Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: Changes in the Armament Manual, the Change in Ownership of the Number One Black

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He urgently wanted to find Zhou Shu. With Zhou Shu’s cultivation, which was not inferior to the Qin emperor’s, and his forging talent, he had a decisive role in the war.

“I ran into some forgers from the Forging Division on my way back, General,” Luo Ling said solemnly.

The army led by Meng Bai was the main force of the Great Xia army. Moreover, they were not defeated by the Demon Realm army. The forgers who had followed the army were still here.

“The Armament Manual of the Heavenly Mountain Villa has been updated,” Luo Ling said.

Meng Bai frowned slightly. “Isn’t the Armament Manual of the Heavenly Mountain Villa updated every day?”

A thought struck him, and he said solemnly, “You mean?”

“That’s right.” Luo Ling nodded. “The weapon ranked first in the Black-grade Armament Manual has changed.”

His expression was a little solemn. “The Great Destroyer Sword is now ranked first in the Black-grade Armament Manual!”

“Great Destroyer Sword?” Meng Bai was surprised. He had some idea that the weapon ranked first in the Black-grade Armament Manual might belong to Zhou Shu, but he hadn’t expected this.

“Isn’t the Great Destroyer Sword a yellow-grade weapon?” A look of disbelief crossed his face. “Could it be…”

“The Heavenly Mountain Villa’s Armament Manual has never been wrong. This should be accurate,” Luo Ling said. “The King of the South seemed to have mentioned that he’s able to upgrade weapons.

“I didn’t expect him to be really able to do it!”

Luo Ling sighed with emotion.

He and Meng Bai were both first-rank martial artists, and they were also highly ranked in Great Xia. Naturally, they understood what it meant for the Great Destroyer Sword to be upgraded to a black-grade weapon from a yellow-grade weapon.

Ever since there were ranked weapons, no one had ever heard of any weapon being successfully upgraded after it had been first forged.

There were indeed many forgers who had tried this, but no one had ever succeeded.

Weapon upgrades had always been just a myth.

But now, this myth had become a reality!

Even if the King of the South really managed to upgrade the Great Destroyer Sword to a black-grade weapon, it shouldn’t be ranked first in the Black-grade Armament Manual already, Meng Bai thought.

The rankings of the ranked armament manuals depended on the might of the weapons, as well as their records.

Even if a weapon was mighty, if it hadn’t achieved any notable results, its ranking wouldn’t be low, but it wouldn’t be too high.

The Great Destroyer Sword had indeed ranked number one in the Yellow-grade Armament Manual. After it had been updated to black-grade, its records shouldn’t count.

Meng Bai had the intention to call the forgers from the Forging Division to borrow their Heavenly Mirror to take a look at the Black-grade Armament Manual.

But he still looked at Luo Ling first. He was eager to know the answer from Luo Ling, and he couldn’t wait for the forger to come to him.

“On the Black-grade Armament Manual, the Great Destroyer Sword has the record of killing a first-rank expert of the Demon Realm, Yao Ji!” Luo Ling said solemnly.

Meng Bai gasped.

Killing a first-rank expert from the Demon Realm with a black-grade weapon, who could do this other than Zhou Shu?

Just like when the Great Destroyer was still a yellow-grade weapon, who could use a yellow-grade weapon to kill a first-rank martial artist?

Others might not be able to kill a first-rank martial artist even if they had a heaven-grade weapon.

Only Zhou Shu, a forging and Martial Dao genius, could bring the might of a weapon to the extreme. Only he was able to kill a first-rank martial artist with a black-grade weapon or even a yellow-grade weapon!

Now, it seemed that as long as the Great Destroyer Sword remained on the Black-grade Armament Manual, no other black-grade weapon would be able to surpass it.

… Unless Zhou Shu forged another black-grade weapon to break his own record.

“In other words, the King of the South is still alive? Not only is he still alive, but he even killed a first-rank demonic beast?” Meng Bai said with a complicated expression.

Meng Bai and Luo Ling led an army of 30,000 and fought against the Demon Realm army for so many days. Not only were they not able to kill any first-rank martial artist from the Demon Realm, but Meng Bai and Luo Ling, who were both first-rank martial artists, were even slightly injured.

They couldn’t understand how Zhou Shu was able to kill a first-rank demonic beast from the Demon Realm.

Logically speaking, there should not be many soldiers around him. Yet he managed to upgrade the Great Destroyer Sword to black grade within such a short period of time and even killed a first-rank demonic beast with it. How did he do it?

“Geniuses are indeed unreasonable.” Meng Bai smiled bitterly. If Zhou Shu was here, as long as he killed the first-rank commander in the opposing Demon Realm army, he would have enough confidence to defeat the opposing army!

But where was Zhou Shu now?

“The King of the South must be still alive,” Luo Ling said.

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“Even if we all die here, the King of the South will probably be able to survive till the end. I can’t think of anyone who can kill the King of the South in this Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament space.”

Luo Ling knew clearly how difficult it was to kill a first-rank demonic beast from the Demon Realm.

If it was a one-on-one battle, there was a high chance that a first-rank martial artist from the Demon Realm would win.

Demonic beasts were naturally stronger than humans. If humans didn’t have weapons, humans would never be a match for demonic beasts.

Meng Bai nodded. He agreed that Zhou Shu was probably the safest person in the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament battlefield.

As long as he didn’t stumble upon the Demon Realm’s main army, he shouldn’t be in danger.

“The people of the Demon Realm can’t see the armament manuals. They might not know that Yao Ji has died.”

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Meng Bai pondered and looked at the Demon Realm camp on the opposite mountain. At the first moment, he was already considering how to use this information to attack the morale of the other party.

A moment later, his eyes lit up. “Brother Luo, the first-rank demonic beasts of the Demon Realm are not immortal. Let’s have some fun with them!”

Meng Bai’s fighting spirit soared.

Almost at the same time, in another place, Mi Ziwen was leading a large army and fleeing miserably through the forest.

Behind them were at least three 10,000-strong Demon Realm armies.

In another place, Sun Gongping and his Demon Executing Army team fought their way out of an encirclement covered in blood and entered the forest in the night.

Almost at the same time, Han Dazhi appeared in the territory that should have been controlled by Great Xia with more than ten Great Liang soldiers.

Before they could relax, they saw a Demon Realm army.

Just as they were feeling despair, a voice suddenly entered Han Dazhi’s ears.

“Don’t just stand there. Come with me, or we’ll be discovered.”

Han Dazhi looked over and widened his eyes. He saw a person covered in leaves hiding on a tree.

“You are?” Han Dazhi said subconsciously.

“Great Xia’s Yang Hong! We’ve met before!”

The figure disguised as a tree said anxiously, “Quick, the demons from the Demon Realm have sharp senses. If you stay here any longer, you’ll be discovered!”

Han Dazhi finally reacted. Isn’t Yang Hong one of the people who followed Great Xia’s King of the South back then?

This is great. I actually found Great Xia’s King of the South so quickly!

“Where is the King of the South?” Han Dazhi asked anxiously. “I have important news to tell him!”

Yang Hong slapped his forehead. Is this guy stupid?

I shouldn’t have meddled!

Why did I call out to them?

Is this the place to talk now?

If we don’t leave now, we’ll be discovered by the Demon Realm army. We aren’t their match at all!

“If you don’t want to die, come with me!” Yang Hong didn’t waste any more time. He jumped up and slid forward silently.

Han Dazhi and the others hurriedly followed without hesitating.

After traveling for a while, they saw Yang Hong running into a swamp and lying in it despite its rotten smell.

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“What are you waiting for? Do this with me!”

Han Dazhi gritted his teeth and roared, “We are the last hope of Great Liang! We must leave here alive!”

He stepped into the swamp first and lay down in the mud. He even smeared large patches of mud on his body.

Seeing this, the other dozen or so Great Liang soldiers followed suit.

Just as they were hiding in the swamp, the Demon Realm army passed by dozens of meters away. A few demonic beasts glanced at the swamp and turned their heads away in disgust.
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