Level Eater - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: This Place is…


“Good work~~”

“You too.”

After finishing the after-work SOP, they opened their system to check this time’s spoils of war (which is mostly just exp).



Name: Ai Yashiki

Class: Warrior

Level: 5


Ki: 1220

Mana: 3


Strength: 240

Defense: 240

Agility: 190

Magic: 1

Magic Resist: 1

Mana Control: 1



[Valkyrie], [Taijutsu Lv 3], [Staff Technique Lv 1], [Throwing Lv 6]


Unused skill point: 15






“Everything went up significantly except the magic related ones, huh. This isn’t the stats screen of a Lv 5 anymore!”

“Really? What about yours, then?”

“Mine? Mine is normal. N-o-r-m-a-l.”



Name: Tatsurou Hasami

Class: –

Level: 3


Ki: 60

Mana: 60


Strength: 20

Defense: 20

Agility: 15

Magic: 20

Magic Resist: 20

Mana Control: 15



[Level Eater]


Unused skill point: 24






“Wait a minute! Why do you have 24 skill points while only being Lv 3?! That isn’t normal at all!”

“Ah. That… You see, I can convert an enemy’s skill level into skill points for myself. In total, I got 6 from levelling up, and 15 from the caterpillar.”


(So… That means, from the Lv 3 skills, I got 6 points each while the Lv 2 skill gave me 3 points. It works just like an arithmetic sequence, then.)[A]

Right after Tatsurou mentally deduced the math, Ai started talking.

“Hey, if it’s like that then can’t you just grab any skill you like?”

“Well, I’m glad my unique skill is a cheat too. If not, I’d be worried when the gap between us gets too wide.”

“Uuu. I knew your skill was better. I should have had that too…”

“No use in asking for the impossible. By the way, Ai… Hmm?”

While caressing the sulking Ai’s head, Tatsurou noticed some movement at the corner of his eye.

“What is it? You can keep going like that, you know?”

“No, well, I’d love to, but… Something’s still moving over there.”



Hearing that, Ai stopped rubbing her head on Tatsurou’s chest and looked towards the place which Tatsurou pointed out.

“Oh…? Looks like there are still a few… survivors, huh?”

“I’ll be going out for dessert then!”

“Uuu… I don’t want to get close to that thing. Think you can go alone?”

“Looks like it’s about to die anytime soon even if we leave it so it’s fine.”

“Then, come back ASAP, okay?”

“Roger that!”

Swinging his arms nonchalantly, Tatsurou broke into a jog as he headed towards the wreckage. There, he saw a lone dying caterpillar and activated [Level Eater].



Level: 12

Skill(s): [Body Slam Lv 5], [Thread Weaving Lv 5], [Bite Lv 5], [Leadership Lv 1], [Regeneration Lv 1]



(Whoa! Isn’t this guy a lot stronger than me? Now that I look at it, isn’t this guy a bit bigger than the others? It might be their boss or something. I don’t know if it would survive if we left it alone because of [Regeneration] but… Thanks for the meal[1]!”



Level: 1

Skill(s): [Body Slam Lv 0], [Thread Weaving Lv 0], [Bite Lv 0], [Leadership Lv 0], [Regeneration Lv 0]



For a moment, he thought about leaving the [Regeneration] skill to let it live but… He came this far and there’s no backing out now. He didn’t know its circumstances but this wasn’t the time for him to show mercy to a dying insect.

After finishing his work, Tatsurou now has 71 skill points.

This chapter is scrapped from


“Well, then. Farewell, unnamed caterpillar.”

He clasped his hands together and offered his regards to the dying soul before turning back.


“Welcome home, darling! Would you like to have dinner? Or would you like to have a bath first? Or maybe…”

“I’ll have the third option, please!”

“That was fast! I didn’t even get to say it yet!”

“Third option, please!!”

“Wai, eh? N-n-n-now?”

“That’s lovely,” whispered Tatsurou while holding the flustered Ai in his arms, as if preventing her escape.

“Ehh… No, not here… but if you’d like it here, then… maybe… no, I want our first to be somewhere with a better ambience…” Her mumbles went softer and softer until it was barely audible.

“Uhh… Sorry for making you think that far but… that was a joke. No sane person would want to do that in the middle of scattered caterpillar corpses.”

“T-t-t-that’s true. O-of course I knew that. H-how w-was my a-acting skill?”

“Yeah, yeah. It was an act, alright.”

“Muu… I already told you, yes is just one word…”

“Yes, ma’am.”


After a minute of cuddling, the two finally let go and discussed their next course of action.

“Then, first things first. With your current skill points, you could grab the map skill, right?”

“Yeah. I want to say something first, though. I basically have an infinite number of skill points, so I want you to save yours for later. Is that okay?”

“But the map skill looks convenient… I want one too…”

“Fair enough. Still, how accurate would the map be, and when can we use it… We won’t know until we try.”

“If you say that, then…”

“Ah, what if we can share it with the party too, like our stats panel? If we find skills like that, I’ll prioritize learning those first .”

“Uuu… I’ll be in your care, then.”

“Just leave it to me, old man!”[2]

“Who’s the old man?!”

As their situation eased, the two continued their casual exchange.


“Then, I’ll be learning [Map].”

“Whoooo,” said Ai while clapping, as if she was a parent encouraging him to take his first steps.

Ignoring her, Tatsurou opened his system and went towards the skills section to learn his first acquired skill. After learning [Map], a new selection appeared on the system’s home screen.











Though Tatsurou wanted to check the map out as soon as possible, he concluded that knowing the name of the forest that they are currently in would help him out later. As such, he opened up the Help function. 

(Where are we? … [The Great Forest of Amunelli, Heldamud] … Where is that?!

 Then, how far are we from home? … [Does not exist] …

 How about Japan? … [There’s the country of Japonercion]… Isn’t that completely different?

 Then, are we on Earth? … [Does not exist] … Earth isn’t even in your vocabulary, huh…?)


Learning more about their current situation, he hid the system and faced Ai.

Looking at Tatsurou’s expression, Ai felt the gravity of the situation and quickly straightened her posture.


“Uhh… I just learnt some unfortunate news.”


“Japan doesn’t exist in this place. Actually, I’m not even sure if we’re still on Earth.”

“I thought so…”

“——-Looks like we got isekai’d.”


ED Notes:

[A] 1 followed by 2, 3, 4 and so on.

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[1] Itadakimasu!

[2] Yeah, he just called her “old man” lol

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