Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 591

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Chapter 591: 591

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An Tianzuo sat back on the sofa and An Sheng poured him a cup of tea before asking, “What do you think of this matter, Overseer?”

“What are your thoughts on the matter?” An Tianzuo placed his finger on the teacup and rubbed it, but he had no intention of raising it.

“Wang Mingyuan is very powerful. He displayed the magical effects of the fruit and proved the power of the Radiant Butterfly Queen. He didn’t say much, but every word he said was filled with irresistible temptation. However, if you think about it carefully, you will realize that he didn’t say a word about the key question,” An Sheng answered.

An Tianzuo raised his teacup and took a sip. After enjoying the aftertaste, he put down the teacup and said, “Tell me. What’s the key?”

“Firstly, we don’t know where the fruit tree is. We can’t be sure if someone can really pluck the fruit. Secondly, the true use of the fruit is unknown. Although he has already shown the fruit’s abilities, we still don’t know if the Radiant Butterfly Queen is a dimensional creature, a Companion Beast, or an ordinary worm. It’s even possible that it was a creature with the strength of a Mythical creature to begin with. The fruit only stimulated it and allowed it to showcase its true strength.”

After a pause, An Sheng continued, “Let’s take a step back. Even if the fruit is really useful, will it be useful for humans? If it’s only useful for Companion Beasts, its value will be greatly reduced. As we can see, there are already a hundred Mythical Companion Beasts on the rankings. With these Mythical Companion Beasts as the foundation, humanity has the ability to kill Mythical creatures. In the future, we will only obtain more and more Mythical Companion Beasts. It doesn’t seem like there’s a need to take the risk to vie for first place.”

“Since it’s something we can figure out, Wang Mingyuan naturally has figured out the same. Yet, he deliberately didn’t say anything. What does this mean?” An Tianzuo pondered.

“It’s not easy to guess. If Wang Mingyuan wants to trigger a battle royale, he shouldn’t have left so much suspicion. It makes people think about it too much. Under such circumstances, I’m afraid not many people will try their best to obtain first place,” An Sheng said.

“Could there be such a possibility? Wang Mingyuan doesn’t want the competition to become too intense?” An Tianzuo said after some thought.

“That doesn’t seem to make sense. What benefits does it bring to him?” An Sheng asked.

The various families were studying Wang Mingyuan’s actions. Most of them had the same thoughts as An Tianzuo and An Sheng.

They were wary of Wang Mingyuan’s goal of delivering the fruit. With such a magical fruit, Wang Mingyuan could have swallowed it himself. Why did he offer it?

There were all sorts of speculations, and ordinary citizens had different opinions. However, most of them were biased towards conspiracy theories, suspecting that this was Wang Mingyuan’s scheme.

Some said that Wang Mingyuan wanted to trigger a war between humans and weaken humanity’s strength. Others said that Wang Mingyuan wanted to use the fruit to lure human experts into a dimensional zone.

In any case, there were all sorts of things to be said. The ranking remained the same. No one challenged it.

When Zhou Wen learned of this matter, it was already the third day since the event. This was because he had spent most of his time at Small Buddha Temple. He didn’t watch the news, so he naturally didn’t know that so many things had happened.

Only when Li Xuan sent a message to Zhou Wen did Zhou Wen realize that something like this had happened. He watched the video on the Internet.

What’s Teacher trying to do? Zhou Wen was also guessing Wang Mingyuan’s intentions. He didn’t have a deep understanding of Wang Mingyuan, but if Wang Mingyuan’s original intentions hadn’t changed, he probably wouldn’t weaken humanity’s combat strength.

However, people were prone to change. No one knew if Wang Mingyuan could still abide by his original intent. It was unknown if it changed with his identity.

“Old Zhou, you are Wang Mingyuan’s student. Based on your understanding of him, do you think those fruits can really help humans advance to the Mythical stage?” Li Xuan asked.

“I really don’t know about that. From beginning to end, Teacher never said that those fruits can allow humans to advance to the Mythical stage. I don’t think you should have too much hope,” Zhou Wen said.

“How can I have any hope? Even if I believe that the fruit is real and Wang Mingyuan isn’t lying, I don’t have any Mythical creatures that can vie for first place! Mythical pets aren’t something you can find on the street. Our Li family doesn’t even have a Mythical Companion Beast,” Li Xuan said.

“There will be. There are a hundred Mythical Companion Beasts on the ranking now. With humanity having more Mythical Companion Beasts, their commonness will only accelerate,” Zhou Wen said.

“Let’s not talk about that. Your Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s ranking has dropped so much. Do you still have the chance to vie for first place?” Li Xuan asked.

“Probably not.” Zhou Wen knew very well that Six-Winged was mainly a guardian. Compared to the powerful offensive pets, its combat strength was still lacking.

Ignoring everything else, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon probably couldn’t defend against the terrifying beam of light from the Radiant Butterfly Queen.

“That’s a pity. I heard from some analysis that only Companion Beasts can participate in the ranking battle. Otherwise, you might be able to give it a try.” Li Xuan felt pity for Zhou Wen. He felt that if the owner of the Companion Beast could participate in the battle, Zhou Wen’s ranking might be higher.

The two of them chatted for a while before Li Xuan went to cultivate. His improvement had been extremely fast recently. In the constant battles with dimensional creatures, the carapace formed by his Life Soul was constantly shattered before being reborn and becoming stronger. Now, he had advanced to an Evolved Body.

However, after advancing to an Evolved Body, it was impossible for the Life Soul to continue evolving by just being injured in battle. Li Xuan was also searching for a way to advance.

I wonder if Torch Dragon will be able to obtain first on the rankings. Zhou Wen coveted the divine tree’s fruits.

He didn’t expect the divine tree’s fruit to advance him to the Mythical stage. As long as the fruit could allow a Companion Beast to advance to the Mythical stage, it was already very attractive to Zhou Wen.

He had a few Companion Beasts on him. Although they weren’t at the Mythical stage, their combat strength and abilities were excellent. For example, Doctor Darkness, Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General, etc.

If they could advance to the Mythical stage, they would play a very powerful role.

Of course, Zhou Wen didn’t dare let a Companion Beast like the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General advance again.

Even if they couldn’t be used, it would be good to get the Banana Fairy to advance to the Mythical stage as soon as possible. Now, Banana Fairy’s Grand Yin Wind couldn’t keep up with his needs.

Tyrant Behemoth has been evolving for a long time. Why hasn’t it completed its evolution? Zhou Wen glanced at the chaos space and couldn’t help but frown when he saw that Tyrant Behemoth still hadn’t evolved.

Suddenly, the mysterious phone vibrated. Zhou Wen took out his phone and saw the Dead Man Tree appear on the screen. The fruit that Ják had formed after absorbing it had finally ripened.

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