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Chapter 702: A War Without Smoke  

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“I heard that Old Madam Gu dotes on President Gu the most. Today is Old Madam Gu’s birthday, yet Mrs. Gu actually gave him a fake. This is too perfunctory! She’s indeed a girl who grew up in the countryside. She’s just not presentable!”

“You can’t say that. Mrs. Gu doesn’t look like she lacks money. She must have been deceived. You can’t blame her for this!”

“How can we not blame her? If she really wanted to give a gift, she could’ve gotten a professional to appraise it. After confirming that it’s the real thing, she could give it to Old Madam Gu with peace of mind. She was negligent.”

Everyone looked at Qiao Xi with disdain. How was such a woman worthy of being the mistress of the Gu family?

Tang Ruge slowly walked in front of Qiao Xi and said gently, “I’m really sorry, Xi Xi. I didn’t expect us to give the same calligraphy piece. This isn’t your fault. The calligraphy and painting market is filled with good and bad people, so it’s not surprising that you ended up buying a fake.”

Although it was not Qiao Xi’s intention to give a fake, as the granddaughter-in-law of the old madam, it was her fault for being so careless.

“I’ve attended so many birthday parties, but this is the first time I’ve seen a fake!”

“That’s right! Miss Tang is so thoughtful. She rushed over from the capital and even gave her family’s treasured calligraphy to old madam. However, Mrs. Gu, her granddaughter-in-law, is inferior to an outsider! In my opinion, only a noble daughter like Miss Tang is worthy to be the mistress of the Gu family.”

Gu Zheng glanced at them coldly, and everyone immediately shut their mouths. Instantly, the banquet hall was silent.

Tang Ruge lowered her eyes and smiled proudly. Then, she walked in front of Qiao Xi and comforted her softly. “Xi Xi, don’t be sad. It’s not your fault that you don’t know much about calligraphy. Apologize to the old madam later. She’s so tolerant and magnanimous, so she naturally won’t blame you. We—”

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Before she could finish, Qiao Xi interrupted her coldly. “Miss Tang, I have a question that I want you to answer for me. Your Tang and Gu families haven’t been in contact for many years. Why did you rush over from the capital to celebrate the old madam’s birthday?”

Tang Ruge’s expression did not change as she replied gently, “It was Young Master Lu Yan who told me that the old madam’s birthday was coming up. Although the Tang and Gu families have not been in contact all these years, we’ve always been thinking about the Gu family. After knowing about this, my father immediately instructed me to prepare a birthday gift for her and rush to Li City. He was afraid that I would miss the old madam’s birthday. Moreover, it was Young Master Lu Yan who told me that the old madam likes this calligraphy piece.”

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Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows. “So, that’s how it is! In that case, Young Master Lu must have also seen this calligraphy piece before? Are you also sure that Miss Tang’s calligraphy piece is the real deal?”

Tang Ruge was a little uneasy, but she still said indifferently, “Of course, Mrs. Gu. Mr. Wu has appraised it. If you don’t believe his judgment, we can look for other experts, but I don’t understand what this has to do with Young Master Lu Yan.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes were deep. On the surface, it seemed that she and Tang Ruge had given the same birthday gift, but she had given a fake. Tang Ruge rushed over from the capital to deliver the real one, so Qiao Xi’s reputation would naturally plummet. However, in reality, this matter was not just a battle between her and Tang Ruge but also a war between Gu Zheng and Lu Yan.

Tang Ruge was a guest invited by Lu Yan. She had prepared Old Master Wang’s calligraphy piece titled Thousand Words Life, while Qiao Xi represented Gu Zheng and had given a fake. This would implicate Gu Zheng’s reputation. At that time, outsiders would say that Gu Zheng was not sincere toward the old madam at all. On the other hand, Lu Yan, the child who did not grow up by the old madam’s side, was very filial.

It did not matter if she lost her dignity, but she could not implicate Gu Zheng, much less let Gu Zheng lose to this despicable Lu Yan.

Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully. “Young Master Lu, you’re really filial! You actually took the initiative to contact Miss Tang and asked her to attend Grandma’s birthday banquet. Miss Tang rushed over from the capital and even gave the old madam Thousand Words Life. In order to obtain Grandma’s love, you’re really considerate in your actions!”

Lu Yan’s eyes burned. “What exactly do you want to say, Miss Qiao?”

Qiao Xi chuckled. “Young Master Lu, you can interpret my words any way you want. It’s not important to me.”

At this moment, footsteps came from outside. Lu Yan realized that something was wrong and immediately shot Mr. Wu a look. Mr. Wu immediately put away the two pieces of calligraphy and explained, “Looks like Old Madam Gu is here. Quickly put away this fake, lest she gets unhappy!”

The door of the banquet hall slowly opened. The dignified Old Madam Gu walked in with a couple and a young woman.

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