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Chapter 9.2

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The Legend of the Concubine’s Daughter Minglan Chapter 9 Part 2


Right when they were chattering, the door curtains was flipped. A maid carrying a tray entered in and by her side followed a small small shadow. Wang shi took a quick look, it was actually Molan. The smile on her face immediately turned half-stiff.

Only saw that Molan smiled sweetly as she timely came forward. Taking a cloud patterned with a white base lotus bowl from the tray in the maid’s hands and smiled “Old Grandmother, this is the freshly stewed porridge with jujube, warm and sweet as well as soft. Moreover it will not cause indigestion, it is good to moisten your lungs before you sleep.” Saying that and she carried it to Old Madame Sheng’s side, Mama Fang received it.


Seeing this conduct of hers, Wang shi felt that the root of her teeth is starting to itch. However Sheng Hong felt that his eyes is somewhat warm. Hualan tilted her head in disdain. Rulan and Minglan in a drowsy state.

Old Madame Sheng ate a mouthful of stewed jujube, slightly smiled and said “Look at this child, I have already said she need not come and she insists on coming. The weather is rather cold, just afraid it will freeze her. Have pity on her filial heart.”

Mama Fang is delivering the jujube with each scoop, at the side also smilingly said “It is not me being boastful, Fourth Young Lady is really considerate and filial. When Old Madame coughs, she will pat her back. When Old Madame frowns, she will then hand the teacup over. I have served Old Madame for half my lifetime already, actually have not seen this satisfactory attentiveness.”

Sheng Hong felt accomplished “Being able to serve the Old Madame is Molan’s fortune. In the end it is her own granddaughter, what is being a little tired. Molan, must serve the Old Madame properly.”

Molan charmingly answered yes, smiling very amicably. Wang shi also smiled “That is right, after all Concubine Lin was at Old Madame’s side for many years. Mo’er being influenced, more or less knows the Old Madame’s habits. Naturally can served the Old Madame properly.”

Once these words came out, several people are all stunned. The atmosphere in the room became somewhat chilly, Molan lowered her and head and did not speak, the rims of her eye turning red.

Sheng Hong ignored Wang shi, turning his body to face forward, directly speaking “I have spoken to Old Madame before. You have aged and desolate at the knees,1 why not raise a child close by, do not know what Old Madame thinks?”

Old Madame Sheng shook her head “I am accustomed to peace, do not want to bore the child. Do not need.”

“With Mother saying such things, this son even more cannot be assured,” Sheng Hong continued “This time Mother fell sick, several famous Deng Prefecture physicians all said that for the most part, your illness is caused by pent-up frustrations. You live alone all year round, usually there is not a person to talk to, liver and spleen suffocated, cannot spread out melancholy. It is not good for an elderly person to be too lonely, cannot always shut the doors of the courtyards. Thus Old Father Bai from Bao’he Hall then said to let you raise an obedient child to be happy at the knees. Firstly it can divert the loneliness, secondly it will not tire this elderly. Besides you intensively read the scriptures, it is the good luck of the child to be able to receive your advice.”

Old Madame Sheng seeing that she cannot evade, then took a deep breath. Looking at this house filled with people again and seemingly helpless. “Which child do you think is good to come my place?”

Sheng Hong greatly rejoiced “Naturally this is chosen by Old Madame yourself, finding a clever and suitable one, according to your heart also good to let you pass your days with some flavour.”

Wang shi slightly smiled and continued “Yes, this house have many girls, there is definitely one to your liking. Hua’er can have today’s knowledge, it is thanks to staying by Old Madame’s side. This moment, Ru’er is naughty and mischievous and Ming’er ignorant. If Old Madame can give advice, that is really their good luck.”

Old Madame Sheng looked at the different expression of the married couple, stretched her body and slightly sitting straight on the bed. “Should still ask the child.” Having said, looking towards Molan first, asking “Little Girl Mo, I ask you, are you willing to stay here with me?”

Molan face turned red, softly answered “I am a thousand times willing. Besides the fact that Old Madame is Grandmother and that this granddaughter ought to be filial. Moreover, Old Madame has experience and knowledge and also compassionate and kindhearted, greatest grace towards Mo’er. Mo’er is willing to stay with Old Madame to receive some instructions. Right now, apart from Big Sister, I am considered to be the oldest among the sisters. If I do not exert myself, it will cause younger sisters to suffer weariness.”

Wang shi smiled “Little Girl Mo really made progress, thinking of this many reasons with little effort.”

Old Madame Sheng nodded her head and turned over to look at Rulan “Ru yatou, you say, are you willing to stay here with grandmother?”

Young Lady Rulan is just dozing off, abruptly called upon, standing up in a fluster, looking all around with a puzzled face. Cold sweat emitted from Wang shi’s forehead, regretting that she did not properly teach her daughter excuses when they left the door just now. Really did not expect the Old Madame will publicly raise the question, this time can only watch her daughter express freely already.

Old Madame Sheng saw the confused look of Rulan, smiled and asked again. Rulan turning her head to look at Wang shi while stuttering “……Why must move over?……Madame will also move over? My room…can it all be moved over?”

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Although Sheng Hong has already decided on the person but still cannot watch this behaviour of Rulan and chided her “Old Ancestor wants to you to come over to promote you, how can you have no decorum?!”

Getting scolded by father, immediately Rulan’s eye rims produced several teardrops. Her small face swell red, soon to be crying out. Wang shi’s heart ached yet dare not publicly coax. Hualan softly walked over and led her younger sister back, taking out a handkerchief to wipe her face.

Old Madame Sheng smiled and waved her hands, turning her head to look at the last one “Ming’er, you come out, right, stand out. Do not be afraid of Grandmother asking you, are you willing to stay here, stay here with Grandmother?”

The impostor Little Classmate Minglan is actually dozing off but already awake this moment. Different from Rulan’s difficult situation, she possess the long-term skill of napping. Everyone who studied law knows that politics do not separate the family and that endless battle of political studies, she has left saliva traces as her fight everywhere. Practicing till the second semester, basic power complete. Even though sleeping, she is accomplished to the point where she can clearly answer the questions when being called.

This is called more skills does not suppress the body, she never expected that the skill of napping she can use in this lifetime. After being called, Minglan calmly moved forward and answered “Willing.”

Just like how others asked if she wants the back leg of a pig or the front leg? She answered very calmly, wants the pig head.

Old Madame Sheng appeared to have not anticipate this and was stunned. Looking at everyone, the expression on Sheng Hong couple and several young miss are the same. Evident that the foolish image of Sixth Young Lady has deeply entered into the hearts. Andy Lau from an idol transformed into a warlord and still came out with a few advertisements. Why did this Sixth Young Lady not first film a movie trailer?

Old Madame was silent for a while, cleared her throat “Ming’er say something, why are you willing to come to my place?”

Wang shi felt somewhat nervous, Old Madame and this foolish girl have not spoken much before, no matter how Minglan explained, in any case, she cannot say that the both of them are of the same mind thus love is more solid than gold.

Minglan is very reluctant to assume the role of an innocent person, that is too fake. But humanity’s greatest merit is to come to terms with reality, no matter if she is a martian, this moment there is a need to do as the Romans do in Rome.

Therefore, Minglan endured her inner self abasing cries of distress. Her sticky voice and stammering “Father said that Old Madame fell sick is because there is no one to accompany. With someone to accompany, Old Madame will not fall sick anymore. Falling sick is very hard to bear, must eat bitter medicine. Old Madame do not fall sick already.”

This answer is very perfect, combining arts with practical character. The room silent, Old Madame Sheng felt somewhat warm inside. Sheng Hong was once again satisfied, Wang shi relaxed. Hualan silent admire, Molan felt that is a concealed talent within the sisters. Rulan started to doze off again and Minglan was felt her teeth ached.

She wholeheartedly worship those forty years old mothers who still insist on acting like those energetic eighteen years-old young actress. Their vigour and gums surely must be different from the strength of others.

1. This is in reference to children.

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