Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Mo Mei Sword's First Kill, Dark Cloud Armor (2)

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With a thought, a set of black armor decorated with dark clouds appeared in Zhou Shu’s hand.

Unlike cultivation techniques, the items Zhou Shu obtained from the Legendary Armament Canon would only appear in reality when he willed it so.

So far, the only physical benefits Zhou Shu had obtained from the Legendary Armament Canon was the Breakthrough Pill.

He was really surprised this time.

The feedback from the Mo Mei Sword was actually armor!

Dark Cloud Armor!

It could block all the blades in the world. Only divine weapons could break through its defense.

Zhou Shu flicked his finger on the armor, and the sound of metal clanging could be heard. The entire armor seemed to be made of special metal.

He tested it with the Great Destroyer Sword, and a faint mark was left on the armor.

Although Zhou Shu hadn’t used his full strength, and the Great Destroyer Sword wasn’t known for its sharpness, it was evident that the defense of the Dark Cloud Armor was extraordinary!

Zhou Shu’s eyes lit up. If I equip an army with the Dark Cloud Armor, we won’t have to worry about the demonic beasts’ sharp claws when facing the Demon Realm army.

When human armies faced the Demon Realm armies, their greatest disadvantage was that their defense couldn’t withstand the sharp claws of the demonic beasts.

Forging armor was much more cumbersome than weapons.

Ordinary soldiers only wore leather armor. The more elite ones would wear chain armor.

These equipment could at most defend against stray arrows on the battlefield. Their frontal defense was only average.

But this Dark Cloud Armor was definitely not something ordinary armor could compare to!

Zhou Shu had actually thought of developing armor before, but after thinking about it, he gave up.

His own defense was invincible, and he had no need for any armor. Moreover, even if he developed one, forging armor was too time-consuming and labor-intensive. It was impossible to equip an entire army.

If he couldn’t equip an army, this thing would be of limited use.

Unexpectedly, the Mo Mei Sword gave him a huge surprise.

The Dark Cloud Armor was definitely a solution to the urgent situation in the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament.

“Deputy Master!” Zhou Shu shouted.

From the next room, Shi Songtao said, “Here!”

“Are you free? Come here!” Zhou Shu said.

“Coming!” Shi Songtao responded without hesitation.

A moment later, Shi Songtao arrived at Zhou Shu’s forging room.

His eyeballs almost fell to the floor as he looked at the armor in Zhou Shu’s hand.

“Y-your Highness,” he stammered. “Have you forged a set of armor in a matter of days?”

Shi Songtao was a Forging Master. He knew only too well how difficult it was to forge armor.

Strictly speaking, armor was also a type of weapon. But there were very few forgers among the ten nations who were good at forging armor.

It was mainly because it was extremely expensive to forge armor. If people weren’t careful, the forging would fail.

Most importantly, no matter how good the armor was, it couldn’t defend against a heaven-grade weapon?

“Your Highness, is this armor ranked?” Shi Songtao asked.

Armor was also a type of weapon. Naturally, there were also standard armors and ranked armors.

Currently, there was only a handful of ranked armors in the ten nations. They were all in the hands of the generals of the various nations.

If His Highness can forge ranked armors…

It seems normal. In terms of forging, there seems to be nothing His Highness can’t do.

Shi Songtao felt better at the thought.

“Put it on and try it.” Zhou Shu casually threw the Dark Cloud Armor to Shi Songtao. He didn’t explain the origin of the Dark Cloud Armor. There was no way to explain it.

Shi Songtao subconsciously put on the Dark Cloud Armor. Before he could react, he saw Zhou Shu punch him.

Shi Songtao didn’t have time to react. His instincts as a martial artist made his spiritual essence erupt. He injected his spiritual essence into the Dark Cloud Armor, and the cloud patterns on the armor suddenly lit up.

Several star paths inside it lit up at the same time, and the entire armor glowed faintly.


Shi Songtao felt a huge force that made him lose his footing and retreat.

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He took five steps back before he could steady himself.

Looking down at his chest, he saw that the faint light on the Dark Cloud Armor was still there, not damaged at all.

“Your Highness?” Shi Songtao was pleasantly surprised.

“Not bad.” Zhou Shu nodded. “The strength I used just now was probably equivalent to a casual strike from a fifth-rank martial artist.

“It should be able to block all attacks from martial artists below the fifth rank. But it might be difficult to block attacks from fourth-rank martial artists.”

Zhou Shu was not very satisfied.

Seeing Zhou Shu’s expression, Shi Songtao was speechless.

Wasn’t it enough to defend against all attacks from fifth-rank martial artists and below?

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He had never heard of any armor that could do this!

Like this, even he, Shi Songtao, couldn’t break through the defense of this armor.

“Your Highness, this armor is earth-grade…” Shi Songtao said.

He was no longer surprised. Even if Zhou Shu suddenly said that he became a Grand Craftsman and could forge heaven-grade weapons, he wouldn’t be surprised.

“This Dark Cloud Armor is for you,” Zhou Shu said.

Of the four people in the camp, Shi Songtao’s combat strength was the worst. But he was the deputy master of the Huaxia Pavilion, so it wouldn’t do without him.

“Thank you, Your Highness!” Shi Songtao was pleasantly surprised. There were only a few sets of earth-grade armor in the ten nations. These were all painstakingly forged by the ten nations.

Although he was a Forging Master, he had never thought that he would be able to possess a set of earth-grade armor.

Especially on this battlefield, having earth-grade armor was equivalent to having another life.

“Your Highness, is it difficult to forge this Dark Cloud Armor?” Shi Songtao said expectantly.

“It’s okay,” Zhou Shu said ambiguously. “I’ll think of a way to forge more Dark Cloud Armor. You should focus on other weapons.”

Zhou Shu was thinking about how to find Yang Hong and get the Mo Mei Sword back.

In that case, he could take the Mo Mei Sword and make a trip to the Demon Realm army. It wouldn’t be difficult to earn 180 sets of Dark Cloud Armor.

Sigh, the worker isn’t strong enough. I have to think of doing it myself. What a failure.

Zhou Shu was thinking when Yin Wuyou’s voice came from outside.

“Zhou Shu, someone used a Cloud-Piercing Arrow!”

Zhou Shu and Shi Songtao looked at each other and left the forging room without hesitation.

When Yin Wuyou saw the two of them, her gaze paused on the Dark Cloud Armor on Shi Songtao’s body. But she couldn’t be bothered to ask. “In the northwest, about two hundred and fifty kilometers away, someone released a Cloud-Piercing Arrow! What should we do?”

When Mei Wushang and the others left, they each took a Cloud-Piercing Arrow.

According to the agreement, they would only release Cloud-Piercing Arrow to seek help when they encountered the Great Xia army or when they were in a life-and-death crisis.

At the time, he said that if anyone saw the Cloud-Piercing Arrow, they would go and save them if they could.

But now, there were only four people in the camp, and no Great Xia army had arrived. How could they go and rescue them?

“Two hundred and fifty kilometers?” Zhou Shu looked in the direction Yin Wuyou was pointing. “It’s not too far away.”

He quickly calculated in his mind. If he used his divine ability Unstoppable For a Thousand Miles, it wouldn’t take him long to travel 250 kilometers back and forth.

But if there were too many Demon Realm troops over there, even if he rushed over, it wouldn’t be of much use.

… Unless he used the divine ability Total Annihilation.

But Total Annihilation was not invincible. Its flaws were obvious.

Moreover, if he left, the camp would be in danger.

No one could guarantee that Yao Qing wouldn’t take the opportunity to attack the camp.

To help or to ignore it?

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“Your Highness, I have an idea!”

While Zhou Shu was thinking, Shi Songtao suddenly spoke.

“What idea? Tell me.”

Zhou Shu and Yin Wuyou’s gazes landed on Shi Songtao.

Their biggest problem right now was the lack of manpower. Neither of them could think of any good ideas. They wondered what Shi Songtao, the noncombatant, would come up with.
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