Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: I've Lost

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On the seats specially reserved for teachers.

Wang Chao was seated upright on one of the seats with a haughty expression on his face. His presence felt like a spear which would pierce into the heavens.

"Seems like Zhang Xuan is truly hopeless. Other people tend to send out their strongest member in the first match, so as to win the first battle and boost the morale of the team. Yet, he chose to send out this useless fellow at the very start. Is he admitting his defeat?"

Elder Hong Hao stroked his beard, excited by the sight before him.

After Zhang Xuan exposed the imitation ingredients used in his Hongtian Pavilion, his business had been poor. The shop wasn't far from closing down, and he had been wanting to skin this fellow alive.

If not for the fear that the academy would find out about the matter, leaving him unable to conduct his business at all, he would have long made a move on Zhang Xuan.

"A Fighter 1-dan advanced realm lad against a Fighter 3-dan opponent... That's a completely one-sided battle!"

Wang Chao lifted his head up proudly and said, "Besides, Kong Jie has been practicing Iron Palm from young, granting him an outstanding offensive ability. On top of that, he belongs to the group of geniuses who ultilise a style of frenzied offense. Once he begins, Yuan Tao probably won’t even survive ten breaths before flying out of the ring!"

"A Juxi realm advanced stage has around 90kg of strength. On the other hand, a Zhenqi realm primary stage has around 300kg of strength. That is a difference of threefold. I will be amazed if he can survive three breaths against such an opponent!"

Elder Hong Hao chuckled.

"Indeed, if Kong Jie gets serious from the start, that fellow will be destroyed in an instant!" Wang Chao agreed. "Seems like the first match is Lu Xun's!"

"Of course! In fact, I think that Lu laoshi will win all five matches. This time, Zhang Xuan will be utterly humiliated."

Elder Hong Hao harrumphed coldly.

The other party destroyed his source of income. Ever since then, he had been wanting to crush him.

Thus, he specially looked for Lu Xun to initiate this matter. If not for his interference, it was unlikely that the Teacher Evaluation would occur.

He has many methods up his sleeves to cause Zhang Xuan's downfall. By all means, he wants to make him regret all he had done in Hongtian Pavilion.

"It's started!"

Not knowing that the other party was thinking about all these, Wang Chao nodded his head before exclaiming.

Wang Chao is extremely confident in Kong Jie.

The previous day, he helped Lu Xun to mentor these students, thus he is well aware of how scary those five are despite their young age.

A bunch of fellows who are at most Dantian realm wishes to triumph over them?

Isn't this dreaming?

Overjoyed at the opportunity to get back at Zhang Xuan, he turned to look at the dueling ring, only to see the two students facing each other.

"Senior Kong, please go easy on me..."

The next moment, Yuan Tao's plea echoed in the air. Upon hearing those words, the duo nearly spurted a mouthful of saliva and laughed heartily.

Yuan Tao's voice may not be loud, but they are both experts. With their sharp ears, they could hear his words clearly.

"To be afraid of the opponent even before the match, what's the point of competing!"

"To instill fear in the enemy's troops before the fight, Lu laoshi's students sure are incredible..."

Elder Hong Hao's eyes glowed.

Did you see that? The highest realm of teaching a student is not for your student's fighting prowess to be impressive, but for his appearance to instill fear in the other students...

This is called a true expert!

This is the true might of a celebrity teacher!

You, a mere low-level teacher, will never match up to him!

"From the looks of it, that fellow should admit his defeat... Ah?"

Hearing the conversation, Wang Chao nodded his head as well and commented. But halfway through his words, his voice ceased abruptly as though someone had grabbed onto his throat. For a moment, he seemed to be suffocating.

"What's wrong?"

Immersed in his delight, Elder Hong Hao hadn’t paid much attention to the situation on the stage. At this moment, hearing the bizarre edge to the other party's tone, he immediately lifted his head to look at the dueling ring. With a single glance, he nearly spurted blood.

Yuan Tao, whom they thought was doomed, stood in the dueling ring, patting the dust off his clothes, looking incredibly valiant on the stage. On the other hand, the powerful Kong Jie lied beneath the dueling ring. His eyes had turned white and it was clear that he had fainted.

"What... is going on?"

Being outside the dueling ring means instant disqualification. What had happened?

Why, in the blink of an eye, that new Zhenqi realm genius who was about to display his full might would be suddenly lying on the ground with his eyes rolled back?

The competition did end in less than three breaths, as they have thought, but... why did it end like this?

Elder Hong Hao felt as though he was going mad.

"That fool..."

Stunned, Wang Chao roared. If he could, he would have slapped Kong Jie to death that instant.

Given your superior offensive strength and cultivation, why did you chat with him... If you had just attacked him from the start, it wouldn't end up like this. Look at what has happened. Before you could even display your Iron Palm, you were already sent flying, pummeled to the point that even your parents won’t be able to recognize you...

"You... Sneak attack! Despicable!" Zhu Hong roared.

Does anyone spar like that?

Just an instant ago, you were talking about how you were going to admit defeat, but in the next, you sent a fist flying straight at the other party's face. Aren't you being too shameless? Where is your sportsmanship?

However, watching this sight made Zhu Hong recall the incident when he delivered the war letter to Zhang Xuan laoshi's classroom, causing his mouth to twitch uncontrollably.

It seems that... of the students under Zhang laoshi... there isn’t a single one who knows what sportsmanship is...

"Sneak attack? The duel has already begun. Anyone can make a move, so why would you call it sneak attack? I wouldn't mind even if he were to attack me!"

Ignoring the other party's chatter, Yuan Tao flung his sleeves, and with the disposition of an expert, he stared down at Kong Jie in disdain, "He should blame himself for being weak. To be unable to even sustain a single hit of mine, how brittle can he be?"


"No matter how strong one is, it is impossible for anyone to stand against such a sneak attack..."

"To speak of sneak attacks so righteously, how can you be so shameless?"


Hearing his brazen words, the spectators’ mouths twitched.

If other people were to win by sneak attack, they would be guilt-ridden. Yet, this fellow spoke of it so brazenly, as though it was the natural thing to do...

The heck!

Where's your dignity?

"Teacher, does this mean that it's my victory?"

With his hands behind his back, Yuan Tao turned to look at the refereeing teacher.

"That... It's your victory!"

The teacher turned to glance at Kong Jie and judging from his state, it was unlikely that he could regain consciousness soon. Thus, he could only nod his head to Yuan Tao's words.

After refereeing the Freshmen Tournament for numerous years, this was the first time he met with such a matter.

If one were to accuse Yuan Tao of sneak attack, the duel had already begun. In a sense, it is Kong Jie's fault for being distracted, so he can’t blame another person for his loss.

Yet, it is clearly not an ordinary battle...


Seeing his first student being struck out of the dueling ring the moment he got up, giving away the victory that should have been his, Lu Xun nearly choked on his anger.

He had spent an entire three million to purchase pills. Then, he spent an entire night, expending his zhenqi to help them achieve a breakthrough to Zhenqi realm...

But what did he receive?

At the very least, you should have at least lasted for awhile against the other party. If you can't match up to him, I would have just accepted it. Yet, without even making the slightest move, you were sent flying out of the ring...

Lu Xun grabbed at his chest and he felt his vision going gray.

If not for his self-control, his body would have been convulsing now.

"Lu laoshi, we've lost the first round. What should we do next?"

Zhu Hong asked worriedly.

"Mo Xiao, you're up next."

Ignoring the constricted sensation in his heart, Lu Xun said.

"Yes!" Mo Xiao nodded his head. Wielding his spear, he walked forward.

"Zheng Yang, you're up!"

After seeing who the other party sent out, Zhang Xuan said.

Zheng Yang nodded his head. Wielding a spear in his hands as well, he walked into the ring.

The two friends were to face one another in the ring once more.

Glancing at the returning Yuan Tao, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in approval.

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It wasn't that he was approving Yuan Tao's sneak attack, just that Yuan Tao was a Juxi realm advanced stage whereas his opponent was a Zhenqi realm cultivator. The difference between them exceeded more than a single realm.

No matter how powerful Yuan Tao's defensive and offensive abilities are, if he can’t land a blow on the other party, it would just be talk.

Yuan Tao knew that his speed was his weakness, thus he put on an act before attacking his enemy... Honestly speaking, Kong Jie couldn't blame his carelessness on anyone else.


"It's Mo Xiao! It will surely be a victory this round!"

Suppressing the disappointment from the first match downward, Wang Chao's eyes lit up upon seeing Mo Xiao stepping onto the stage.

"He is..."

Upon seeing the other party’s confident declaration, Elder Hong Hao turned to look at Wang Chao with a peculiar expression.

"Mo Xiao specializes in spear art and he was once my student!" Wang Chao nodded his head. "On top of being a Zhenqi realm cultivator, his comprehension of spearmanship is impressive. More importantly, I have imparted the Wang Clan's spearmanship 3rd form, 7th form, and 18th form to him!"

"Onset of the Cold Gleam, Remnants of the Setting Sun, and The Returning Forest Canary?" Disbelief flashed through Elder Hong Hao's eyes. "Even though these three moves aren't the strongest moves in Wang Clan's spearmanship, they are nevertheless profound techniques and possess boundless might. You imparted such valuable spear techniques to him?"

The Wang Clan's spearmanship is known as the greatest secret spear art in Tianxuan Kingdom, and there isn't a single spear user who doesn’t wish to learn it. However, Wang Chong and Wang Chao never imparted these moves to any outsider.

This is precisely the reason why the set of spear technique is becoming more and more valuable. Countless people are willing to do anything to lay their hands on it.

Usually, learning a single move can mean that one will be invincible among peers of the same cultivation level. Yet, Mo Xiao had learned three moves at a single go, and furthermore, they are the more advanced moves!

"Indeed! That's the reason why Mo Xiao will definitely win!"

Not only did confidence reappear on Wang Chao's face, it even deepened as he spoke of Mo Xiao. It seemed as though the slight hiccup before doesn’t affect the situation at all.

However, it isn’t a surprise either.

Kong Jie isn't his student. While Wang Chao knew that he isn't weak, he isn't too clear of his personality whatsoever.

But Mo Xiao is different.

Having been under him, Wang Chao knows that Mo Xiao is resilient and headstrong. It is almost impossible for Zheng Yang to win through a sneak attack.

More importantly, the latter had received this personal guidance and his spearmanship has reached great heights. It would be difficult for him to lose even if he wants to!

Wang Chao had also seen Zheng Yang's abilities when he visited him on the first day of school alongside Mo Xiao. His spear was feeble and it didn't hold the sharp disposition that a spear user should have. Thus, he rejected him from his tutelage.

In just half a month, it is impossible for a person like this to grow much stronger. As such, it is impossible for Zheng Yang to match up to Mo Xiao.

A month with the stave, a year with the saber, and a lifetime with the spear.

If one could improve their spearmanship so swiftly, the Wang Clan wouldn't be proclaimed as the number one spear clan in Tianxuan Kingdom.

Clearly, Lu Xun was aware of the fact as well, that's why he sent Mo Xiao up. He hoped for him to achieve a perfect victory and reverse the situation.

"Mo Xiao, we've met again!"

On the dueling platform, Zheng Yang placed his spear taut on the ground, with its tip facing the sky.

"Indeed, we've met again!"

Mo Xiao nodded his head, lifting his spear up as well.

From young, the two of them had been good buddies. It was hard to imagine that they would meet on a dueling platform under such a situation.

"Let's start!"

Knowing that it would be difficult for his friend to make the first move, Zheng Yang said.

"Hold it for a moment, allow me to warm up first!"

Mo Xiao shook his head. Retreating a few steps backward, the zhenqi in his body flurried and he executed the three moves which he had learned from Wang Chao smoothly.


The spear emitted shock waves in all directions, causing the spectators’ hair to fly about.

"What is that fellow doing? If he displays the three spear art now, isn't he telling the other party that he knows the Wang Clan's spearmanship? How will he fight if the other party is guarded against those three moves of his?"

Seeing how Mo Xiao didn't dive straight into the battle and instead, display his spear art to 'warm up', Elder Hong Hao was perplexed.

If one shows his trump cards before the battle, won’t the other party be guarded against it?

"Hehe, rest easy!" Wang Chong chuckled. With a confident and proud look, he said, "It is impossible for the Wang Clan's spearmanship to be countered. These moves have long been out spreading all these years. Many people had attempted to imitate them, but no one succeeded in deciphering and countering them. Mo Xiao's actions are right, he is intentionally allowing the other party to see it so as to exert pressure on him. Afterward, he will bring the fame of the Wang Clan's spearmanship to greater heights!"

"That's... Perhaps so!" Elder Hong Hao nodded his head.

The Wang Clan spearmanship movements have been spread for many years, but without learning the underlying zhenqi circulation method, it is impossible to execute the move no matter how lifelike one's imitation is. More importantly... There isn't a counter for it.

If it could be countered, Wang Chong wouldn't be that famous.

On the dueling ring, Mo Xiao executed the three Wang Clan's spearmanship moves perfectly and thus, concluded his warm up.

"Alright, he is probably going to show the prowess of the Wang Clan's spearmanship now!"

Wang Chao chuckled once more. He was about to compliment Mo Xiao further and watch Zheng Yang being beaten to a pulp when, dang lang, he saw Mo Xiao drop the spear in his hands onto the ground suddenly as he sighed.

"Even though I have reached Zhenqi realm, I am unable to match that spear of yours. I admit defeat!"


Wang Chao's body shook.

The fight hasn't even started! Why are you admitting defeat!

Even if one has to admit defeat, it should be the opponent!

The heck, what's going on?

Lu Xun, who stood on the opposite, staggered as well. He was on the verge of tears.

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