Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 425

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Chapter 425: Chapter 425 - Who“s Surrounded?

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Zhou Wen had been wearing the Truth Listener earring. Although he was still in the room, he immediately discovered a problem. He opened the door and walked out, only to see Ják standing there in the officer’s uniform.

“We meet again. Not bad. You have protected my ingredients well.” Ják stared at Zhou Wen’s body from head to toe as though he was examining his food.

“Aren’t you afraid of being surrounded when entering a military camp so brazenly? You won’t be able to escape like the previous time. Or should I say, is this just another one of your avatars?” Zhou Wen also stared at Ják as he sized him up.

Ják gave a sinister smile. “It’s hard to say who’s being surrounded. As for this being my main body or my avatar, you can guess. If you’re right, I can let you choose how I’ll cook you.”

Zhou Wen silently held the Bamboo Blade. He didn’t want to guess or say any nonsense like “Release Lu Su.” To a person like Ják, those words were meaningless. Life was probably inferior to an ant to him.

To Zhou Wen’s surprise, Ják pushed Lu Su towards him.

Zhou Wen didn’t help Lu Su up. Instead, he took a few steps back and allowed Lu Su to stagger to the ground.

Lu Su was alarmed, puzzled about Zhou Wen’s actions. Why wasn’t he willing to even help her? She was just about to stand up when she heard Zhou Wen say, “Sit there and don’t move.”

Lu Su didn’t know what Zhou Wen meant, but she knew that the situation wasn’t right. Upon hearing Zhou Wen’s words, she sat on the ground and didn’t stand up. She had guessed that Ják was likely a member of the Special Inspector Bureau.

“Do we call for help?” Lu Su asked Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen shook his head slightly as his eyes remained peeled at Ják.

Ják laughed. “There’s no need to be so nervous. I did plant a Life Blast on her, but I didn’t plan on detonating it. In fact, it’s not just her. In the entire camp, everyone except you has been planted with a Life Blast. As long as I’m willing, I can hold a fireworks party here at any time. Do you want to see it?”

When Lu Su heard the words “Life Blast”, her body trembled. She clearly knew what the words meant. She also knew why Zhou Wen hadn’t helped her up. If Zhou Wen had touched her just now, she might have already exploded.

“Zhou Wen, don’t bother about me. Inform the Deputy Governor. We can’t let such a person leave no matter what,” Lu Su said through gritted teeth.

“It looks like you don’t believe me.” Ják snapped his fingers and they heard continuous explosions in the encampment.

Zhou Wen and Lu Su watched as a soldier walked over and exploded. Such explosions rang several times in the other parts of the military camp. Zhou Wen counted silently in his heart and heard a total of five explosions.

The entire military camp was in disarray. Alarms sounded everywhere. The soldiers were frantically rushing to the locations of the explosions.

Lu Su looked at the blood on the ground not far away and was dumbfounded. It wasn’t as if she had never seen a dead person. Many people died fighting dimensional creatures, but this was the first time she had seen someone die like this.

Furthermore, Ják also said that all the people in the encampment, including her, had been planted with a Life Blast. Just thinking about how all the soldiers could explode in the same manner, Lu Su felt a chill down her spine and her body involuntarily trembled.

Lu Su finally believed what Zhou Wen had said. He wasn’t afraid that someone among the soldiers would try to harm him, but that he would implicate them.

“How did you do it?” Zhou Wen’s expression remained stoic as he asked Ják.

He had done his research on Life Blast. It was similar to his Poison Dragon Palm. It needed physical contact with a living medium to use Life Blast. Furthermore, the process was more complicated than the Poison Dragon Palm. It wasn’t as simple as a tap.

Using ants and leaves as a medium was easy, but it wouldn’t be that easy to use humans as a medium.

Zhou Wen didn’t believe that Ják had actually planted a Life Blast on everyone in the encampment. He felt that Ják was just bluffing. Perhaps only a few people had been planted with Life Blast.

Ják said with a smile, “If it were someone else asking this question, I wouldn’t bother answering. But you are different.”

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With that said, Ják extended his hand and a purple cat appeared in front of him. It had short, purple fur and its tail was curled up. However, its eyes were black. Furthermore, its eyes had double pupils that made it look extremely demonic.

“A Mythical Hex Cat Demon. Although it’s still at the Epic stage and hasn’t really advanced to the Mythical stage, its abilities are extremely compatible with mine. After obtaining it, I don’t have to personally plant a Life Blast. All I need to do is add Life Blast to its curses. Everyone that’s cursed by it will be automatically planted with Life Blast,” Ják said excitedly.

The Hex Cat Demon and his abilities were a perfect match, greatly boosting Ják’s abilities.

“There should be a limit to the curse, right? It’s impossible that this cat can curse whoever it wishes.” Zhou Wen glanced at the chaotic military camp and continued speaking to Ják.

“Of course there are restrictions. There is no power without restrictions. Although the Hex Cat Demon is a Mythical creature, it also has restrictions. However, this limitation isn’t a problem for me. So now, everyone in this military camp, including this woman, has become my bargaining chip. If you don’t wish for all of them to turn into fireworks, follow me obediently,” Ják said.

“Why don’t you curse me directly? Isn’t that more convenient?” Zhou Wen asked again.

“Such a top-notch ingredient naturally can’t be tainted at all. Otherwise, it will be a huge waste. Before making you into a delicacy, I won’t let you suffer any damage.” As Ják spoke, he saw Qin Wufu rushing over with a group of Epic officers.

With such strange explosions happening at the encampment, Qin Wufu immediately imagined that something had happened to Zhou Wen. If a dimensional creature from Chess Mountain had rushed out, it wouldn’t have been completely silent. He could tell at a glance that the technique used was Life Blast.

“Governor Qin, don’t come over,” Zhou Wen said to Qin Wufu.

If it was really as Ják had said, everyone would be planted with Life Blast—Qin Wufu and those Epic officers were terrifying bombs.

Exploding an Epic lifeform’s energy wouldn’t be at the level of those soldiers. The entire encampment would probably be instantly flattened. Zhou Wen didn’t want to be blasted to death.

“Is he from the Special Inspector Bureau?” Qin Wufu stopped and looked at Zhou Wen and Ják, then at Lu Su sitting on the ground. Finally, his gaze landed on Ják.

Although he could only see Ják’s back, he was certain that he was from the bureau. Although he was wearing a military uniform, he didn’t have the bearing of a soldier at all.

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