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Chapter 697: The Same Birthday Present  

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“But…” Suddenly, Gu Yao frowned. “It seems that Tang Ruge is going to give Grandma a calligraphy piece too. Could it be that she heard the news and deliberately got the same kind of gift as you?”

Qiao Xi wanted to give Old Madam Gu a calligraphy piece, and so did Tang Ruge. Wasn’t this too much of a coincidence?! Gu Yao could not help but be slightly worried. That woman was not easy to deal with. She might take this opportunity to take revenge on Qiao Xi.

The Tang family.

Tang Ruge looked at the painting with heartache. This was the ancient painting that the Tang family had treasured for many years. Now that she had to give it to someone else, she was naturally unwilling.

Tang Lingyun shouted angrily, “That woman is really shameless. How dare she take our things?”

At this moment, there was a young man standing beside Tang Ruge. This man was the young master of the Ye family in the capital. He accompanied Tang Ruge to Li City to celebrate Old Madam Gu’s birthday.

Ye Chi was the second son in the family, and his eldest brother, Ye Qingyuan, was above him. Over the years, his eldest brother had gradually taken control of the family’s power. He had completely lost his status. Seeing that the position of heir was about to fall into the hands of another, he began to panic.

Originally, Ye Qingyuan was not valued, but he was Gu Zheng’s friend. Ever since the rest found out about this, the elders in the family changed sides and began to support Ye Qingyuan.

Ye Chi had come to Li City this time to take the opportunity to get close to Gu Zheng and obtain the right to compete for the position of heir. However, before he could see Gu Zheng, he heard that Mrs. Gu and Tang Ruge had gotten into a conflict.

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Tang Ruge had a gentle personality. Before this, he had never heard of her having a conflict with anyone. Now that such a thing happened as soon as she arrived in Li City, it must be Mrs. Gu who started it!

Moreover, Mrs. Gu even asked Tang Ruge to hand over Eternal Winter Snow. Everyone knew that this painting was very valuable. Wasn’t Mrs. Gu simply forcing Tang Ruge?

Ye Chi snorted. “Ruge, Lingyun has told me everything. That woman clearly set up a trap to deceive you. Why should you give it to her?”

Tang Ruge smiled bitterly. “Our Tang family has always kept our word. A loss is a loss. I have to pay the price. It’s just a painting. How can it compare to the Tang family’s hundred years of reputation?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ye Chi’s phone suddenly rang. After hanging up, Ye Chi looked excited. “Ruge, you don’t need to hand over Eternal Winter Snow anymore.

“The gift Qiao Xi wants to give Old Madam Gu this time is Old Master Wang’s last work, Thousand Words Life.”

The moment that was said, Tang Lingyun’s face was filled with surprise. “How is this possible? Sister clearly has the Thousand Words Life! How can that woman have it too?”

Ye Chi smiled coldly. “Old Master Wang only produced one of them. Since there are two, it means that one of them is fake! Mrs. Gu is an idiot. Since she doesn’t know calligraphy, she shouldn’t come out and embarrass herself. She actually wants to give a fake to someone!”

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“Ruge, if she gives away that fake at the banquet, Old Madam Gu will definitely hate her. If that’s the case, you’ll be disrespecting Old Madam Gu if you give her Eternal Winter Snow.”

Tang Ruge was silent for a moment, feeling a little troubled. “Is it really okay to do that?”

On the other hand, Huang Lilan had already returned to the main residence. At this moment, she had a splitting headache and her entire body was burning. It was as if she had been placed in a pot of boiling water. Her lips were cracked, and a burning pain swept through her entire body.

She knew that this was a symptom of being poisoned. She was wearing a cool dress and was convulsing on the floor. She could only shout helplessly, “Call the doctor! Doctor!”

When the family doctor arrived, Huang Lilan had already been helped to the bed by the servants. Her sweat had drenched the blanket.

Huang Lilan was afraid that Qiao Xi would make another move on her, so she did not directly say that she had been poisoned. Instead, she gritted her teeth and said, “My entire body hurts! It hurts like fire!”

The doctors hurriedly did a full-body check-up on her, but the results were shocking.

“Madam Gu, there’s… There’s nothing wrong with your body.”

Huang Lilan also looked up in surprise, her heart burning with anger. “How is that possible? If there’s nothing wrong, would I be in so much pain? Maybe I was poisoned.”

At this moment, another doctor walked in. “Madam Gu, we’ve already tested your blood. The results show that everything is normal. There’s no poison in your blood.”

Then, an old doctor walked in. This person was Old Madam Gu’s private doctor. Tomorrow was Old Madam Gu’s birthday. He had to be on standby in the Gu family’s old residence in case of emergencies.

Unexpectedly, before he reached the old madam’s courtyard, he was invited to Huang Lilan’s main residence by the butler.

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