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Chapter 165.2

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Chapter 165.2: Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 165 Pt. 2


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Yaoniang was still wondering what moles was he talking about, but Xiaobao understood. His mouth dropped open in surprise. He didn’t even realize it until Yueyue asked, “Xiaobao Gege, do you want to eat?”

Erbao also approached him and reached out to touch his mouth. Only then did he come back to his senses.

By then, Erbao had put his tiny finger into his brother’s mouth, poking and prodding around. His poking around hurt Xiaobao, so he immediately shut his mouth, startling Erbao.

He seemed to be thinking where were his fingers? Erbao was stunned for a moment before erupting into loud cries.

Earthshattering cries!

Yaoniang didn’t even have a chance to be shocked at what she realized before picking up Erbao into her arms. Erbao hugged his mother, rubbed his face aggrievedly in Yaoniang’s chest, and then pointed to Xiaobao.

“Erbao wants to say that brother bullied you?”

How could a child at his age understand this? He only knew that his mother mentioned his elder brother. Seeing Xiaobao’s look of embarrassment, Erbao grinned, exposing his teeth and not even his eyes could be seen.

Xiaobao glared at Erbao. “Little brat!”

The little brat knew he was talking about him and responded with unintelligible sounds and a laugh. Xiaobao was also amused by his silly brother, and Yueyue smiled at the side.

“Brother Erbao is so silly. Xiaobao Gege is scolding you.”

Yaoniang placed Erbao back to where Xiaobao was then asked, “So Cheng Ge’er isn’t seventh brother’s child? Then whose child is he? Your Highness, how did you know to have Fucheng check for a mole behind Cheng Ge’er’s ear? Was it Side Consort Han who told you? How could she be so dumb to expose such a thing?”

Of course Side Consort Han wasn’t so dumb. Jin Wang had seen her strange smile as she commented on how pitiful Qing Wang was, and he couldn’t help but keep it in mind. Later, he noticed how Side Consort Han repeatedly reminded him to be a man of his word.

People’s words were generally good-natured as they lay on their deathbeds, so this sentence didn’t seem like something one would say. However, as someone dying, the more she worried about something, the more she couldn’t let go.

Logically, Side Consort Han wouldn’t say something like this. The imperial family was different from ordinary people. As long as he was the heir of the imperial family, even if the child’s mother was a palace maid, it wouldn’t affect the child’s future title and status.

Like Qing Wang. Emperor Hongjing really hates him, but he still gave him the title and status he deserves.

But Side Consort Han seemed to be very anxious.

It just so happened that Jin Wang knew about the red mole, so he asked Fucheng to take a look while he was at work.

Reality showed that there were only things people dared not think about, but nothing people dared not do.

“Did His Majesty not have him checked? I remember that you said even Xiaobao was taken in for a check,” said Yaoniang.

Jin Wang did not speak. This was probably because Qing Wang wasn’t treated with importance. Emperor Hongjing didn’t even want to see Qing Wang, let alone Qing Wang’s son.

“This Side Consort Han is so daring to have an affair with someone.”

Jin Wang looked at Yaoniang. Just speak if you want to speak. Why did you have to look at me when you said that?

He squinted his eyes, and Yaoniang immediately showed an ingratiating smile.

At this time, Xiao Shunzi walked in. Jin Wang had also given him a task.

“Your Highness, I found a midwife to take a look at the corpse. The midwife said that this woman had never given birth to a child.”

Yaoniang’s eyes lit up and she understood what Xiao Shunzi meant.

Take her for an example. After giving birth, even with the number of people helping her and taking care of her, she still had a few faint white lines on her belly. Yaoniang had also seen the bellies of other mothers before such as her mother, Zhu-shi, and her sister. For those who didn’t properly maintain themselves, the lines were even more obvious.

For example, her mother, even after decades, still had some light brown markings on her belly. Side Consort Han gave birth to Cheng Ge’er about a year ago. If she had given birth, the midwife would definitely be able to tell.

“But why did she do this? Could she not get pregnant?”

The only person who could answer that was Side Consort Han herself, but she was already dead.

As for how Side Consort Han had deceived everyone and brought in Cheng Ge’er from outside, this likely had something to do with the head steward Fu Xi. Although Cheng Ge’er obviously wasn’t her own, Side Consort Han still cared for him so much. Either it was because she grew some feelings for him after raising him for so long or something else.

Who knows?

It’s just that Qing Wang was likely already feeling pretty awful. If he was told that the son he had raised for over a year was not his own, it would be another heavy blow. Then Yaoniang thought of Consort Qing, Zhuzhu, and Yan Ge’er, and immediately stopped feeling bad for Qing Wang. If it weren’t for him being so enamoured, how could so many things happen?

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