Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 588

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Chapter 588: 588

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Zhou Wen gamed in the temple hall and didn’t pay much attention to An Jing.

However, An Jing couldn’t ignore Zhou Wen. Although he was inside the temple hall and An Jing couldn’t see him, she had a nagging feeling that there was a pair of eyes looking at her.

I’m not inferior to you. An Jing forced herself to focus and continued reading the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra.

Perhaps it was because of the catfish effect. Ever since Zhou Wen had come, An Jing felt that she could persist even more. Her improvement seemed to be faster.

In the past, An Jing would feel that her body and mind had reached their limits after reading the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra for an hour. She could hardly withstand any longer.

However, for some reason—perhaps because she felt that Zhou Wen was watching her from inside—An Jing could now last for an hour and a half. She felt that she hadn’t reached her limit.

Zhou Wen had no idea that he had such an effect on her. He leaned against a pillar in the temple hall and gamed.

The blood-colored avatar entered Deer Terrace Pavilion again. The fake immortals on the first two levels had been eliminated. Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to ascend to the highest third level.

Could The Thearch be on the third level? If she’s really here, I can find her weakness in-game. Once I can defeat her, I can teach her a lesson in reality. Zhou Wen was somewhat excited. After getting the blood-colored avatar to ascend to the third level, he quickly sized up the situation inside.

It was similar to the second level. There was only one dimensional creature on the third level. It was a cold, white-robed female immortal sitting on a throne.

Could she be The Thearch? Zhou Wen guessed but didn’t waste any time. He directly ordered Torch Dragon to use the Bright Torch Vision World and look at the white-robed female immortal.

Zhou Wen also stared at the white-robed female immortal. She waved her hand and a white jade lute appeared in her arms. She strummed the strings with her five fingers and immediately produced a terrifying sound wave.

Thankfully, Zhou Wen was prepared by using the Demon Dragon True Body, but he was still sent flying by the sound wave. He spat out blood and slammed into the stone pillar in the hall.

However, almost at the same time, the white-robed female immortal was pulled into Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World. A notification of the death of a Jade Lute Spirit appeared on the screen.

So it’s a Jade Lute Spirit. It’s not Demon Consort! Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed.

Zhou Wen had already seen the first two of the legendary three demons of Xuan Yuan—Nine-Headed Pheasant Spirit, Jade Lute Spirit, and Nine-Tailed Fox, but there was no sign of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Although a Nine-Tailed Fox’s phantom image would appear when flying towards Deer Terrace Pavilion from the sky, it was only a phantom, not the real body. The Bright Torch Vision World could only act on physical bodies, so it was useless against the phantom.

He made the blood-colored avatar search the third level. Logically speaking, Deer Terrace Pavilion wasn’t that simple. Furthermore, he was certain that the Jade Lute Spirit was definitely not The Thearch.

However, Zhou Wen searched the three levels of the ancient building thoroughly several times, but he didn’t find anything. There weren’t any dimensional crystals, much less treasure.

From the looks of it, the true secrets of Deer Terrace Pavilion should be underground, but where’s the entrance? There’s no hole in-game. How can I enter? Zhou Wen had attempted to use Torch Dragon to attack Deer Terrace Pavilion, but it seemed to have some mysterious power protecting it. Even the Bright Torch Vision World couldn’t break through it.

Zhou Wen circled the Deer Terrace Pavilion countless times, but he failed to find the underground entrance.

Since he couldn’t find the entrance, Zhou Wen had no choice but to temporarily give up and continue grinding other dungeons. At the same time, he trained his Zero Taboo Life Soul in Small Buddha Temple.

For the next few days, Zhou Wen spent most of his time in Small Buddha Temple. Every time he came, he would see An Jing staring at the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra stone monument.

One day, Zhou Wen was grinding when he suddenly saw a bright glow from the yard. The light shone in from the door of the temple hall, illuminating the interior.

Zhou Wen frowned slightly and walked out to take a look. He saw An Jing standing in front of the stone monument, emitting wisps of light. A sun-like projection condensed on her body.

The projection looked somewhat similar to the Ancient Sovereign that Zhou Wen had condensed. They were both light-based projections with an anthropomorphic character.

The difference was that the Ancient Sovereign was a pure human-shaped projection. As for An Jing’s projection, it looked like it was holding a bow made of light. Furthermore, the projection looked more feminine. It wasn’t as brawny as the Ancient Sovereign and was slightly slimmer.

The Sun Strafe Art is indeed somewhat similar to the Ancient Sovereign Sutra, but the difference is still there. Zhou Wen watched for a while and was about to return to the temple to continue grinding when An Jing stopped him.

“Zhou Wen, it’s time to settle our grudge,” An Jing said as she stared at him.

“Is there anything between us that needs to be resolved?” Zhou Wen turned around and asked An Jing.

An Jing’s eyes narrowed slightly. “I once defeated you. Don’t you want to beat me?”

“I’ve never treated you as my opponent.” Zhou Wen shook his head slightly and prepared to return to the temple hall.

“Stop.” Zhou Wen’s words stirred An Jing’s fighting spirit. Her Life Soul fused with her body, causing her body to emit a sun-like glow. A bow condensed from light appeared in her hand.

Zhou Wen’s words could be understood as never treating An Jing as an enemy, but it could also be understood as he had never thought much of An Jing. An Jing clearly believed that Zhou Wen was referring to the latter.

She pulled open the Light Bow in her hand and pointed at Zhou Wen’s back as she continued, “Take this arrow from me. After which, the grudge between us will be written off.”

Just as An Jing said that, she suddenly felt her vision blur. Zhou Wen’s body emitted light that was even more dazzling than the light on her body. As for him, he was already in front of her. His sun-like fist was about to strike her face.

An Jing gritted her teeth and retreated, raising her bow to block.


An Jing was sent flying with her bow and arrow by Zhou Wen’s punch. Like a cannonball, she traversed more than ten meters and slammed into the temple’s courtyard wall.


She spat out a mouthful of blood as the light on her body dimmed and she fell to the ground.

“As you wish. Don’t bother me again in the future.” Zhou Wen really wasn’t in the mood to play such childish games with An Jing.

After returning to the temple hall, Zhou Wen continued grinding. An Jing sat on the ground in a daze, motionless for quite some time.

She still remembered that she had defeated Zhou Wen with one strike, but now, she couldn’t even withstand a single punch from him.

After a long while, An Jing wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and stood up. Her eyes gradually turned resolute as she glanced in the direction of the temple hall before turning to head out of Small Buddha Temple.

I have to defeat you. Although her goal was the same as before, An Jing’s attitude was completely different.

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