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Chapter 142

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Our Sixth Lady Is a Legal Daughter from the Very Beginning (1)

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As it turned out, Sheng Hong was the biggest winner after all of this.

The ancient scholars thought highly of integrity. As an official who had passed all the Imperial Exams by himself, he had three daughters who married into the families with titles of nobility. Though Marquis Zhongqin hadn’t been in an important position for a long time and Liang Han was the youngest son in his family, Gu Tingye was still a genuine powerful nobility. So in the sight of all the scholars who valued the strength of character a lot, Sheng Hong would seem like a person who was eager to fawn upon the people of power and influence.

However, Sheng Hong was a very lucky man that he didn’t need to worry about any of that.

“You are going to marry your third daughter to Scholar Wen?” Official Lu, Sheng Hong’s former superior who was the vice prime minister of Cabinet now said that in surprise. He had had a close relationship with Sheng Hong when they had worked together in the Ministry of Works. So he knew that Sheng Hong’s third daughter was the legal one.

Sheng Hong nodded heavily and made an obeisance to Vice Prime Minister Lu, saying “My father died when I was at a young age. All my elders in my family don’t live in the capital city. May I ask you to be the matchmaker for my two daughters?”

Vice prime minister was more than willing to do that. However, he still had some doubts, “I really thought that...” That was the habit of all the scholars of saving half of the sensitive words in their minds.

Sheng Hong then said with a bitter and guilty look, “I am so ashamed of myself by going back on my words at first. I owed Wen family so much. So I have always wanted to betroth another daughter to their family. Well, I just want to live up to the principles we have learned.”

Hearing Sheng Hong’s confess, Vice Prime Minister Lu was deeply touched and agreed to be the matchmaker for Sheng family at once. After their conversation came out, all the people in the capital were stunned. And after a short period, they all began to speak highly of Sheng Hong’s fine quality.

Before Molan and Scholar Wen got engaged, Wang shi had expected that nothing would change. So she had dropped a word to others about the engagement. Hence a lot of people had known that the elders in Sheng family had the intention to betroth Molan to Scholar Wen. It had never occurred to anyone that after an incident, Molan had married in Liang family. As the people had sighed secretly that Molan had been so lucky, they had also felt pity for hapless Scholar Wen who had lost his fiancée. However, much to the people’s surprise, afterwards, Sheng Hong decided to betroth his legal daughter to Scholar Wen. Wasn’t he afraid of irritating General Gu?

However, not only didn’t the people from Gu family lose their temper, they even prepared for the wedding in a haste, which made all the people who had waited to watch the fun feel quite disappointed. The most disappointed ones were the people from Peng family—— Since they had also wanted to betroth an illegal daughter to Gu Tingye, why had they been rejected without mercy while the illegal daughter from Sheng family could be accepted?! That was just so unfair!

In the meantime, all the celebrities and the officials in the six ministries were happy about the engagement. They made lots of compliments about Sheng Hong’s ‘integrity’. As a result, Sheng Hong gained both fame and fortune and became the biggest winner.

In a general way, couples always met opposite situations. As Sheng Hong was praised by his superiors and respected by his subordinates, Wang shi was having a bad time. In the beginning of December, Old Madam Wen finally presented all the betrothal gifts to Sheng family. At that time, when those presents had been supposed to give Molan, Wang shi had still been quite satisfied. However, when it was Rulan’s turn to accept those presents, Wang shi just discontented with everything.

At first Wang shi felt the presents were too modest, then she complained that Old Madam Wen were too stingy. However, all the women in Sheng family knew about her thoughts. As a clever woman, Hai shi claimed that she kept feeling morning sickness due to the pregnancy and stayed in her room all day. As for Old Madam Sheng, Wang shi didn’t dare to make any complaints in front of her. Thus, Wang shi was in low spirits every day and lost her temper more frequently than before.

Old Madam Sheng was still angry at Wang shi because of Minglan’s marriage. Seeing Wang shi being like this, Old Madam Sheng actually felt much better now. Nevertheless, Rulan was still her granddaughter. After a few days, she couldn’t stand what Wang shi had done and spoke up.

“Why didn’t you discuss with us about such a huge matter? You think you can decide it by yourself?” Old Madam Sheng scolded Wang shi harshly on the bed.

Wang shi who was standing in front of the bed explained for herself with unconvinced look on her face, “Scholar Wen’s family is not wealthy. I can’t bear to let Rulan have a rough time there. I just wanted to give her some supplements.”

Seeing Wang shi having no sign of repenting, Old Madam Sheng flew into a rage. She thumped the bed while shouted, “You stupid woman! You think I only talk to you right now because I begrudge the money?! Have the old master and I ever coveted on your dowry?! When can you stop your suspicious thought?!”

Wang shi then realized that Old Madam Sheng had really got angry. So she went down on her knees right away and begged, “Old Madam, please don’t be angry at me. I admit that it’s all my fault. I should have told you first. It’s just, the thing that Rulan has to go through...” As she spoke of that, tears were filled in her eyes. Then she took out her handkerchief to wipe her eyes and continued, “Old Madam, I bet you haven’t seen Scholar Wen’s mother. That is just a vulgar country woman. I just felt so bad for Rulan, so I...”

After all, Wang shi had just wanted to be a good mother. Old Madam Sheng understood that and then softened her words, “Scholar Wen’s father was also a scholar. But he was just unlucky. After he had passed the imperial exam, he died because of typhoid fever before he could be assigned to any department. If Scholar Wen’s mother doesn’t have a strong character, how could she support the family all by herself! I understand that you are afraid that Rulan might be wronged in their family so you have bought a house for your daughter. But do you know that you would only get the opposite of what you want?!”

Hearing that, Wang shi took back her tear and raised her head with confused look on her face.

Old Madam Sheng was really helpless about Wang shi’s foolishness. With her head lowered, she touched the cyan squirrel fur on her sleeves and took a few deep breaths. Only until then was Old Madam Sheng able to explain to Wang shi calmly, “Though I have never met Scholar Wen’s mother, I still could make some guesses about her. As a widow, she has managed to raise two sons. Moreover, according to what I’ve seen about her spending on Scholar Wen’s food and clothing, I think she must be very frugal. I believe you have also detected that so you have had some worries for Rulan, right?”

Wang shi nodded heavily while interrupting immediately, “Mother, you are very right! I have heard that Scholar Wen’s mother favored her second son more and has given most of her savings to that boy. The day when she came to present the betrothal gifts, I have tried to sound out her intentions. And she just told me that she didn’t have enough money. She even wanted Rulan and Scholar Wen to rent a house by themselves after they got married! That’s why I have...”

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Feeling that Old Madam Sheng was goggling at her, Wang shi shut up embarrassedly. After that, Old Madam Sheng turned around to sigh and then turned back, saying, “Although you have been a bit opinionated by purchasing a house for Rulan, it was not a huge mistake. There are also other elders from families of public officials who aid their needy but aspirant son-in-law to continue their studies. But you shouldn’t have bought Rulan and her husband a large house which has two entries and three exits. You think the two of them would need that much space?!... Now that Scholar Wen has a large house in town, his mother would definitely want to enjoy the comfortable life with him! Just wait to see his mother moving in the large house you have bought with all her families from the suburb! Don’t you know that you have only brought trouble to Rulan?!”

Wang shi thought about Old Madam Sheng’s words and got enlightened. Then her lips began to tremble while her face gradually turned pale.

Being exasperated at Wang shi’s incapability of being a good madam, Old Madam Sheng shook her head and said, “You have always been like this and acted arbitrarily. It’s not a big deal actually. All the madams like to make their own decisions. But you have to be reliable! Why do you always act stupidly at critical moment! If you could just discuss with me before you made this decision, it won’t be like this. After all, I have also watched Rulan grow up. No matter what kind of girl she has become, I will never do anything to hurt her!... If you really want to give her some living allowances, you can sell some lands and use the money to purchase a small house. By then Scholar Wen’s mother won’t ask to live with them since there is not enough space. Then Rulan will live in ease!”

Wang shi was at a loss for word with a flustered look for a while. Then she asked, “So what can I do now?... I’ve already asked someone to decorate the house and purchase the maids and the servants. Also, all the people in Wen family knew about this!”

Old Madam Shen was still mad at Wang shi, so she said in sullenness, “She’s your daughter. You think of a way by yourself.”

Only until then did Wang shi feel completely hopeless. She begged Old Madam Sheng on her knees for a long time by apologizing constantly and pulling Old Madam Sheng’s sleeve to cry. Even though Old Madam Sheng hadn’t cooled down yet, she still couldn’t leave Wang shi in that miserable situation. At last, Old Madam Sheng said, “You don’t have to be too anxious. I believe no matter how domineering Scholar Wen’s mother is, she won’t bully Rulan a lot since she could live in the house which is bought by you. Besides, Rulan is not a girl who’s easy to be dealt with. You just have to stop saying anything. You always make things worse as soon as you speak. You can ask Changbai to tell Scholar Wen to be smart by being able to tell right from wrong when Rulan and his mother have conflicts. Tell Scholar Wen that he doesn’t need to take part with anyone, just remember to do things fairly... Huh, don’t let him forget that it’s not like we don’t have a lady in our family who got divorced with her husband.”

Wang shi froze on the ground with tears running out from her eyes.

Meanwhile, as someone who already got used to eavesdropping, Minglan who had napped in the inner room already woke up. The conversation between her grandma and Wang shi made Minglan shook her head repeatedly.

Mrs. Wang was like a crappy director. When she filmed a comedy, all the audience would cry bitterly. When she filmed a tragedy, the audience would burst into laughter. Although she never lacked of audiences, she always put herself in an awkward condition. Luckily, the investors and the film producers were quite reliable and always controlled the direction. So the film she made wouldn’t lose any money.

On the other side, after Wang shi had complained tearfully, she left distractedly. Then Minglan came out and asked, “Grandma, is Scholar Wen’s mother really that hard to handle?”

Old Madam Sheng’s anger still hadn’t disappeared. She was holding up the tea cup and taking a sip of the tea slowly. Hearing Minglan’s words, she sneered, “All the mother-in-law in this world is hard to handle. That’s why the husband plays a very important part in a family. Your eldest brother-in-law is not as clever as Changbai and has wronged your eldest sister for a long time. Fortunately, Hualan has finally got through it after all these years’ suffering. Now your eldest brother-in-law has just realized his fault and supported Hualan all the time against his mother.”

Minglan applauded and gaped in admiration, “Eldest sister surely is an extraordinary woman. As an obedient son as eldest brother-in-law is, she could still change his mind.” Minglan didn’t have the chance to have a mother-in-law in her previous life but she still admired Hualan’s capability. If all the modern women were capable of what Hualan could do, the amount of Yao Yiyi’s work might have cut down to half.

Old Madam Sheng sighed gently and said, “Tolerance is the most difficult thing. No matter how tame your eldest brother-in-law is to his mother and how much he cares about his brother, he wouldn’t bear his mother’s preference to his brother all the time. She has given all the precious stuffs to her eldest son. But she ignored that your eldest brother-in-law is also a proud and ambitious man. Every time your eldest brother-in-law was in difficulty, she looked on indifferently so he could only ask Hualan for help. When her eldest son ran into trouble, she would force your eldest brother-in-law to offer a hand. All the people in this world are selfish in some ways. Your eldest brother-in-law also has his own wife and children, his mother has already pushed him away from her by doing that all the time even if he is her biological son.”

Minglan flattered Old Madam Sheng right in time, “What a nice speech, grandma. You are so right about the tolerance thing. Eldest sister used to be such a proud woman. I think the reason why she could bear all of that is because of your wise instructions!”

Old Madam Sheng glanced at Minglan and saw a fawning face. Minglan’s two cute dimples were now showing up with her ingratiating smile. Ever since she had confessed everything about Gu Tingye, she always felt guilty in front of her grandma. Therefore, she put on a sincere and apologetic look everyday while trying to make up for her grandma all the time. Old Madam Sheng found that quite funny so she said deliberately, “Speaking of this, you are a lucky girl. Your mother-in-law is your husband’s stepmother. That will save you lots of efforts of dealing with her.”

As soon as Old Madam Sheng finished that sentence, she looked at Minglan with a meaningful look. However, Minglan didn’t blush at all. Instead, she shook her head and said, “No no no, we cannot make conclusion so fast before we see her with our own eyes.”

After a long while, Old Madam Sheng only replied with a ‘Oh.’

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