Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 427

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Chapter 427: Chapter 427 - Slaying Ják 1

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Chapter 427 Slaying Ják 1

“I’ve already come out with you. Can you release the Life Blasts in their bodies?” Zhou Wen said to Ják after leaving the encampment.

“Put this on.” Ják handed Zhou Wen a strange chain.

“What’s this?” Zhou Wen looked at the item and felt that it resembled shackles, but it was much thinner. It wasn’t as simple as simply chaining his limbs.

“This is the Primordial Trapping Lock that was invented by the bureau. It’s made with Primordial Gold. After wearing it, it can bind all 26 spots that you might have a sea of energy. When worn, even immortals will not be able to use their Primordial Energy. I was locked up in one for 28 years, but this is a simplified version. The one I wore was more complicated and inconvenient to obtain. I’ve requested this from the bureau to be specially prepared for you,” Ják said.

Zhou Wen looked at the Primordial Trapping Lock and frowned. “What you are doing is equivalent to making me commit suicide.”

“Of course, you can also choose to watch a fireworks bonanza.” Ják pointed in the direction of the encampment.

“Alright, I’ll wear it.” Zhou Wen was actually sneering inwardly while pretending to be placed in a difficult position.

This item might be useful on others, sealing their Primordial Energy sea, but Zhou Wen didn’t have any Primordial Energy sea. If one insisted on using the concept, his entire body was a Primordial Energy sea. Unless one directly destroyed his body, there was no way one could destroy his Primordial Energy sea.

The Lost Immortal Sutra was one of a kind.

After receiving the Primordial Trapping Lock, Zhou Wen put it on, it was as though he wasn’t wearing it. He saw chains envelop his body. In some special areas, there were twenty-six spots that had metal needles pierce into his body. They targeted twenty-six spots where Primordial Energy seas could be.

Even the most top-notch experts in the Federation would no longer be able to use Primordial Energy after being bound by the Primordial Trapping Lock. Without the circulation of Primordial Energy, they couldn’t use Primordial Energy Arts, nor could they summon Companion Beasts.

Although summoning a Companion Beast didn’t require much Primordial Energy, not having any made it impossible to activate the tattoo formed by the Companion Beast. That prevented the summoning of a Companion Beast.

“You are very strong, but unfortunately, you are restrained by the so-called morals of the secular world. You are actually foolish enough to sacrifice yourself for others. This is the only place you aren’t strong enough. It’s also the only thing that disappoints me. I originally imagined that you would be truly inspired by my coercion and abandon those trash to release your true self, finally to truly push your mental and physical body to the limits. I never expected you to be brainwashed by such foolish feudal ethics. It’s truly disappointing.” Despite seeing Zhou Wen put on the Primordial Trapping Lock, Ják revealed a disappointed expression instead of joy.

“Isn’t this what you want?” Zhou Wen looked coldly at Ják.

“Of course not. I told you before that I wanted to see the moment when your body and mind reached their limits. Only then would you be the best ingredient in the world with no substitute. Unfortunately, your mental state is too terrible. You’re extremely stupid. This greatly reduces your deliciousness,” Ják said.

Zhou Wen wore an amused, yet, angered look. He stared at Ják and said, “You’re such a particular person when it comes to doing evil. Should I say that you’re an artist amongst evil people? Or should I say you’re a jerk?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m me. My pursuit doesn’t need the understanding of others.” Ják glanced at Zhou Wen and said, “If I were to eat you now, it would be a waste of a delicacy. However, there’s no rush. I’ll soon push your mind to the limit.”

“What are you trying to do?” Zhou Wen’s expression changed slightly.

“Do you feel it? Your mind is beginning to stir.” Ják looked in the direction of the encampment and continued, “Now, I’ll get rid of that stupid trash and stop them from being a mental obstacle for you. I’ll let you recover your true self.”

“You’re a lunatic!” Zhou Wen immediately understood that Ják was actually going to kill those people in the encampment to agitate him.

“I’m just helping you search for your true self.” Ják’s eyes were burning with zeal.

“You are a lunatic. Do you want me to become a lunatic like you?” Zhou Wen stared at Ják expressionlessly. He wasn’t angry, but he was judging if Ják was an avatar or the actual body.

“If a lunatic can be happy, why not try going crazy?” Ják said calmly as he summoned the Hex Cat Demon.

“You said that you used the cat demon’s curse to plant a Life Blast into everyone. It’s actually fake, right?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Why do you say that?” Ják stopped and asked with interest.

“According to what I know, curses have all sorts of restrictions. To begin with, a curse requires a medium. And to add Life Blast via a curse makes it even more difficult. The conditions should be even more stringent. Even the curse powers of a Mythical Companion Beast shouldn’t be so powerful that they are able to curse someone without a medium, right?”

Ják nodded and said, “You’re right. It’s true that I can’t curse everyone. I just cursed something in the camp. Anyone who came into contact with it would be infected by the curse and have Life Blast planted in them.”

“It shouldn’t be that simple. It’s impossible to spread such a passive curse so easily and in such a widespread manner,” Zhou Wen said with certainty.

“Oh, then how do you think I infected them with the curse?” Ják stopped what he was doing and asked Zhou Wen with interest.

“You detonated a soldier before and also detonated an officer, so the item must be something touched by the soldiers and officers. Just touching it isn’t enough. You need a special ritual or medium to infect them with a curse. Previously, I said that they had all been set up with Life Blast. You showed them the Hex Cat Demon and made them believe that they were cursed by it. In fact, you had already exposed the fact that you didn’t curse everyone,” Zhou Wen said.

“Continue.” Ják smiled.

“In the camp, there’s only one thing that fulfills the conditions mentioned. After much thought, it’s the logbook they sign when they hand over their duties. You put the curse on the logbook and all the officers and soldiers who signed it ended up completing the ritual and got infected with the curse. You said that you didn’t curse me because you didn’t want me to suffer any harm. In fact, it’s because I didn’t write my name on the logbook, so you can’t curse me.”

“You are indeed very smart. You are almost perfect. However, even if your name is on the logbook, I won’t let you be tainted by the curse,” Ják said.

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