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Chapter 136

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Two Ways of Persuading (1)

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Normally there were two main features of the family war. First, it broke out directly without any declaration. Second, it was a long-last thing and went sluggishly——Minglan felt that she had already gone insane by still thinking of those irrelevant things by now.

These days Minglan never got a chance to express her opinions. Every time she tried to speak, Old Madam Sheng would interrupt her, “Don’t worry, Minglan, your grandma hasn’t died! I won’t let them bully you!” As she talked that, she showed a ferocious look which was pretty scary.

Ever since Old Madam Sheng was pissed off, she put on the furious posture with which she had confronted Old Master Sheng when they had stuck in marriage crisis. When she gave vent to a torrent of abuse, she spat her saliva all over Sheng Hong’s face. At the same time, Sheng Hong swallowed all the insults and begged piteously like a sticky candy. He knelt, he cried, he dashed along about the family affection, the principle, the family reputation. And finally, the flood of his words got Old Madam Sheng fainted on the bed.

Minglan thought that it was OK to pretend sickness when dealing with Sheng Hong, but getting sick for real was really not necessary. That was bad for the follow-up battle. Old Madam Sheng agreed with that very much. So she even doubled her appetites, which meant that she had prepared for the long-term war. 

Seeing they were in a stalemate right now, Wang shi came up with a good idea on a whim. She suggested that they could let Minglan tell Old Madam Sheng that she was willing to marry into Gu Family. As long as Minglan consented to the marriage, Old Madam Sheng would stop making a scene.  

Hearing her suggestion, Sheng Hong was dumbfounded before he sighed deeply. Scholars like him always liked to make simple things complicated in order to show their profound knowledge. However, his wife always tended to make complicated things simple and never gave up an opportunity to resort to threats instead of bribery.

“Stop make things worse!” Sheng Hong reproached Wang shi. Then he said sullenly with his eyebrows knitted, “Have you seen any girls who ask for marriage by herself?! Minglan was raised by Old Madam from childhood, do you think Old Madam wouldn’t know about her character? As long as Minglan talks, Old Madam would know you are behind all of this! You are just adding fuel to the fire!”

The more he talked, the angrier he got. At last he couldn’t help but point to Wang shi’s nose and shouted, “It’s your fault that you couldn’t teach our daughter well! You behave badly, disrespect your mother-in-law and act absurdly. Rulan only did that shameless thing due to your indulgence! How dare you speak ill of others!”   

Hearing his words, Wang shi flushed but didn’t know how to refute. So she only remained silent bitterly.

When Old Madam and Sheng Hong was in a middle of a war, Minglan only played dumb and buttoned up her mouth. She didn’t even know what to say anyway. The only thing she needed to do now was putting on a gloomy face while sighing in the wind in a proper time. That would be perfect for her pitiful image.   

The only thing she did these days was reporting to Hai shi for asking to see Rulan.

“... How’s Xique?” That was the first sentence Rulan said when she saw Minglan.

After staring at Rulan’s white neck which still had a purple mark on it, Minglan said slowly, “Not dead yet. Eldest sister-in-law has already invited a doctor to check her wound. Xique waked up yesterday and could finally eat some porridge. Let’s just hope she won’t be disabled.”

Hearing that, Rulan sat there blankly like a deflated balloon, saying, “Has... she said anything?”

With an ironical expression hanged up at the corner of her mouth, Minglan said, “She said that it was a privilege for her to work herself to death for fifth young lady and even if she had to die, it was a worthy death!”

Rulan lowered her head while listening to Minglan’s words, even her knuckles turned white because she had grabbed the handkerchief so tightly. Then Minglan looked right into Rulan’s eyes and continued, “Every time I tried to persuade you, you never cared about my words. Do you remember having said ‘I will answer for what I’ve done.’? What now? Xique has served you for ten years. She is more devoted to you than to her own family. How can you drag her into this!”

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Now the most thing Minglan hated to hear was ‘I won’t get my families into trouble.’ In ancient times, there was no such thing as ‘I will die for what I did.’ Collective punishment was so common in this world. When a person committed a crime, the whole clan was implicated.

Rulan showed deep guilt on her gaunt face. Little Xique who stood by her side held back her tears and said slightly, “Sixth young lady, please stop blaming our young lady. She felt sorry too; When Madam wanted to beat sister Xique to death, it’s our lady who has pounced on her and taken several beats for her. And our lady still carries with bruises now!”

With two dark circles under Rulan’s eyes, she looked so haggard like another person. Seeing that, Minglan felt a bit grieved and continued, “I am here to send a message to you for Xique. Madam is going to drive her out of Sheng’s mansion and marry her to someone. Eldest sister said that she could leave after her wounds are healed. So she might not be able to see you anymore. Xique wanted to tell you that she still has her families to rely on and you don’t need to worry about her. She also said that you have to think twice and remain calm before you do anything instead of being impulsive all the time. Since she wouldn’t be able to serve you in the future, she... couldn’t remind you anymore.”

Rulan was in a trance while her tears dropping continually from her face as Minglan talked. After that, she buried her head in her arms and started to cry loudly. Minglan only looked at her without saying anything. Suddenly Rulan sat straight and asked Little Xique to take out something from the back room. After a short while, Little Xique came out with a box and a baggage.

Rulan wiped her tears while pushing the box and the baggage toward Minglan, and implored with a serious look, “There are a few jewelries inside the box and fifty taels of silver in the baggage. She is my servant and I couldn’t let her get married without any dowry. Sister, please bring these things to her! I... I... feel so sorry for her!”

Minglan took over those stuff and watched Rulan for a while. Then she thought that after all, Rulan was more kind-hearted than Molan. When Yunzai had been sold out, Molan didn’t even ask about her. Considering of that, Minglan softened her voice and said, “Sister, don’t worry. Xique said that she has already got so many rewards over these years. And all the money she has saved is collected by the other girls in the mansion to send to her family; Xique still claimed that it was her honor to serve you. She never blamed you. She’s just worried about you.”

As she said this, Minglan handed over the stuff to Xiaotao. Meanwhile Rulan winked at Little Xique, then Little Xique held Xiaotao’s hands to go out. After that, Rulan looked at Minglan right in the eyes and said bluntly, “I, I’m indebted to you!” After saying that, Rulan bowed deeply to Minglan.

As a result, Minglan finally spitted out the words she had always wanted to say, “Why did you have to see him?! Did you... you want to...” Thinking of one possible reason for Rulan’s action at that time, Minglan raised her tone even two keys higher.

With her face turning horribly red, Rulan said in anger, “What kind of person do you think I am?! It’s true that I haven’t read too many books like you, but I still know what shame is! I, I... just want to see him for the last time!” On these words, her voice gradually turned sad as her tears dropped constantly, “... We have already agreed to marry each other. And suddenly I was betrothed to someone else. I just felt it was necessary to explain to him in person; I never thought that I would bring you into this mess!” Rulan kept sobbing.

All the rage Minglan had suddenly disappeared. She could only sigh, “Well. I know you didn’t mean to get me involved! However...” As Minglan thought of her own fate, she couldn’t help but say, “You finally accomplish your dream! But eldest brother went to beat Scholar Wen after knowing about this...”

Rulan got anxious right away and the expression on her face turned panicky. Then Minglan continued, “... You may rest assured. Eldest brother wouldn’t make this thing widely known by others. After all, he is a scholar and wouldn’t have punched Chide Wen too hard. Now I see Master and Madam already planning to accept him as your husband.”

Hearing this news, Rulan felt happy but still a bit sad. In the meantime, Minglan went out with her head lowered after saying this.

Lately Minglan was down in spirits. She always behaved indifferent in a dull state. That was because after she had concluded the things that had happened to her for two lifetimes, she only felt helpless. In her previous life, she was about to get promotion and pay increased after she had supported the border areas for a year. She was also going to have a blind date with a golden bachelor. However, a debris flow just drowned her to the ancient times; As she was longing for marrying a ‘budget husband’ and planning to guide him after their marriage, her hope shattered to pieces as she finally saw signs of success after all the obstacles she had been through.

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