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Chapter 671: 671

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Chapter 671: Have We Met Before?


Lu Xin nodded.

However, Lu Nian pouted and asked aggrievedly, “Aunt Sheng is still alive, but why does everyone keep saying that you’re dead?”

He really did not understand. Aunt Sheng was still here. Why did no one know her?

Lu Sheng pondered for a while and explained, “Because Aunt Sheng didn’t look like this in the past, so no one knows her anymore.”

“What did Aunt Sheng look like in the past?” Lu Nian was curious.

Lu Sheng said, “Anyway, not like this now.”

Lu Nian asked, “Then why did Aunt Sheng change her appearance?”

Lu Sheng chuckled. “This is a secret. Aunt Sheng will tell you in the future.”


Lu Nian sighed softly. He really did not understand the adults’ world.

“Lord Chu?!”

They had just reached the Lu family’s house when a surprised voice was heard.

Lu Sheng looked up and saw Liang Ping and a twelve-year-old boy standing at the side.

Chu Sihan smiled. “Young Master Liang.”

“It’s really you!” Liang Ping said in surprise and excitement. “I saw you from afar and thought I saw wrongly!”

Chu Sihan smiled and said, “I came back to visit everyone.”

Liang Ping smiled and said, “It’s been seven years. I thought you wouldn’t come to Liu Yue Village again.”

Chu Sihan smiled and did not speak.

Lu Xin said, “Brother Liang, shall we go in and talk?”

“No need!” Liang Ping waved his hand. “I still have to send Yuan Zi to the academy. Let’s chat later.”

Lu Xin looked at Liang Yuan and said, “Why didn’t you wait for my brother? He’s back today.”

Liang Yuan scratched his head and said shyly, “I still have some unfinished work to do. I have to go back early.”

“Okay!” Lu Xin nodded. “Take care.”

Liang Ping nodded and bowed to Chu Sihan. “Then, Lord Chu, we’ll take our leave first!”

Chu Sihan nodded slightly.

“Mother, we’re back!”

Lu Nian pushed the door open and jumped in.

Hua Leya put down the pouch in her hand and smiled at him. “How is it? Mother was right, right? That was just a dream. It can’t be realized.”

“Who said so?” Lu Xin smiled and said, “Nianer’s dream was real. Second Sister is back. Moreover, not only is Second Sister back, but Second Brother-in-law is also back!”

Hua Leya was stunned. When she looked up, she happened to see Chu Sihan behind Lu Xin.

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She hurriedly stood up and said in surprise, “Lord Chu?! When did you come?”

Chu Sihan nodded at her and said lightly, “I just arrived.”

“Take a seat!”

Hua Leya hurriedly invited the three of them to sit down. After they sat down, she said, “Ah Ran is busy in town. I’m afraid he won’t be back until later.”

“It’s alright.” Lu Sheng smiled and said, “We’ll stay here tonight.”

“Miss is…”

Leya looked at Lu Sheng and asked hesitantly.

Lu Nian said, “Mother, she’s Aunt Sheng!”

“What nonsense are you saying?” Leya rolled her eyes at her son and explained awkwardly to Lu Sheng, “Sorry, Miss. When this child was born, his Second Aunt passed away. He has never seen her before. Perhaps he misses his Second Aunt too much. I hope you don’t mind.”

Lu Sheng smiled and shook her head. “It’s alright. I don’t mind.”

Lu Xin covered her mouth and giggled. “Sister-in-law, take a closer look. Who does she look like?”

Leya looked at her suspiciously before shifting her gaze to Lu Sheng and scrutinizing her.

Lu Sheng did not move. She smiled faintly and let her size her up.

After a while, Leya exclaimed softly, “Upon closer inspection, she does look familiar. Miss, have we met before?”

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