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Chapter 700: Who Gave The Fake?  

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Gu Yao glanced coldly at Ye Chi. “Miss Tang, you have to make things clear. Don’t let others misunderstand my sister-in-law. She’s the madam of the Gu family. Why would she covet your Tang family’s ancient painting that’s only worth 30 million yuan? What a joke!”

Ye Chi instantly choked.

Everyone looked enlightened. It turned out that Miss Tang had taken the initiative to make a bet and made Mrs. Gu bet on a necklace worth a few hundred million dollars. Meanwhile, she only bet on a painting that cost 30 million dollars.

Now that Miss Tang had lost, she was unwilling to hand over the ancient painting. It was indeed inappropriate.

Tang Ruge’s face was livid. She suppressed the anger in her heart and said gently, “A few days ago, I met Mrs. Gu and made a bet with her. I lost Eternal Winter Snow. After the banquet ends, I’ll naturally give that painting to Mrs. Gu.”

Ye Chi said unwillingly, “It was just a casual bet. Could it be that she—”

“A casual bet? Miss Tang and my sister-in-law were competing to see who could find the top porcelain master in the world. As someone from a porcelain family, Miss Tang actually initiated a bet with my sister-in-law. Tsk tsk…”

Gu Yao pursed his lips. The meaning behind his words was self-evident. Tang Ruge wanted to bet on what she was good at and even asked the other party to bet on an expensive item. No matter how one looked at it, Tang Ruge was bullying others!

Tang Ruge lowered her eyes and gritted her teeth, not knowing how to retort. She could only suppress the anger in her heart and squeeze out a smile. She changed the topic and said, “Mrs. Gu, we’re about the same age. Can I call you by your name?”

“Second Young Master Gu’s gift is the pink porcelain vase. Xi Xi, what are you going to give Old Madam Gu? I wonder if I have the honor to take a look?”

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The guests’ gifts were all sent to the backyard when they entered. The butler would check and register them. However, there were also some expensive or special items that would be opened in public for everyone to look at.

Tang Ruge’s words did not surprise anyone, but Gu Yao had a furious expression. This woman clearly knew that she had given the same thing as Qiao Xi, yet she still asked in front of everyone. She clearly wanted to embarrass Qiao Xi.

At this moment, someone with sharp eyes saw Qiao Xi’s gift. “Huh? Mrs. Gu, you’re giving a calligraphy piece too? It looks very similar to Miss Tang’s Thousand Words Life.”

Everyone immediately craned their necks, extremely curious about the gift Qiao Xi had prepared.

Tang Ruge frowned. “Yes, the design on Xi Xi’s box is exactly the same as the one on the box for Thousand Words Life. Even the ribbon on the box is the same color. What a coincidence.

“Xi Xi, can you open the box and take out the gift for us to see? We’re really curious about your gift to the old madam. It’ll broaden everyone’s horizons.”

Without waiting for Qiao Xi’s agreement, Ye Chi casually tugged on the ribbon on the box, revealing the contents. The red scroll looked very festive. A few words were written on the paper—’Thousand Words Life.’


Everyone gasped.

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“Isn’t Miss Tang’s gift Thousand Words Life? Why is Mrs. Gu’s gift the same work too?”

“Could it be that she took the wrong one? Maybe she accidentally took the wrong one when she did the registration process in the backyard. When Miss Tang entered, we all saw her gift. It’s Mr. Wang’s posthumous work. How did it become Mrs. Gu’s gift?”

“Mrs. Gu, your gift isn’t Thousand Words Life, right? Even if you forgot to prepare a gift, you can’t give someone else’s gift!”

Tang Ruge was stunned for a few seconds, then pretended to be surprised. “Mrs. Gu, this is my gift! Why is it with you? And your name is written on it.”

Gu Yao was about to speak when Ye Chi suddenly said, “No, this isn’t Ruge’s calligraphy piece. There’s an extra ink spot on this painting. It’s completely different from Ruge’s calligraphy piece.”

“How could there be two Thousand Words Life? Mr. Wang only made one back then! Could it be that one of them is fake?”

Someone was actually giving a fake at the Gu family’s birthday banquet. If news of this got out, the person who gave the fake would definitely lose all their dignity and would never be able to raise their head in high society again.

One of them was the daughter of a porcelain family, while the other was Gu Zheng’s wife. Their identities could not be underestimated, yet one of them was actually giving out fake goods?

Lu Yan walked forward and said gently, “Why don’t we get a professional to appraise them? We can’t accept any fake gifts. President Gu, what do you think?”

Gu Zheng sized up the man in front of him. His memory was a little blurry, but he knew Lu Yan’s identity very well. He was the person who replaced him as the legitimate child.

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