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Chapter 88

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Brother Changbai Has A Good Wife (2)

Before he finished speaking, the thick cotton-padded door curtain was opened from outside. Molan stood at the door, clenching her fists, her face livid with rage. Minglan could not help but step back. She secretly waved at Changdong behind her back and gave Xiaotao an allusive look.

“It is typical of you to do so!” Molan sneered and slowly approached Minglan, “I never expect that you would be such a greedy girl.” Her eyes reddened, burning with anger in her heart. Some maids tried to stop her, but she pushed them out of the room and bolted the door.

Minglan said in a low voice, “Be careful what you say. Even if you don’t care about your own reputation, you should think of the fame of our family.” Minglan wasn’t afraid of fighting with Molan, but if they really came to blows and that was known by outsiders, they would both be regarded as narrow-minded and malicious ladies.

Molan’s face twisted, and she shout out in anger, “You fucking bitch! You always talk some empty philosophies into me. Today I won’t listen to you. I will teach you a lesson!” She came up and overturned the round table. The cup full of hot tea on the table was smashed to pieces and a few drops of the hot liquid spattered on Changdong's face and hands.

Minglan didn’t expect Molan to be so fierce and tough. She looked at Changdong covering his face and the back of his hands, with pity and concern. Then she turned to Molan and said with a smile, “Sister, you are versed in both literature and martial arts. You can not only compose poems but also overturn a table. If I have done something wrong to you, please forgive me. Anyway, you have given vent to your anger.”

But Molan became even angrier when she saw the ermine muff. She pointed at Minglan, her beautiful face distorted with fury, and scolded, “You shameless slut! You once said that you wouldn’t compete with me. But you talked nonsense! I used to think you are a good girl, but now I see that you are a real bitch. You say one thing and do quite another…”

Changdong was completely stunned, speechless. Molan lost her head and even mentioned Old Madam Sheng in her curses. Although Minglan remained expressionless, she was annoyed by Molan’s remarks. Minglan said in a calm tone, “You must be possessed by the devil. Now you look like a foul-mouthed bully. I’m going to ask a doctor to check you up.” Minglan had intended not to conflict with Molan, but now she decided to teach her a lesson.

After saying that, Minglan began to walk toward the door and count her steps in mind. As expected, Molan immediately rushed to her, pushed her down on the floor and gave her a slap. Minglan gritted her teeth and didn’t try to dodge, so in the next second, she got a slap in the face.

Molan was dumbfounded. Her original intention was to scold Minglan and smash the ornaments in the room. But now looking at Minglan’s beautiful face, she had a sudden impulse to disfigure it. So she picked up a piece of broken china and was about to cut Minglan’s face.

Minglan had achieved her goal, so she decidedly pushed Molan aside, stuck her foot out and tripped Molan. She touched her burning cheek lightly with her hands. Though she didn’t look in the mirror, she knew that there must be a red handprint on her face now because her skin was delicate and easy to be hurt.

Minglan came close to Molan and caught hold of her arms. In the eyes of others, the two sisters grabbed each other and got in a tangle. Minglan whispered in Molan’s ear, “I want to tell you one thing. You mother married into Sheng Mansion on January, and your older brother was born on May of that year. A woman is pregnant for ten months before her child is born. Sister, do you know that your mother was pregnant before marriage?”

Molan blushed, struggling desperately, and continued cursing. Minglan moved close to her and said in a smooth voice, “You mother is a real bitch. She says one thing but does quite another. In the past, Grandmother kept your mother by her side and treated her well. She pretended to be grateful for Grandmother’s care and concern, but secretly slept with Father. She bit the hand that fed her!”

Just then, a ringing voice came from outside, “Madam, you're here at last!” It was Cuixiu’s voice.

Minglan immediately loosened her grip on Molan and jumped back three steps. Then there came shouts and a sharp knock on the door. Changdong hurried to open the door. Then Wang shi came in and looked around. The room was totally in a mess. Molan stood with an angry look on her face. Minglan stood a few feet away from Molan with bowed head and an obvious handprint on her face. Changdong also got several burns on his face and hands.

Wang shi burst into anger and berated furiously, “What the hell are you doing?” Then she turned to scold maids, “Are you dead? Why didn’t you stop them? Come on. Help your Lady Minglan sit down in the chair and have a rest. Caihuang, go and find Liu Kun’s wife. Today I’m going to enforce the domestic discipline. You girls, catch fourth young lady right now!”

Molan’s face changed when she heard the words --“the domestic discipline”.

At this point, a woman’s voice came from the outside, “The two sisters quarreled for some reason. Madam, how can you punish my daughter before finding out the truth?”

Concubine Lin with a bluish-white brocade gown, approached slowly, accompanied by Caiyun, who was Molan’s personal maid, and several servants. Seeing her mother coming, Molan suddenly plucked up her courage and shook off the maid who caught her. She ran to Concubine Lin and stood beside her.

Looking at these two unruly women, Wang shi sneered, “You are just a concubine. How dare you take such liberties in meddling!”

Concubine Lin smiled deliberately, “I have stayed in Sheng Mansion for almost twenty years. Now my daughter is wronged. How can I keep silent? Madam, you are unfair.”

Concubine Lin’s words provoked Wang shi. She pointed at Molan and said, “Your daughter is impudent and insulting. She even scolded and hit her young sister and brother. Can’t I punish her?”

Concubine Lin covered her mouth with her hand and laughed, “Madam, you’ve got to be kidding. It's quite normal for the two sisters to bicker, push and shove. If you want to pursue this matter further, please blame the two girls without discrimination and fifty times of ferule beating will do.”

Luzhi couldn’t help but shout out, “Bah! That’s nonsense! What do you mean by ‘blame the two girls without discrimination’? Lady Molan slapped our young lady, and because of her, fourth young master’s face and hands have been scalded. We all have eyes, but only you turn a blind eye to the truth!”

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Concubine Lin suddenly changed her expression and scolded, “You are a mouthy asshole! Is it your turn to talk?”

Molan behind Concubine Lin craned forward to say, “You are all Minglan’s maids and your words are all untrustworthy. Minglan is the one who started the fight, so I hit her back.”

Luzhi stepped out with arms akimbo and was about to argue with Molan when she was stopped by Yancao, who pulled her sleeve and gave her a strong hint. Just then, Liu Kun’s wife came and heard Wang shi’s angry voice, “I’m the hostess of Sheng Mansion. Now I want to discipline my child. It’s none of your business, Concubine Lin. Even though you gave birth to a boy and a girl, you are still a slave in my family.” Liu Kun’s wife frowned. Every time Wang shi got angry, she easily lost her mind and was guided to talk nonsense. If Concubine Lin repeated her words in front of Master later, she would stand to lose again.

Wang shi kept rebuking Concubine Lin, while Concubine Lin tried to deny her daughter's guilt, which sent Wang shi into a fury. So she commanded her servants to catch Molan. Concubine Lin’s servants immediately countered. They grappled with one another. Molan began to cry sadly and Concubine Lin yelled out in a sharp voice, “Call third young master quickly! Madam is going to kill his sister!” The House of Clear Dusk was filled with the unseemly sounds of scuffling and cursing.

Soon Changfeng arrived and stretched out his arms to protect Concubine Lin and Molan. Wang shi’s servants were afraid of hurting Changfeng, so they became a little timid and hesitant. At last, Wang shileaned against Liu Kun’s wife, gasping for breath, tired and exhausted.

Minglan sighed in the room, and got an impulse to rush out and teach Wang shi some fighting skills. In her view, Wang shi had poor fighting skills and was inflexible, and her attacking intention was easy to be seen through by her opponents.

“Stop it!” A clear voice rang in everyone’s ears. All people in the yard turned around and saw Hai shi standing at the entrance of the courtyard. She cast cool and dignified looks to each one of them and turned to Liu Kun’s wife, “Madam is indisposed. Liu Mama, please help her back for a rest.”

It was just what Liu Kun’s wife wanted. So she immediately caught hold of Wang shi’s arms and took her away. Hai shi watched Wang shidisappearing in the distance. Then she turned to Changfeng and said coldly, “I’ve never heard that menfolk will take part in the affairs of the inner mansion, except for the master of the house. You are well-educated and should know that well… So, just go back and study hard. You need to prepare for the imperial examination held in autumn next year.”

Changfeng blushed with shame and fled away.

Watching Hai shi sending Wang shi and Changfeng away one by one, Concubine Lin said with a fake smile, “Young Madam, you are a veritable daughter of a scholar-gentry family. You are intelligent and know what’s right and wrong. Thank you, Young Madam. Molan, come on, express you thanks to your sister-in-law. And then we can go back.”

“Hold your horse!” Hai shi suddenly stopped Concubine Lin and said to maids beside her, “You three take Lady Molan to my room and keep an eye on her. I don’t allow her to leave my room. Understood?”

Concubine Lin raised her arched eyebrows and was about to say something, but she was interrupted by Hai shi, “Master will knock off in two hours. I’ve sent for Master and he will come back as soon as possible. By then we can ask him to arbitrate this dispute. Now we all see the handprint on Minglan’s face, but Molan… Alright, I will bring her to my room and ask my maids to take good care of her. She won’t be hurt at all.” For emphasis, she spelled out the last sentence by syllables. Completely devastated, Concubine Lin finally realized that Hai shi was a shrewd woman. She forced a smile and said, “What’s the use of doing that? We’d better…”

Hai shi decisively cut in, “If Molan is out of my sight and gets injured, then we can’t make things clear in front of Master. Concubine Lin, if you really want to take Molan back, okay, just do it. But you need to be responsible for your decision.”

While she was speaking, Hai shi’s three maids came up to Molan and invited her to Hai shi’s room. At this moment, Molan was really frightened and tried to ask for Concubine Lin’s help. All the servants behind Concubine Lin were ready to start a new fight to take Molan away. Hai shi twisted her lips into a sarcastic smile and said coldly, "Everyone in this courtyard can’t get away with it today. If you dare to start a fight again, I will write down your names. Though I can do nothing to your Madam and Young Lady, but as for you...” Hai shisneered and continued, “I have the power to control your life. I can flog you or sell you. Even if I can’t punish all of you, I can pick and punish the ringleaders.”

She wore a murderous look, which stunned Concubine Lin. All the servants stood still, gazing at one another, their arms sagging by their sides. No one wanted to be the first one to offend Hai shi. The situation completely settled down.

Minglan nodded quietly and couldn’t help but exclaim that Brother Changbai had such a good wife.

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