Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1496

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Chapter 1496

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Chapter 1496 Giant Bird Skeleton


The skeleton was almost fossilized. Some spots still maintained a bony luster like crystalline jade, but some places were already as dim as fossils. There were also many potholes.

From the skeleton, the bird was probably four to five meters tall when upright. There had never been such a huge bird in history.

Which era had such a huge bird? Zhou Wen suspected that it was the legendary Mystic Bird.

After all, no one had seen such a huge bird. It was normal to treat such a huge bird as a divine bird.

Unfortunately, there were only bird bones left. There were no feathers, so it was unknown if its feathers were black.

He didn’t discover any Essence Energy fluctuations from the bird bones. It was like an ordinary skeleton. Zhou Wen placed it to the side and continued digging.

He dug out some gray pottery shards and even discovered some stone tools. They were stone tools that resembled sabers and axes. They were very crude.

If he saw these stone tools by the side of the road, Zhou Wen would definitely think that they were just ordinary but strangely-shaped rocks.

Zhou Wen had dug up all the places nearby. Apart from the damaged relics, only the bird bones were interesting.

He was somewhat disappointed that he hadn’t found a dimensional zone or a mysterious item.

Turning his head, Zhou Wen wanted to tidy up the derelict items he had dug out and store them in the chaos space. Although they were useless to him, they were likely irreplaceable treasures to historians.

Zhou Wen planned on putting them away. After Earth truly became peaceful in the future, these things might become priceless treasures.

Eh! Zhou Wen came in front of the pile of junk and couldn’t help but frown after taking a look.

He had dug out quite a number of things and piled them up like a small hill. However, Zhou Wen could clearly sense that the pile of junk was much smaller than before.

In order to confirm that he hadn’t remembered wrongly, Zhou Wen went through the derelict items one by one and placed them elsewhere.

There’s indeed a significant decrease. The bronze artifact that looks like a radish is gone. Many gray pottery items and tools are also gone. As many of the tools were strange in shape, Zhou Wen didn’t know what they were, so he had a deep impression of them. He couldn’t find them no matter how hard he tried.

Looking around, he didn’t find any traces of dimensional creatures or humans.

Zhou Wen used Great Brahma to observe the particles in the air, but he didn’t discover any particles left behind by other lifeforms on them.

What the hell? Did those things grow legs and run? Zhou Wen combed through the pile again, hoping to confirm that he hadn’t remembered wrongly.

He realized that there were even fewer things than before after a second count. The few things he had just held were gone.

What the hell! Zhou Wen looked around warily, imagining that a terrifying existence had sneaked over.

However, after waiting for quite some time, he didn’t discover anything. Truth Listener didn’t find any traces.

If that thing can really prevent me from sensing it at such a close distance while secretly removing the items, plucking out my head wouldn’t be a problem. There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Zhou Wen thought carefully and felt that something was amiss. He decided to count again.

Something was missing again this time. Zhou Wen couldn’t work out how so many things were going missing under his nose.

He summoned his Companion Beasts and got them to guard his surroundings while he paid close attention to the pile of junk.

The baby bear had been licking the honey the entire time. Having just finished its meal, it crawled back to Zhou Wen’s side and looked curiously at the derelict items on the ground.

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After waiting for a while, nothing happened. Even the Soul Mirror and the two Golden Wyrms didn’t react.

Zhou Wen kept staring at the pile of junk, but he didn’t discover anything missing

Zhou Wen didn’t discover any stirrings or anything missing after some time. He counted the derelict items again, but he realized that a few more items were missing.

Holy sh*t, what the hell? How did this decrease? Zhou Wen was dumbfounded as he searched the ground, but he still didn’t find anything

With a thought, he summoned a large group of Musical Note Sprites. Under Zhou Wen’s orders, the Musical Note Sprites attached themselves to the derelict items.

Every bronze artifact, every gray pottery, and even the fragments had a Musical Note Sprite attached to them. Zhou Wen had to figure out how those things had vanished.

Zhou Wen widened his eyes as he stared intently at the pile of items. At the same time, he used his connection with the Musical Notes to monitor all the junk.

Suddenly, Zhou Wen felt one of the Musical Note Sprites vanish. Before he could carefully see what the vanished Musical Note Sprites was attached to, a few more lost contact with him. He couldn’t sense them no matter what.

Zhou Wen hurriedly ordered the remaining Musical Note Sprites to fly up with the items they were attached to before trying to search for the few Musical Note Sprites he had lost contact with.

He didn’t find the missing Musical Note Sprites, but he realized that everything else was flying together with the rest of the Musical Note Sprites. Only the skeleton of the giant bird remained on the ground.

Could it be that the missing item has something to do with it? Zhou Wen carefully sized up the skeleton and realized that the Musical Note Sprite that had been attached to it had vanished.

The disappearance of the Musical Note Sprites wasn’t a problem, but the few Musical Note Sprites that were attached to the items had gone missing at the same time. Only the Musical Note Sprite attached to this skeleton was gone, but the skeleton remained.

Zhou Wen summoned another Musical Note Sprite and got it to attach itself to the giant bird’s skeleton. Then, Zhou Wen kept staring at it.

After a while, something strange happened. The Musical Note Sprite on the giant bird’s skeleton vanished into thin air. It happened without warning, nor were there any spatial fluctuations.

How did this happen? Zhou Wen widened his eyes in disbelief.

On a careful recall, he realized that the things that had gone missing previously were beside the giant bird’s skeleton.

Zhou Wen placed a few pieces of bronze and gray pottery on the giant bird’s bones. After a while, the fragments magically vanished.

Zhou Wen watched helplessly as they vanished, but he still didn’t know what kind of power made them vanish. It was as though they had vanished into thin air.

There seems to be something wrong with this giant bird’s skeleton! Zhou Wen carefully sized up the giant bird’s skeleton, but he still didn’t discover anything different about it. However, after what had happened, Zhou Wen naturally didn’t believe that it was just an ordinary bird’s skeleton.

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