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Chapter 703: I Believe My Eyes More  

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The guests quickly recognized that the couple was the head of the Li family and Madam Li. The young woman beside them was the daughter of the Li family, Li Xing’er.

Tang Ruge looked at Old Madam Gu uneasily. Didn’t they say that Old Madam Gu was not in good health? Why did she look fine?

Mr. Wu had already put away the two pieces of calligraphy. Only then did Lu Yan go forward with relief. “Grandma.”

Old Madam Gu did not even bother to look at him. She waved warmly at Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi. “Gu Zheng, Xi Xi, come to my side.”

Lu Yan’s expression froze, but it quickly returned to normal.

Everyone was defending him. “What’s the point of Old Madam Gu doting on her grandson and granddaughter-in-law? The granddaughter-in-law actually gave her a fake at this important birthday banquet. On the other hand, Young Master Lu put in a lot of effort, but Old Madam Gu doesn’t take him seriously.”

“The gift was given by Mrs. Gu, but President Gu must have seen it before he left. He must have casually taken out a piece of calligraphy from the storeroom and didn’t put in any sincere thoughts. To be honest, President Gu isn’t as filial as Young Master Lu.”

Old Madam Gu had just sat down when she heard everyone’s gossip. She frowned unhappily. “Since you want to talk, speak louder. Why are you muttering?!”

No one dared to make a sound, but Tang Lingyun mustered up her courage and said, “Old Madam Gu, we heard that you like Old Master Wang’s work. Hence, my sister gave you Thousand Words Life as a gift.”

Old Madam Gu was expressionless as she nodded slightly. “Mhm, you’ve spent a lot of money.”

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Tang Lingyun saw that Old Madam Gu was so cold. She did not even like the calligraphy work that her sister gave her. Instead, she was full of smiles when she saw Qiao Xi, the person who gave her a fake. She was instantly infuriated and could not help but say, “Old Madam Gu, Mrs. Gu also gave you Thousand Words Life!”

The moment that was said, the old madam’s eyes suddenly turned cold. “So?”

Tang Lingyun was so scared that her entire body trembled, but she still mustered up her courage and said, “Mrs. Gu and my sister gave you the same piece. Mr. Wu has already appraised both works and confirmed that Mrs. Gu’s piece is a fake. She actually gave a fake to you on your birthday. She’s too disrespectful!”

After hearing this, Old Madam Gu’s expression remained calm without any change. After a moment of silence, she suddenly smiled, making everyone present surprised.

Lu Yan swept his gaze over Gu Zheng and the others. He could not help but frown. Gu Zheng had always been calm and composed. Even if a mountain were to collapse in front of him, his expression would not change. However, Gu Yao was someone who could not hide his emotions. If he knew that Qiao Xi had been wronged, he would definitely not be able to help but defend her. However, at this moment, Gu Yao was sitting on a chair and leisurely drinking tea as if it had nothing to do with him.

Knowing that Qiao Xi had been wronged, how could Gu Yao not be anxious? Could it be that they had evidence to prove that the calligraphy piece in Qiao Xi’s hand was the real one?

This was impossible!

He had long investigated and found out that there was only one calligraphy expert attending the birthday banquet this time. It was Mr. Wu. The others would naturally not be able to convince the masses unless Mr. Wang crawled out of his grave!

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Mr. Wang?

Lu Yan suddenly thought of something, and his gaze landed on the Li couple. If he remembered correctly, Madam Li was the daughter of the Wang family. Just now, the couple had accompanied the old madam into the banquet hall.

At this moment, Old Madam Gu instructed, “Go, bring two pieces of Thousand Words Life over!”

Tang Ruge felt guilty and hurriedly said, “Old Madam, Mr. Wu has already appraised those two works. There’s no need to trouble him anymore. After all, he—”

“Why? Do I need your permission to do things?” Old Madam Gu glanced at her sharply, scaring Tang Ruge so much that she lowered her head.

Old Master Gu was muddle-headed. He only knew how to eat, drink, and play. Whether it was the family or the company, everything was managed by Old Madam Gu. Hence, she was a supreme existence in the family. Even though she was sick now, no one could shake her status.

The guest hurriedly explained, “Old Madam, Miss Tang is a socialite from the capital. How could she have given a fake? The Tang family would never dare to offend you like this!”

Old Madam Gu’s expression was serious. “Compared to Miss Tang, I trust my eyes more. Madam Li, please explain to everyone.”

Everyone had puzzled expressions. Li Xing’er, who was in the crowd, shot Qiao Xi a look before revealing a crafty smile.

Madam Li was Li Xing’er’s mother. She had a gentle temper and was elegant and noble. She was a very gentle elder. She slowly walked forward, and her gaze landed on Tang Ruge. “Miss Tang, do you think your Thousand Words Life is authentic?”


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