extremely aggrieved, “Your Highness, why can’t this concubine be here? There are female family members representing every household. If Qing Wang Manor doesn’t have one…”

Hearing this, Qing Wang felt a stab of pain in his heart and scolded, “Who asked you to come? Who asked you to come? Didn’t you say you don’t like this kind of event before? So what are you doing out here?!”

Side Consort Han started crying. Wiping her tears one after another, she didn’t speak.

Qing Wang immediately wanted someone to send Side Consort Han away, but then he reconsidered. Given the occasion, this might attract unwanted attention. He glanced at Consort Qing’s back again, full of despair. Without looking at Side Consort Han again, he sat down on the nearby chair.

Side Consort Han stood there, well behaved, but her hand hidden in her sleeve couldn’t help touching a hard lump sitting in the pocket of her sleeve.

On the other side, Yaoniang glanced at Consort Qing hesitantly.

Consort Qing smiled at her and whispered, “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me.”

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