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Chapter 156

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Tut~tut~tut~…here comes the thing for the whole night…


“Not tired?” There was almost green light flashing in Gu Tingye’s long and narrow eyes. Then he added, “That’s perfect!”

… (After one night, you know what have happened)

He suddenly pulled Minglan over to the bed. After that, this tall and strong man pressed on Minglan’s body immediately, attaching his body completely to hers. Meanwhile, she also reached into her clothes with his fingers. He felt the girl’s tender skin, her slender waist which was so delicate that he could break it off easily. Then he slid his hands up, touching her two plump breasts while feeling the sweet smell greeting his nose.

Minglan was shivering violently. Gu Tingye’s muscles were too strong. As his body rubbed over her, she just felt aching all over. Then she started to whimper, “Purr... I don’t know about this.” No, actually, she was well aware of what they were doing now. “... Purr, I have never done this.”

The man was burning right now while having no idea what she was talking about. The only thing he wanted to do was kneading her body.

Minglan’s body arched under his rub. She then leaned to other side to dodge him while burying her head into the pillow. As she sobbed like a frightened little beast, she still left half of her snow-white face and one of her earlobes at the outside. Gu Tingye stared at her blankly. He couldn’t help but reach to her and bite her earlobe. Minglan groaned instantly and tried to avoid him, but was pressed onto the bed firmly.

The man used the tip of his tongue to feel her moist mouth and tore off the girl’s clothes at the same time. The jade-like delicate little beast was so scared that she almost screamed. However, she only dared to moaned. As the man got more and more intrigued, he began to kiss the girl along her neck while biting her skin impatiently. When his face reached to her chest, his eyes turned completely red. Her boobs were small and exquisite, looking a bit timid. He bit her nipples right away while keeping sucking them.

Finally, Minglan couldn’t endure that. She cried and stretched out one of her smooth legs to kick right on his bare and strong chest. However, Gu Tingye caught her off guard and grabbed her ankles. He felt the little ankles of his wife being so fragile as if they would be broken with a single pinch. Having opened her legs and bent them in a haste, he bent down to press on her body heavily again.  

He used his lips to seek her soft neck and earlobes. He kissed and licked those parts of her body while breathing heavily. While Minglan was in a daze, she felt one of her legs being lifted. Something hot was rubbing the lower part of her body. Then she felt a sharp pain from there.

Minglan cried, this time, she cried for real. With tears running down her face, she bit her lips to prevent herself from shouting while trying her best to endure the pain.

Gu Tingye had also restrained himself for a long time. After he had felt that his wife’s body was not that stiff, his movements became even more aggressive. As he kissed on her small lips, he didn’t stop moving up and down violently. The only thing Minglan could do was putting her head into the pillow. With her tears wetting half of the pillow towel, she cried loudly and begged, “... Purr, just stop;...We can do it next time, purr... please let go of me! I can’t do this anymore...”

Minglan always knew that she was an unpractical creature. Although she really was a strong-willed girl and wouldn’t feel a thing when someone criticized or sneered at her, she actually possessed a weak body. She couldn’t stand the coldness, the heat, the itch as well as the pain. Even a slight sense of pain would make her cry with floods of tears.

Gu Tingye kept coaxing her. The way she looked like when she begged was too enchanting. Her body tasted so great. He couldn’t help holding her tender butt up and pressed it to the lower part of his body fiercely. With his movements turning more and more drastic, he stuck that part of his body into her so hard that she had arched like a shrimp. Now she really flew into a rage, trying to find a place to vent her anger. Then she touched a part of his body and bite that place violently, not knowing if that was his shoulder or his arm. However, her action only stimulated his wildness. He rubbed her body crazily while opening her legs to a wider angle to insert his genital in her body. Minglan, feeling her body being sore and limp, could only lie on the bed without any strengths left in her.

There was nothing Minglan could do except for rubbing her eyes and sobbing in a low voice. This bed seemed to be the end of her world where she could only be pressed down by this man and have sex with him.

After she didn’t know how long, only when Minglan felt that her waist was about to be broken did Gu Tingye stop with a heavy breath. Minglan was still trembling as if she had died for once. Sweats were streaming all over their bodies. While the girl was lying feebly on the bed like a pile of slime, the man was still holding her in his arms tightly.

“Honey, did it hurt?” He asked.

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Minglan felt so ashamed that her face looked like a boiled shrimp. As her extreme shame turned into anger, she only wanted to bite off his flesh to vent her spleen. But the only thing she could do now was turning her face away. Seeing her being like this, Gu Tingye giggled softly while not forgetting to kiss her neck and shoulders. Minglan, being unable to move a bit, could only curse him a lecherous man inwardly and picture the scene of beating him violently in her mind.

While she went off into wild imaginations, she suddenly felt a hard thing against her waist. She shivered right away, feeling herself half dead with fright. Then she suddenly had the strength to creep off his body and slip into a quilt. After that, she wrapped her body along with her head entirely, while trembling in the quilt.

After Gu Tingye had seen her being so afraid like that, he was a bit irritated but also amused. Then he stretched out his strong arms and grabbed Minglan as well as her quilt. As he dug out Minglan’s head from the quilt like peeling off the rice-pudding, he teased her in a deep voice, “What are you scared of? It’s not like I’m going to eat you alive.”

“Purr... Don’t do that ever again... Let go of me. Second Uncle... Oh, no, my husband, my dear, just give me a break. I’ll listen to everything you say afterwards! Please let go of me, let go of me!... Purr...” Minglan nearly knelt on the ground to beg him.

Gu Tingye couldn’t help but laugh loudly. He still held Minglan in his arms while kissing her and rubbing her body. Today he really had increased his knowledge about her. This girl would say anything when she asked for mercy. But as long as she escaped from the dangerous situation, she would deny everything she had said. She would pretend that nothing had happened. And those words she had said for begging would be completely forgotten by her.

“Honey, be good! Let’s go to sleep, I won’t touch you anymore.” Although he said that, he didn’t stop reaching his hand into her clothes. As he touched her soft boobs, he felt his lower belly being hot again. Only after he had kneaded her for a bit longer did he cool off a bit.

Minglan refused to trust his words. The two of them dragged the quilt for a long while. At last, Minglan insisted that they should sleep in separate quilts. However, Gu Tingye only held her as well as her quilt together in his arms and searched for her tender lips to kiss her again.


“Didn’t you have something to tell me before?” Gu Tingye suddenly remembered that.

“I don’t have the strength to say it.” Minglan, who was nearly half-dead said that.

“But you said it was important.” The man said that with loving expression in his eyes.

“I don’t remember anything...”

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