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Chapter 169

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Minglan’s eyes actually looked very enchanting, which attracted people a lot. However, her curved eyebrows looked rather facile and delicate, giving people a quite reserved expression. Thus when she looked at someone, the look in her eyes was like the translucent water which could melt that person. Gu Tingye suddenly reminded of a precious ancient portrait of a beauty that he had founded in his father’s study in his childhood. He remembered that graceful and charming figure of the beauty on the aged yellowish paper. He also remembered himself being held spellbound by that appealing beauty.

At that time, he had no idea why his heart had beaten so fast. Never had he realized that a woman could be both elegant and enchanting.

“I made a mistake.” In no time, Minglan admitted her mistake with her head lowered and her hands drooping, showing a good attitude.

“You foxy little girl!” Gu Tingye scolded that softly while glaring at her with a straight face. However, he still couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes.

Soon he knew that not only was she a foxy girl, she was also good at going back on her words. In the daytime, she had said so many loving words to him, which made him desire her so much. He felt himself becoming a lustful man and only wanted to do it with her violently. However, when finally the night came, she just kept a straight face while ordering the the maids to set two sets of quilts on the bed in dead earnest.

Gu Tingye looked at her with his eyebrows raised. Then he lowered her head to drink the tea. Meanwhile, Minglan also kept her head lowered to stare at her fingers.


Later in the night, with Minglan’s head resting on the pillow, she only felt dizzy. Her body got so hot while her face seemed to be burning right now. The man who was on the top of her was still fondling her body with his heavy breath sounding super tempting. Though Minglan’s body was completely limp, she still had a piece of consciousness remaining in her brain. Then she begged softly in a raucous voice, “... If I can’t get up from the bed tomorrow, I, I don’t want to live anymore...”

Gu Tingye was still reluctant to stop. He only coaxed her to obey him with his hand reaching down. Minglan, being totally weak and limp, said in a hurry, “We should always do things step by step. Have some patience. You, how could... we can still do it in other days. I have already behaved well tonight...” Thinking of her previous behaviors, Minglan was satisfied with herself a lot since she had made noticeable progress in having sex in a tremendous pace.

Hearing her words, Gu Tingye couldn’t help tittering. Then he muttered in a low and hoarse voice, “You did have done better... Fine, I’ll let you go this time.” On these words, he also pinched her body heavily.

He also didn’t want to go too far either. When he thought of those two dark circles under her eyes, he knew he had to stop where it should stop. Moreover, it had already been three days since their wedding. She should start to handle the family affairs and get to know about the household duties. He should at least let her have some time to sort those things out before Old Madam Qin sent someone to interfere in their family matters.

The second day, Minglan got up early decidedly. After that, she asked Danju to dress her up while enduring the intention to yawn. Today Gu Tingye was wearing a royal blue round flower pattern coat with tight sleeves and tassels. After his hair had been bound up, he stood there straightly with an imposing manner, looking overly handsome.

After the breakfast, he dragged Minglan into the side room. After he had dismissed all the maids and servants, he began to explain the affairs in the mansion to Minglan.

“...I have drifted outside for all these years. It hasn’t been a long time since I had my own mansion. Most of the stewards and the maids who were presented by His Majesty are either from the guilty official’s families or have sold themselves in the early years. Those people don’t have roots. You can observe them. Keep the useful ones and sell the others.” Gu Tingye said seriously with a stern look. Right now he looked very mature and calm. “As for the rest of the people here...” He suddenly paused, seeming to think over the words he was about to say, “They were sent by Old Madam and my aunts. You, should also observe them carefully.”

His last words sounded quite meaningful. As Minglan pounded on her sore waist, she remembered the things he had said by heart. Normally, it was the mother-in-law’s duty to hand over the family matters to her daughter-in-law. Minglan felt she really had an extraordinary marriage.

“I’ll let Sir Gongsun send you the title deeds for lands and the accounts of our family. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask Sir... Forget about it, just ask me.”

“Sir Gongsun?” After she had listened to him speaking for so long, she finally heard a familiar name, “On that day, when I ran into the pirates...”

“That’s him.” Gu Tingye said smilingly, “These days he has worked really hard by wearing two hats at the same time. Perhaps he is the one who looks forward to my wedding the most.”

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“You let Sir Gongsun take charge of the family affairs?” Although Minglan had only met Gongsun Baishi for once, that man actually had given her a deep impression. He seemed like an adviser who always waved his feather fan in the winter to put on a profound gesture. Eh, had Zhuge Liang taken charge of the imperial affairs about Liu Bei’s wives and kids? (T/N: Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei are both history characters, the former is the latter’s adviser)

Gu Tingye was amused by her words inwardly, but the look on his face remained calm. He took a sip of the tea while saying, “Sir Gongsun, has lived a tough life.”

Afterwards, they had talked about another few things. Gu Tingye was a man after all, so he hadn’t paid too many attentions to the trifles in the family and couldn’t explain the affairs clearly. After Minglan hadn’t got precise answers for several questions, she couldn’t help but say, “... What on earth are the things you actually know? Only how to fight a battle or wander from a place to another place, right?

Gu Tingye was a bit irritated by her question. He rolled his eyes to her while saying angrily, “What on earth do you know?”

Minglan said clearly, “The astrology, the geography, lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy, painting, the Eight Diagrams, arithmetic, divination, yin-yang, five elements, Daoist magic, irrigation and water conservancy, business, war craft...” Gu Tingye was completely dumbfounded hearing that. However, suddenly, Minglan added, “I knew nothing about those!”

With disdainful expression showing in Gu Tingye’s eyes, he planned to say something to sneer at her. However, Minglan continued, “But at least I know about the names of the maids who dress me up and wash my face.” Mr. Gu still confounded Xia Zhu with Xia He, that was so strange.

With Gu Tingye’s eyebrows raised, Gu Tingye said frankly, feeling no ashamed at all, “I have their indentures. Why should I care about the other things? One should never stick to the trifles. As long as I could seize their great weaknesses, no one would dare to betray me!”

His words actually made sense. For example, at that time when Mongolia had conquered half of the world, this country had decided to fight against Southern Song. Mongolia had sent its whole army to fight. So no matter how moving and tragic Southern Song had been or how righteous its indignation had been, Southern Song had been bound to be over. And now, no matter how much the people in Gu’s family hated Gu Tingye, they still couldn’t do anything.

Gu Tingye had had many women before. However, neither those women who only had had flings with him nor the women like Manniang or Qiuniang hadn’t been so close and intimate to him. When he and Minglan were together, they made fun of each other, they cursed each other, they laughed loudly together, they could say anything in front of each other. Perhaps quarrels could enhance their relationship. Before their weddings, Gu Tingye had already had a few quarrels with Minglan, so after they had married for three days, he already regarded Minglan as the apple of his eyes who could give him comfort and steal his entire heart.

“All right.” Seeing Minglan being speechless by his words, Gu Tingye put down his tea cup with joy. As he looked out of the window with a pleasant look on his face, he said smilingly, “I have to go to the imperial court everyday from tomorrow. At that time, I wouldn’t have time to explain things to you since I’ll be busy dealing with the affairs in the Department of the Army. If you have anything you want to know, you better ask now. Afterwards, I’ll show you around in our mansion. The garden behind the mountain is very spacious. Whatever kinds of trees or flowers you like, I’ll find some gardeners to plant for you. And that mountain forest, I think we can rear some livestock like deer, crane or chickens. Oh, you still have questions? Fine... ask me about some major events. Don’t bother me with those trifles.”

Minglan put down her hand which had raised up and pondered for a while. Then she asked seriously with a faltering expression on her face, “How many silvers do we usually spend every year?”--- Actually, she wanted to ask, how much did you earn every year?

Was it too late to ask that since they had already got married?

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