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Chapter 10.1

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The Legend of the Concubine’s Daughter Minglan Chapter 10 Part 1


After Old Madame Sheng finished asking the three granddaughters, she said she was tired and allowed the descendants to return to their houses, the old person wants to go to bed already. Originally Sheng Hong wanted to speak a few more words for Molan, only have to hold back and return.

When they returned and still yet to have change and wash up, Mama Fang from the Old Madame side suddenly arrived. Sheng Hong couple hurriedly invited her inside. Mama Fang is a veteran at the Sheng household, her words nimble and explained her coming clearly in a few words— Old Madame wants to bring Minglan over.


Once the words came out, Sheng Hong couple immediately one on heaven and the other under the earth. Wang shi was overjoyed at this unexpected news and hate that she could not immediately go burn two incense to fulfil her promise. Sheng Hong on the other hand, was somewhat dismayed and felt that the Old Madame in the end still does not like Concubine Lin.

“Master, the Old Madame has received your piece of filial heart. This old woman give thanks on behalf of the Old Madame. ……Madame, trouble you to find some to tidy things up for the Sixth Young Lady. Pass me a message later, I will then come to receive her.”

Mama Fang is usually an efficient person, after speaking she then bowed and returned.

“What does the Old Madame mean? The young ladies in our house, except for Hua’er, it is Mo’er who is the oldest. Naturally it is the eldest sister to take on the labour, is it possible to allow an immature and sickly child go?” Sheng Hong extended his arms to allow Wang shi undo his clothing. No matter how he thought, he still felt that Molan is more suitable than Minglan. “Not to mention these few days Mo’er has always been serving at Old Madame’s side. In every case she is filial and considerate. What is Old Madame hesitating about?”

Wang shi is relaxed physically and mentally, she smiled “This is Old Madame’s choice, it is useless even if you feel that it is good, she must be willing for it to work! I have often told Hua’er that she should wear brighter colors to appear fresh and tender but she simply likes dull colored clothing. Master ah, in everything, it is only good if the person has to be perfectly happy. It cannot always be that you think it is good then forcefully make the decision. Old Madame is looking upon the face of Master and will not refute you but it does not mean that her heart is comfortable. Therefore ah, you should broaden your thoughts, no matter which child Old Madame picks, are they not all Master’s daughter? Since Old Madame has decided, just do as instructed. It is aligned with her desires, you are filial to your utmost, is it not the best of both worlds? Besides the Old Madame is compassionate and kindhearted, she must have seen that Concubine Wei has died early, Ming’er is also sickly and ignorant and it is possible that she wants to favour her.”

Sheng Hong felt that this reason is relatively reasonable, the more he thought the more he feels it is possible. Even if he wants to promote Molan, he is also unable to force Old Madame to accept her; however Concubine Lin and he truly love each other and Molan is the creation of that love. Because of this creation, he decides to try harder.

On the second day when Old Madame Sheng just woke up, Mama Fang held a hundred years-old blanc de chine with silver marble lines to serve the Old Madame bird’s nest congee. The maid outside reported facing the room “Master has come.” Afterwards opened up the indigo velvet curtains to let Sheng Hong enter. Old Madame shot a quick glance at him, the corner of her mouth rose and let Mama Fang withdraw the porridge.

“What have you come to do this early in the morning? The weather is cold, why not sleep more.” Old Madame Sheng said after Sheng Hong bowed and sat down.

Sheng Hong respectfully said “Yesterday after Mama Fang left, I thought throughout the night and still thinks it is not appropriate. I know that Old Madame Sheng is sympathising with Ming’er but your body is still not very good. If you add an ignorant child, how you do expect this son to be assured? Why not let Mo’er come, she is mature and obedient, her words and actions are suitable and dedicated in serving Old Madame. What do you say?”

“This matter is not suitable.” Old Madame Sheng shook her head “Although your intentions are good but you did not consider it carefully. The child is the mother’s treasure. That time I brought Hua’er over for merely three days, daughter-in-law has lost much weight, practically shedding off her form. She dared not say but within her is like oil in a pan. I am also a mother before, how can I not know? Therefore at that time even though you were recorded under my name, I still allowed Concubine Chun to raise you. Although Madame is then the children’s legitimate mother but blood affections cannot be removed. Allowing Mo’er to leave Concubine Lin at such a young age, I really cannot bear…… that time did not you use the reason of blood affections and did not allow Madame to raise Mo’er, why then you are able to bear it today?” While she said, she was casting side glances at Sheng Hong.

Sheng Hong pulled a smile “What Old Madame said is right but Ming’er she……”

Old Madame Sheng indifferently took over the topic “Naturally it is good that Minglan is now at Madame’s place but Madame has to manage the house and also prepare Hua’er for marriage, still must take care of Ru’er and Changbai. Really somewhat too much to handle; moreover at the end of the day, she is not Minglan’s biological mother. Inevitably she will be over-cautious when handling matters, it is just nice to come over to my place, benefitting both sides.”

Sheng Hong was stopped for words, forced a smile “It is still Old Madame who is thoughtful. Only afraid that Ming’er is ignorant and will tire you out. Then that is all the fault of this son.”

Old Madame Sheng slowly said “Ignorant? ……. Not necessarily.”

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Sheng Hong replied puzzledly “Oh? How so.”

Old Madame Sheng sighed slight, turning her head to signal to Mama Fang at the side who busy smiling and continued “Speaking of which, it is really pitiful. After coming to Deng Prefecture, the first time Master brought your wife and children to pay respects to Old Madame, after breakfast the others young masters and young ladies have been received by the mamas and maids. Only that Mama of Sixth Young Lady was concerned with eating and asked the Young Lady to wait. Sixth Young Lady was walking all over the place until she reached Old Madame’s prayer room. When I went to look for her, it was then I saw Sixth Young Lady kneeling on the prayer mat, kowtowing to Guanyin. The pitiful her restrained herself not to cry aloud, only dare to suppressed her cries.”

Old Madame Sheng said in a low voice “Have always thought that she is a foolish one, who knew she understood everything. Having bitterness in her heart and dare not say it out, only able to secretly cry before Guanyin.”

Sheng Hong remembered Concubine Wei and felt somewhat sad. He lowered his head to grieve silently. Old Madame Sheng looked at Sheng Hong, sneering at him slightly “I know that you have given most parts of your heart to Concubine Lin. Molan herself is clever and also have such a mother around, even if you worried less also would not drop a piece of your flesh. However Sixth Girl, frail and confused, looking upon the fact that Concubine Wei died early, you also ought to care more for her. That then truly is without someone to reply on.”

Sheng Hong has been persuaded till he is at loss for words.

After sending off Sheng Hong, Mama Fang supported the Old Madame to lie down on the heated bed by the windows. She cannot resist and said “It is such a pity for Fourth Young Lady, putting aside how Concubine Lin is, she on the other hand is a good child.”

Old Madame Sheng lightly smiled “Once bitten, I am just afraid of those clever and witty young ladies. Their minds alert and thoughts deep. I have not understood a single intentions, their stomachs have already turned seventeen eighteen times, might as well have a foolish and dazed one to save trouble. Moreover she is not really foolish, did you not say that she was reminiscing before Buddha about her mother that day. To be able to miss her deceased mother, it can be considered that she is a considerate child. Just her then.”


Wang shi felt pleased, this matter developed in the direction she hope for most. That vixen does not get her way, Rulan does not need to leave herself and still able to throw out a troublesome sweet potato. This Deng Prefecture is really a good place, good fengshui1, prosperous her! Thus the next day, she rose up early and instructed the maids to pack up for Minglan, intending to send her over when she goes to pay her respects later.

1. Literally meaning wind-water, it teaches harmony with people and the surrounding environment.

Finally the day I have been waiting for. Although Old Madame Sheng misunderstood the whole situation, her interpretation is technically not wrong. It works out well for everyone. This is the start of a beautiful relationship. Next up, moving over to Old Madame Sheng!

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