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Chapter 20.2

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The Legend of the Concubine’s Daughter Minglan Chapter 20 Part 2


These profound words are not deep, everyone understands. The boys were still okay, Rulan immediately shot her eyes over, Molan who had her head down raised it to look at her. Sheng Hong knew what Wang shi meant and said without changing his expression “You are the legitimate mother, you ought to be more concerned about the yatous’ affairs. Now you still need Old Madame to fix your negligence, it really should not have happened.” He saw that Wang shi bit her lips and her eyes revealing her non-acceptance, Sheng Hong added “Never mind, anyways Ming yatou is being raised by Old Madame’s side and can only inconvenience you more.”

The couple looked at each other intimately and then became silent.

Minglan silently supplemented—

Sheng Hong unspoken words were: Being the legitimate madame, all of the children are supposed to be under your care. Is it still logical to favour one and discriminate other?

Wang shi’s said in the heart: You bastard,1 they did not come out from my belly and was also not raised by me since young. For what reason I should still spend money and effort, for not giving them a hard time, I can be considered a holy mother already but why did your mother also learn that.

Sheng Hong’s concluding speech: Forget it, do not want you to raise the child. Everyone will look for their own mother. Minglan’s biological mother has already died, just depend on Grandmother will be fine. You should also speak less rubbish.

Finally, Sheng Hong spoke a few words with Changdong. This child is only four or five years old. His birth mother Concubine Xiang was originally Wang shi’s maid. As before relying on the legitimate house for a living, her son is considered to be raised by Madame. This little boy is usually timid since he is neither legitimate or favoured, Wang shi also did not make things hard for them mother and child and merely ignoring them.

When she went out, Minglan saw Concubine Xiang who was waiting at the door. She looked docile and respectfully low-profile. When she saw Changdong came out, she cheerfully went to receive him and warmly led the little boy out. Minglan suddenly felt: compared to the deceased Concubine Wei, she is considered fortunate.

After Hualan got married, Rulan moved into Weiru Pavilion. After Sheng Hong finished lecturing, Rulan then gloomily returned to the chambers. Kicking the marble and ebony Ruyi stool and then threw herself onto the bed, using her strength to tear the embroidered satin pillow. Behind her, Wang shi entered and saw what was happening. She scolded “Damn girl, why are you going crazy?!”

Rulan got up with a surprise and loudly said “Never mind that Fourth Old Sister snatched my jade lock away, that is because Concubine Lin is capable. For what reason even Minglan that little girl has surpassed me? I might as well be raised by another!”

Wang shi grasped on her daughter’s arm firmly and dragged her to the bedside to sit. She flicked Rulan forehead and scolded “Did your Father not make up for it with another jade necklace afterwards? The jade colour was above Molan’s, you this discontented thing! Minglan’s was given by the Old Madame, you are the one who was unwilling to go to Shou’an Hall, who can you blame?”

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Rulan fiercely said “I am from the legitimate line, whether or not I go and please Grandmother, she must treat me as the most important. Now after a few days, she has been deceived by Minglan and actually not distinguishing between legitimate and concubine already. Still speaking of what rules and etiquette, do not make me laugh! A concubine-born little girl, it is enough to give food, still treating her as a daughter of an affluent family! I heard people say that other families treat the concubine-born daughters as a maid, selling and beating at will. Which family will provide like this!”

Wang shi was extremely angry, by the side, Housekeeper Liu Kun handed a cup of tea with a smile. While she made the group of young maids leave, she tidied the mess on the floor and said “Young Lady is still young and ignorant. Only those merchant and farmer families who do not know etiquette treat the concubine daughters inhumanely. The more distinguished the family, the more they would treat the young ladies equally! Must know that young ladies are delicate guests, who they will marry in the future is still unknown. When Madame was still at her parents’ home, there are two distant female cousins, one legitimate the other concubine. That family treated the young miss the same. When it came to discussing marriage, the legitimate older daughter married a prestigious rich family and the concubine daughter married a poor scholar. But the heavens have unexpected circumstances, who knows that prestigious rich family actually declined and in return, everything went on smoothly for that poor scholar, family property flourishing. That concubine-born daughter is also kind, remembering the affections from the past and then frequently helping her maiden family and legitimate sister’s family financially. Afterwards, even the children of her legitimate sister were cared by her till they reached adulthood and got married.”

Rulan fumed as she listened on and coldly laughed “Mama Liu is also cursing to be same as that legitimate older sister?”

Wang shi slapped Rulan’s back and scolded “You this tactless thing, Mama Liu is our people and what she said are all considerate words. What Mama Liu is saying, the more distinguished the family the more you cannot allow others to gossip, unmarried girls should be treated all the same. But you, striving to excel all the day long yet you have no capabilities and unable to get the liking of Master and Old Madame. It is fine if you cannot learn from Big Sister but also learn from Minglan!”

Rulan became gloomy and shut up. She thought of something “Did Mother not say that Old Madame does not have anything for us to curry favour for, why this moment she can take out gold and jade? Spending it so generously.”

Wang shi also became gloomy “A rotten ship still has three catty of nails. It is me that is muddle-headed, guess she still has some retirement fund.”

Thinking for a while and patiently persuaded her daughter “You this child really cannot tolerate others, your Sixth Younger Sister has never vied or fight with you and you actually cannot tolerate. You also do not have skills, afraid that you have to suffer greatly in the future. Anyway, at the end of the day, why do you have to vie with them. Just like your Older Sister, your status is there, it is certain that you would marry better than them, live more comfortably than them. What are you fighting for now? If not for nothing, you would cause your Father’s dislike. Even if you have to act, you also act out a harmonious sisterhood out!”

Rulan seems to be a little persuaded, nodding her head with difficulty.

1. 你丫的 (Ni Ya De): It is a curse word originating from Beijing, meaning illegitimate child

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