Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: Mo Mei Sword's First Kill, Dark Cloud Armor (1)

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“Brother, where is the King of the South? I really have some urgent news for him.”

In a stream, General Han spoke anxiously as he washed the filth off his body.

“General Han, I’ve told you several times that I don’t know where His Highness is.” Yang Hong put on his wet clothes and said helplessly, “If I knew, do you think I would be in this situation?”

He felt helpless too. Back in the first battle, he had gotten separated from the main group and then struggled to survive in the forest alone.

He also wanted to find the King of the South and cozy up to him.

“Brother, this matter concerns the survival of your Great Xia army. You have to help me find the King of the South!” Han Dazhi didn’t give up.

“General Han, don’t threaten me. It’s useless to threaten me,” Yang Hong said angrily. “The few of us will die if we encounter any Demon Realm army.

“What we should do now is stay useful and not risk our lives.”

He was only able to survive until now with his cultivation at the ninth rank of the Martial Dao because he knew the essence of living in degradation.

A ninth-rank martial artist was not even qualified to be cannon fodder on this battlefield.

Even if he encountered a lone demonic beast, Yang Hong had to ask himself if he was its match.

He didn’t dare to be a hero.

Looking at Yang Hong’s serious expression, Han Dazhi was also discouraged.

It seems that he really doesn’t know where the King of the South is.

What should I do now?

Han Dazhi felt bitter. Just as Yang Hong said, any Demon Realm army could wipe them out.

They were the last of Great Liang. They couldn’t die so easily.

“Brother, we can’t keep hiding like this,” Han Dazhi said in a low voice. “The people from the Demon Realm are too terrifying this time. Our Great Liang has already been wiped out. If the Great Xia army isn’t prepared, I’m afraid they will follow in our footsteps.

“If the ten nations’ armies are all wiped out, do you think we can still leave here alive? Even if we can, can we stay alive when the Demon Realm invades our world?”

After all, Han Dazhi was a general who led an army. He more or less had some foresight.

Yang Hong looked conflicted. Although he liked to claim that he was dedicated to the cause, he was really not cut out to be a hero.

“Then tell me, what should we do?” Yang Hong said.

“If I knew, would I need to ask you?” Han Dazhi’s eyes widened.

They stared at each other for a long moment before Yang Hong spoke.

“From what I’ve seen of His Highness, something is bound to happen wherever he is. A few days ago, I saw someone send a signal from that direction.” Yang Hong raised his hand and pointed in a direction.

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“Something must have happened there. We can try our luck there. Perhaps His Highness will be there.

“Of course. If we can’t find His Highness, we might be in danger. It’s up to you, General Han.” Yang Hong stared at Han Dazhi.

Han Dazhi looked conflicted. Of course, he was unwilling to take the risk, but there was nowhere safe on the battlefield now.

It was indeed not dangerous to hide here for the time being. But once all the ten nations’ armies were defeated, they would die sooner or later.

If he could find the King of the South and tell him about the expert from the Demon Realm, they might still have a chance.

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Great Xia’s King of the South was also the side-by-side king of Great Qin. Only he could gather the experts of the two nations to fight with the experts of the Demon Realm!

“Let’s go!” Han Dazhi said through gritted teeth. “There aren’t many of us. As long as we’re careful, we might not be discovered by the Demon Realm army!”

Yang Hong gripped the hilt of the Mo Mei Sword at his waist and pondered for a moment before saying, “Alright, then I’ll risk my life to accompany you!”

Yang Hong and the others disguised themselves and walked out of their hiding place, heading in the direction where Yang Hong had seen the Cloud-Piercing Arrow.

They had not gone far when they unfortunately bumped into a Demon Realm army.

Fortunately, there were not many soldiers in this Demon Realm army. Han Dazhi fought his way out with all his might, and everyone managed to escape successfully. However, two more Great Liang soldiers had died.

Han Dazhi was wondering if he had made the right decision when a sharp cry suddenly sounded ahead.

A hundred kilometers ahead, a beautiful firework exploded in the air.

“General Han, something has happened!” Yang Hong’s eyes lit up. That could be where his Highness is!

[The Mo Mei Sword you forged effectively completed a kill. You are rewarded with a Blue Cloud Armor.]

In Huaxia Pavilion’s Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament branch…

Zhou Shu was surprised to see a message flash in front of him.

This was the first time he had seen Mo Mei Sword’s feedback since the war began.

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Ever since he handed the Mo Mei Sword to Yang Hong, it had not completed any kills.

If not for his old friendship with Yang Hong, Zhou Shu would have taken back the Mo Mei Sword. This worker was too lazy!

I wonder if Yang Hong is still alive or if Mo Mei Sword has fallen into someone else’s hands.

As long as a weapon he forged completed a kill, he would get feedback from the Legendary Armament Canon. It didn’t matter who had the weapon.

Yang Hong’s cultivation was only at the ninth rank of the Martial Dao. In the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament, he was completely inconspicuous. Zhou Shu couldn’t be sure if he was still alive.
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