Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1493

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Chapter 1493

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Chapter 1493 Appearance of the Daytime Stars


The baby bear pounced at Zhou Wen who didn’t dare move. He spread open his arms, afraid to touch the baby bear.

Zhou Wen was afraid that if he reached out to touch the baby bear, the giant bear would mistake him for trying to harm the baby bear. The outcome would definitely be tragic.

The baby bear seemed oblivious. It snuggled up to Zhou Wen as though it wanted to play with him.

Zhou Wen looked at the giant bear, unsure if he should move.

The giant bear moved its claw and swatted the horn on the ground, throwing it to Zhou Wen’s side.

“What’s the meaning of this? Is it for me?” Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback. It felt like it, but he found it unbelievable.

The giant bear definitely knew about his transformation into the baby bear. It was already considered benevolent that it hadn’t smacked him to death. Zhou Wen didn’t find it likely that it would give him something left behind by the Golden Qilin.

The giant bear glanced at him and stood up. Zhou Wen jumped in fright and had the urge to turn around and escape, but he couldn’t escape Laojun Platform at all.

After the giant bear stood up, it moved its gaze away from Zhou Wen and looked up into the sky as though it was looking at the cosmos.

However, it was daytime. The sun was out, so what stars were there to speak of?

The giant bear kept looking up. Zhou Wen couldn’t help but look up. What he saw made his jaw drop.

Stars appeared one after another in the sky with the scorching sun. The light from the stars was equally visible during the day. Furthermore, they became brighter and brighter.

What’s going on? Zhou Wen looked at the stars in the sky before looking at the giant bear.

Without a doubt, the stars that appeared were definitely related to the giant bear. This was because Zhou Wen had already seen starlight land on it.

Starlight from the clear, blue sky shone on the giant bear like searchlights. Even an idiot knew that this matter was definitely related to the giant bear.

In fact, it wasn’t just Zhou Wen. Many people in the Federation saw the star-filled sky that day, but they didn’t know the reason for it.

All the major factions were paying attention to this strange phenomenon. The media likewise reported about it.

Although Zhou Wen didn’t know what was happening outside, he could imagine that with such a strange phenomenon happening, the Federation would definitely be in chaos.

However, Zhou Wen didn’t know that this was only the beginning. The chaos outside far exceeded his imagination.

This was because the Cubes that were scattered across the world lit up at the same time.

After the Venusian battle, the Cubes had been dormant. Now that they were activated again, the scene on the Cubes was none other than the daytime stars.

The Cube has started up again. I wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse? Zhang Chunqiu sighed softly. Too many things had happened recently for him. He felt like he was treading on thin ice as he led the Zhang family through the complex situation, afraid that he would steer the Zhang family into a bottomless abyss if he wasn’t careful.

Is it starting again? Which planet’s Companion Beast is it this time? Xia Liuchuan looked eager.

Ever since Xia Jiuhuang died, the Xia family had kept a low profile and secretly developed, constantly strengthening themselves. Now, they had already recovered quite a bit, but to return to the Xia family’s peak needed more resources and hard work. The battle of the Cube was undoubtedly the fastest way to obtain top-notch resources.

“Strange, why are there so many stars shining? Which planet’s Companion Beast is next?” Dugu Ge muttered to himself as he watched the scene.

In fact, it wasn’t just Dugu Ge. Everyone watching the Cube found it strange. This was because only Venus had appeared on the Cube during the last Venusian battle.

There were more than ten stars in this daytime phenomenon. These scenes were projected on the Cube, leaving people to guess what was happening.

Even Holy God in the Holy Land frowned as he looked at the stars in the sky.

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Zhou Wen watched as the starlight on the giant bear’s body intensified, as though it was about to ascend with the starlight. He couldn’t help but feel alarmed. What’s going on? Could it be that the giant bear isn’t a dimensional creature from Earth, but from the Universe? That’s not right either. Earth has its own rules of self-protection. Ignoring the creatures in the Universe, even the creatures on Earth are greatly restricted. For example, Tsukuyomi has no choice but to leave Earth. This giant bear’s level should be higher than Tsukuyomi’s. If it isn’t a creature from Earth, how can it not be restricted when it’s here?

Many thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind, but he couldn’t figure out what was going on. If the giant bear was an Earthling, why was it able to trigger the stars in the universe? Furthermore, it wasn’t just one. Many stars seemed to be responding to it.

As Zhou Wen was pondering over it, the baby bear seemed to realize something as it pounced over to throw itself into the giant bear’s arms.

However, the starlight isolated it outside like an invisible barrier, preventing it from approaching the giant bear.

The giant bear looked at the baby bear with a gentle gaze that had some emotions Zhou Wen couldn’t understand.

“Wu… Wu…” The baby bear cried out as it wanted to rush into the starlight. Its claws scratched at the starlight but to no avail.

The giant bear didn’t stop the baby bear or do anything. It only looked at it lovingly.

As the starlight intensified, the giant bear’s body gradually floated up thanks to the starlight’s attraction.

The giant bear is about to be forced to leave Earth? Zhou Wen was pleasantly surprised.

If the giant bear left just like that, he would be completely out of danger. However, on second thought, he felt that something was amiss.

If the giant bear left Earth, why didn’t it take the baby bear with it? With its powerful strength, it shouldn’t be difficult to leave with the baby bear.

The giant bear wasn’t surprised at all that the baby bear was blocked outside the starlight. Clearly, it was within the giant bear’s expectations.

The giant bear’s body rose higher and higher. The baby bear jumped and scratched anxiously, wanting to approach the giant bear, but it was blocked by the starlight. It couldn’t get an inch closer.

The giant bear had already risen above Laojun Platform. It suddenly retracted its gaze and looked at Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen’s heart subconsciously raced as it stared at him. Although its gaze wasn’t ferocious, it made him feel an inexplicable pressure.

“Wu… Wu…” The baby bear jumped up and slammed into the starlight, but it was stopped by Laojun Platform’s power. After falling, it fell to the ground.

The giant bear’s body had already exceeded the range of Laojun Platform. Its speed of ascension became faster and faster.

Before Zhou Wen could figure out why the giant bear was looking at him, the giant bear’s figure had already risen into the sky like a meteor. In a blink of an eye, it vanished into space.

The shiny stars also gradually dimmed as the giant bear ascended into the universe. The phenomenon of the daytime stars also vanished. Only the baby bear continued to whimper at the sky.

Although the phenomenon of the daytime stars vanished, the Cubes didn’t stop. The scene inside them was changing.

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