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Chapter 991: Episode 990: What to do in the Gamel Labyrinth

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In response to the shocking remarks from Tatano-kun's mouth, I looked around again... but at any rate, it only looked like "a mansion created by royalty pouring gold".

Gamel's labyrinth has been his “home” for many years, so it's understandable that he will invest money in a way that is not vulgar, but anything would be too luxurious!!

"Kuku! I'll tell you, this room is all handmade by me." It's cheaper than Will's hometown in the Nazar Kingdom. The total construction cost is about 3 silver coins. "

"" "" "" Hah! "" "" "" "

When I assembled the cheap furniture that I bought from an electronics mass retailer, I was only involved in this kind of thing. For me, it's an incredible story.....

Tatano said that the many pieces of furniture and masonry that make up the master room are "handmade hobbies" that he collected from all materials.

"It's impossible..." Even though it's a small country, it's a duke's house. Even if you add up all of Noland's possessions, it's a dubious level to buy one of those desks. "

"Esther-kun, it's similar in the Kingdom of Nazar." If Tatano-san had been in my place, he would have bribed a handmade item and taken it from all over the world. "

"Haha...... Treasure... first-class...... Haha......"

"Hey... Ian. (No. The material appraisal results are too good, and my eyes are dizzy. I won't help you even if you're framed to make amends for drooling on that first-class product)"

When Ian looks at Tatano and says, "I made too much and I buried it on the floor."

I think I envy the difference in artistic taste.

From Tatano's point of view, I would have liked to have "talent for writing stories of quality that do not become black history" or "a companion who can keep his back."

"Gohon! Oh, no. Tatano-kun, I know this is the deepest part of the Gamel Labyrinth...... but how do you overcome your" weakness "in this labyrinth?"

The Gamel Labyrinth is amazing in its "size" and "number of tiers", but the structure is very common, so you can only brush up on teamwork, right?

"Hmm. Well, I'm going to have Gamel take it too... but if I'm not good at overcoming it, I'll do it the way I've always said." The guy who buys skills at energy points. "

"Ahh, the sole is coming out here!" Hmm? But don't you think that skills and gifts are something you buy in the labyrinth you manage? "

"Sometimes I give something I took out as a scroll as a reward for breaking the labyrinth." Basically, Dammus buys it in his own labyrinth. "

Hmmm. Then why did you come to the Gamel Labyrinth?

"I don't know what to say..." I'll explain it to you ~, to buy skills and gifts, you have to be a "high-quality Dammus". "

Huh? Huh?

"Danmus gains a high" status "by increasing the core under his control and by growing labyrinths one by one." And when the "grade" reaches the standard value, the power increases. "

I see. Tatano has a higher degree of freedom as a Danmus because it's literally "superior."

"Well, to tell you the truth... that's right. Even so, I don't have time to raise my standards until the demon king arrives... you'll be temporarily wasted in Gamel for a while."


"In short, after the Kogashima Labyrinth," he said, "I'll set it up as a submaster of the Gamel Labyrinth." It's just a temporary measure. "

"Yes, nnhhhh!?"

Even though I was surprised by the unexpected events, I was still appraising the handmade products, and when I saw the opposite teacher (Ian) drooling, I reflected......

Make a look at Gill and Esther, and ask Tano-kun to "continue explaining."

His story was detailed, and there were some points that did not have a specific image in mind... In summary, it was that "it would be better if a qualified master bought it for the people concerned".

The labyrinth where I serve as Danmas is growing up quite well, but compared to this Gamel labyrinth, it's like a child, and I'd appreciate it if you could put on the wastepaper.

For "direct skill buying" at energy points, Mr. Tatano said, "Please refrain as much as possible." It's the worst value for money, "because it's such an inefficient way to do it.....

If you want to spend points with a temporary "sympathy", we will be happy to wear it even if it is "super expensive like a bamboo horse"!

"Well then, let's start the process of becoming a submaster right away..."

"Zink, wait a minute! Let's start with the Gamel Labyrinth." No matter how much I recommend it, no outsiders will admit it to the core. "

Oh, hi, Smith Masen... the Great Labyrinth is naturally high in rank, so self-esteem is a bonus...

If you force yourself to obey, you won't listen to me.

The Demon King's army will attack you if you take on Yaga, so end it with "speeding." Are all six of you okay?

"" "" "Yes!" "" "

"It's a waste of time," I wouldn't say "from the first floor." Start on the 30th floor of Max, where Gill has dived. As soon as you're ready, I'll transfer you to the boss's room. "

"" "" "" Got it! "" "" ""

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