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Chapter 5.1

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The Legend of the Concubine’s Daughter Minglan Chapter 5 Part 1


That night’s dialog was definitely to question Lady Lin’s guilt but the topic did not know when has become crooked. Lady Lin became the plaintiff from the defendant. Above-mentioned case from investigating Concubine Wei’s cause of death subtly became an investigative follow-up of the case of the legitimate wife persecuting the concubine.


The change in the course of events was faintly discernible, as if an antelope hung in the corner, not a trace to be found and the audience unknowingly got caught into it. In fact, Lady Lin did not accuse Wang shi of any crime when listening superficially but her every word seems to hint at something. Even Yao Yiyi who was the accustomed expert to the courts, listening and listening, felt like Wang shi has wronged her and set a false charge on her.

Lady Lin’s play of dying very quickly had its desired effect, Comrade Sheng Hong stopped his punishment. In addition, the next day he went to Concubine Lin’s place to sit for a little while. Concubine Lin dismissed everyone and gave a five coloured kiln cup with a lid to Sheng Hong to steep his strong Tieguanyin1 tea, exactly the way Sheng Hong’s usually likes to fight the heat. Again, Concubine Lin dressed in a frail moon white thin silk jacket, her beautiful hair only has a tiny plain silver flower silk hairpin inserted. Indeed pitiful in all aspects and delicate like the flower. Even when he first came in with extreme anger, it has declined by half.

“Yesterday at Madame’s place, I gave you some face. According to your words, Concubine Wei’s death, you actually do not have the least bit of responsibility?” Sheng Hong coldly said. He is at least considered to be one that has rolled about in officialdom, in any case still remembered what he came to do.

Concubine Lin’s teardrops glistening “Master gave me face, how can I not know. Master came to speak with this concubine alone today, this concubine just simply openly speak out. That Concubine Wei is invited2 by Madame for Master. Before that, Madame one after another came out with Concubine Xiang and Concubine Ping. For what purpose it is, the whole household up and down understands, simply because she sees that Master love me, pity me and Madame is unhappy. By myself, I have little power in this household and usually there is no one to talk that I actually can talk to. If I do not put some capable and reliable people at my side, I do not know others will destroy me. I am not important but I cannot allow Little Boy Feng and Little Girl Mo suffer hardships. That is why the door is closed firmly, clearing3 myself, do not come into contact generally, it is to protect myself, safe and sound. That night when Concubine Wei had an accident, I indeed had selfish motives and was unwilling to care but to say I deliberately want to harm her life, it is really venomous slander. Darling Hong Darling Hong, even though I have thousands kind and ten thousands kind of fault, also look upon the face of Little Boy Feng and Little Girl Mo. The day before teacher still praised Little Boy Feng for studying well.”

Sheng Hong’s heart was moved also did not make any noise. He lifted the teacup to drink a mouthful. Concubine Lin slowly moved to his side, head on his shoulders, lightly complained “Darling Hong, I am fully aware of your conduct. That time when you and I pledged our love, Master made an oath towards me and absolutely would not allow me to be bullied. This is why you had bruised the honour of Madame’s maiden family and bought me lands and shops, allowing me to properly straighten my back and conduct myself within the household. The deep thought Darling Hong has towards me, how can I not know. If I was to do that cruel and unscrupulous thing, let me to be destroyed by heavens and earth so that I may not have a good death.”

Her voice suave and was bewitching and charming. Even if a poisonous oath was vowed, it is also like saying words of love. Sheng Hong cannot help but loosen his countenance and was right about to reach out to affectionately embrace Concubine Lin. Suddenly he remembered the discussion with Old Madame Sheng that day, thus withdrew his hands and pushed Concubine Lin away.

Usually Concubine Lin is able to grasp onto Sheng Hong’s temperament. Never once she thought to be pushed away but not the slightest bit is shown on her face, only eyes filled with tears gazing at Sheng Hong. Sheng Hong looked at Concubine Lin, in a deep voice said “The matter of Concubine Wei at this point will be closed. Madame and myself will order everyone in the household that nobody will be allowed to speak of this. However from this day forth, there are several things I want to tell you clearly.”

While speaking, both hands on his back stood before the couch “This current matter, I also have fault. Blindly taking pity on you and deeply loving you and actually forgetting the words of the sage. It is called, respect for seniority, differences between legitimate and concubine. This kind of family such as us cannot learn from the merchant families, what equal wives and to be a disgrace. Even if Madame has ten thousands of wrong, she is after all the primary and you are the concubine, you ought to obey etiquette to the utmost. From today onwards, you remove that small kitchen, I will stop giving you expenses. The maids in your courtyard are treated as the same class as the rest of the household and must not be favoured. If you wish to reward people, then use your own money. All matters according to rules of the household, it can be assumed that all these years you have quite a bit of private savings, that should be enough. In the future, you must abide by the rules, pay respects to Madame daily, if you feel unwell, going on a separate day is okay. However order your courtyard’s people to control themselves and must not be disrespectful towards Madame. Saying some nonsense without rules, if I were to find out, beating to death and selling all without exceptions!”

Concubine Lin’s pretty face lost colour, her heart chilled and simply waiting to defend herself. Sheng Hong continued to speak “I am also not one that does not understand things, you and Madame have been at odds already for a long time. I also would not think that you and her could become sisters and be harmonious within a day but you must first be flexible. I will not retake the properties that I gave you, those things given to you still remains but I cannot allow you to carelessly assign stewards. That time, those two clan mates of yours drinking with female entertainers, embracing singers in Quan Prefecture their show is more extravagant than mine. In the future, the stewards you assign must go through me and be approved. Not allowed to recruit those fearless dog ability, if not it will ruin the reputation of my Sheng family! …… Little Boy Feng and Little Girl Mo still be raised at your side, if you really are thinking for the children, then it is unlikely that  you are in this current predicament. Now, just think more for those two children.

Concubine Lin originally had a stomach full of words to say but when she listened to the last sentence of Sheng Hong, she had nothing to say. She knows that if Sheng Hong wants to continue to be an official, he must seize a good reputation and cannot allow others to catch any shortcomings regarding his character. Sheng Hong’s words just now is to merely want her to lie low but he did not peel off her properties, also did not separate her children, this already is his bottom line. This time, Concubine Wei’s death she have much responsibility in the end and able to close the case in this manner is already great fortune. She is a smart person who knows when to stop, even though her heart is somewhat unwilling. She could only bite her teeth and endure and instead get ready for things and raise her spirits to be affectionate with Sheng Hong.

Shen Hong at Concubine Lin’s place enjoyed the soft fragrance and warmth for quite a while. Afterwards he straightly went to Wang shi’s legitimate house. There is still another battle to fight.

He came to Wang shi’s room, as before, sent away the servants and maids leaving behind only the husband and wife in the inner room talking. He told her everything that was said to Concubine Lin, Wang shi’s powdered face contained anger “Your treasured darling, when did I dare to say anything. What you want to be done, just do it. How dare I say half a no!”

Sheng Hong took a deep breath “You do not suppose that I do not know, I only want to ask you three questions. First, there is no illness or calamity in Master Brother’s house, you did not go earlier or later. Why did you insist on waiting until several days before Concubine Wei’s labour to drag me to go? Second, within the household those old maids who knows how to deliver, there are a total of four. Among them, three are from your dowry, usually whose orders they go all out to listen to, you know better than me. Third, how is it a coincidence that just when I returned to the household, I would see Concubine Wei for the last time?”

Wang shi’s heart was slightly frightened but her speech was composed “I have never done any shameful deed in my entire life, ghosts will not come knocking on the door at midnight! That day when I left, I specially invited the physician to give Concubine Wei an examination, it was obviously fine. That physician is that Physician Liao whom Master trust most, if Master does not believe, you can ask him. He said that Concubine Wei before marriage worked all year round, her body is strong. Even if there is no midwife, she is able to give birth; but once I left, Concubine Lin put some cooling things in Concubine Wei’s food practically every day. That led to Concubine Wei’s unfavourable labour. Concubine Lin has plenty of money and has people inside and out. Even if the old maids from my dowry do not listen to her orders, she does not have anyone to use? It is obvious that she is clever and eloquent, Master believes it completely. Quan Prefecture had many midwives and she dragged it out for a few hours to get the midwife, even if she did not deliberately do it, her people are also undisciplined! Humph, I stand upright. Even if there is some gaudy tricks, it is also merely how to respond to Concubine Lin. If she does not have the intention to harm others, even if there is no one to bother about Concubine Wei, staying in the courtyard by herself, she is also able to give birth to the child safe and sound.”

Sheng Hong did not retort instead nod his head continuously “I have already investigated these inner matters. This time, Lin shi has much responsibility but to say she is really thinking of harming others also is going too far. Only could say the Concubine Wei is unlucky. Two gathered and just happened to match up; those old maids from your dowry usually bear a grudge against Lin shi and she also did not intentionally delay. Things has reached this point but can it be that I kill Concubine Lin? If those two children’s hearts breed resentment, how will the house be at peace.”

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Wang shi got angry and turned her body to ignore Sheng Hong, twisted up the handkerchief in fumes.

Sheng Hong sat towards Wang shi’s side, softly soothing “I have left Madame to suffer these few years. Be assured Madame, from today onwards, I will no longer indulge Concubine Lin. You are the primary and she the small. You are the legitimate wife that I officially married through the three letters and six etiquette4. A hundred years later you are the one that I will share the ancestral hall and the incense in rest together. She Lin shi, even if she flipped heavens she will never surpass you. She ought to pay respects to you, drawing water and serving.”

Wang shi’s heart was immediately happy, turning her head and smiling “You are willing?”

Sheng Hong simply held Wang shi’s waist, gently caressing “There is nothing to be unwilling about, everything is done with Sheng family as the importance. No matter how important Concubine Lin is, can it still be more important than face of the Sheng household? Madame, once you take out the rules of an established family, you also must remember your own behaviour. If you do not first establish it right, how will others be obedient? Old Madame there……”

Wang shi was caressed a few times by him, her body already became soft by half. For a long time, she has not been this intimate with Sheng Hong, her tender sentiments greatly vigorous “I know that I have areas that are lacking. Rest assured, only if she abide by the rules, I will not push her around and also will not get angry like a child with Master. Our children are all this big, can it be that I will still rival her for your affections?

While Sheng Hong stroked, Wang shi’s tone has eased up quite a bit. Thus he persisted and hugged Wang shi while lightly blowing air by her ears, teasing Wang shi till her face flushed, breathing hot “My good Madame, you are a young miss from an established family. You know the logic that if the family traditions are not right, the family will not be at peace. Now we must look forward, Little Girl Hua soon will reach the marriageable age and we are presently discussing marriage. If unbearable news about our family spreads out, will it not implicate Little Girl Hua? Hua’er is my firstborn daughter also from the legitimate line. I still wish to find a husband that is thousand of good and ten thousand of good for her. When the time comes, I will display that impressive father-in-law figure.”

Wang shi listened till she got excited and became all the more submissive “What Master says is right, shall listen to Master in everything.”

Classmate Yao Yiyi lied in the other5 room. Finally for the first time ever she drank a steaming and fragrant bowl of shredded chicken porridge yesterday. She somewhat has vigour today, lying askew on the soft couch, unable to sleep. Once again. sorry, she heard the other couple’s every word.

En, How should this be said?

1. A premium oolong tea and it is named after the Chinese goddess, the processing of the tea is very complex as it requires the right time to harvest and the right method to process
2. 讨 (Tao): Has the meaning of getting her to marry over
3. 撇清 (Pie Qing): Emphasises innocency, has nothing to do with any matter
4. 三书六礼 (San Shu Liu Li): Ancient Chinese customs, three letters are the betrothal, gift and wedding letters and the six etiquettes are proposing, birthday matching, presenting betrothal gifts, presenting wedding gifts, arranging the marriage and marriage ceremony (for more details)
5. 隔间 (Ge Jian): It has the idea of a separate room that has been partitioned off

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