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Chapter 1049: 1049

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1049 Spectator“s Intuition

How did this happen… Even if Xio and Fors didn’t meet with any delays en route and maintain a relatively fast speed, it would take at least fifteen minutes to arrive at the nearest Evernight cathedral… Luckily, I was cautious enough and had prayed to Mr. Fool for an angelic blessing ahead of time. I also actually hypnotized Xio and Fors… An upheaval of thoughts instantly ran through her mind before she rapidly suppressed them.

At first, she looked confused, and then her face wore a look of realization. It was as if she had finally woken up from her long dream and remembered the things that had been neglected.

“Mr. Rambis, why are you here…” Audrey made her voice sound ethereal, as though she was still in a dreamy stupor.

As she spoke, she made use of the control of her emotions as a Psychiatrist to make an unavoidable hint of anxiety flash through her mind, doing so without causing any abnormalities.

This unexpected turn of events made her unsure of how to proceed.

Without a doubt, she understood that she had to first deal with Hvin Rambis’s subsequent questions so that the demigod wouldn’t suspect anything. However, if that was the case, he would leave in three to five minutes after he was done asking. As for Xio and Fors, they definitely wouldn’t have entered an Evernight cathedral yet. This inhibited the step needed for the misdirection, and when the time came, igniting the hat accessory and summoning The World easily exposed flaws in the handling of matters in the end. They wouldn’t be able to completely fix the inherent problems.

No, I’d rather miss this opportunity than proceed with the plan without being fully prepared… Patience, tolerance, and caution are key in the mysterious world… At the very least, Hvin Rambis will be making use of me for a long period of time and not directly harm me. He wishes that I marry with some prince, and this process will take more than half a year. I still have plenty of time. I can wait for the second, third, or even fourth or fifth opportunity… The only problem is that I need to inform Xio and Fors and get them to really hide as quickly as possible… Audrey quickly came up with a decision as her eyes restored to normal while showing hints of wariness and fear.

After observing her reaction and hearing her question, Hvin Rambis smiled and said, “This should be your first time hypnotizing someone, and I was worried that an accident would happen, so I specially came here to wait. Heh Heh, given your background, you don’t usually have the chance to do this…”

His voice was gentle and laced with concern. It made the wariness and fear in Audrey’s eyes subside bit by bit.

But in Audrey’s mind world, she once again felt her consciousness being split apart. Some of them were raised, looking down at the “island” and the “sea.”

This made her clearly realize that her fond feelings and sense of security that she had just felt were all artificial.

Seeing that Audrey had returned to normal, Hvin Rambis nodded and said, “How did they answer your question just now?”

Audrey honestly said, “Xio said that the investigation of Viscount Stratford and the pursuit of the king’s secret was all of her own will. She was very suspicious about the death of her father. Her father was the former captain of the royal guards, Earl Mason Dere…

“However, she mentioned that her actions were blessed by a certain existence.”

As she answered, Audrey almost stopped talking. This was because her spirituality high in the sky was looking down at “herself1 on the island of consciousness and the spiritual sea. She saw a figure rising up from the bottom of the sea as it followed up steps that appeared, passing through the subconscious realm and landing on her Body of Heart and Mind’s island.

The figure was wearing a black three-piece suit, with a head full of silver hair. It was another Hvin Rambis.

There wasn’t a hint of a smile on Hvin Rambis’s face. He had an extremely sinister air, and a part of his skin was covered in grayish-white scales. Not only did his eyes turn from pale blue to golden, they also turned vertical, looki^^ like a particular animal.

If it weren’t for the fact that she had experienced something like this before, just the intense level of nervousness she currently felt might’ve prevented Audrey from acting as though she hadn’t noticed anything while ensuring that she didn’t stop speaking or end up stammering.

In the real world, Hvin Rambis smiled as he looked at Audrey’s pretty face and asked further, “Which existence’s blessings?”

Audrey shook her head as the island of consciousness began to change.

“When this matter was raised, Xio and Fors became very resistant. There were signs of escaping the hypnosis, so I didn’t dare continue asking.”

Of course, the blessings of a particular existence could be explained as Mr. Fool’s attention, and it could also be understood as the Goddess’s… The lucid Audrey muttered silently under the spiritual sky.

Hvin Rambis continued to circle around the questions and asked about the details of the hypnosis.

After two or three minutes, he nodded satisfactorily and said, “Not bad. You do have a gift in hypnotizing people. When the recent events come to a close, I will give you the Dreamwalker potion and personally host the ritual for you.

“Oh yes, don’t reject love and marriage too much. You’re not even twenty years old, and it’s the perfect time to pursue such matters. Your charm is enough to gain everyone’s affection and enjoy their attention…”

Hvin Rambis used an indirect hint and guidance to lower Audrey’s resistance towards love and marriage.

This detestable guy… Audrey puffed up her cheeks under her spiritual sky and muttered resentfully. She then controlled herself to reveal some shyness and longing.

Hvin Rambis didn’t expect to succeed by simply following a logical process. Seeing this, he retracted his invading consciousness and allowed himself to leave the island.

He turned around and said, “Forget what I just said. They’re all spontaneous thoughts from your heart.

“After I leave this place and disappear from your sight, you’ll forget that I was here.”

Upon hearing this, Audrey under the spiritual sky couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. This meant that Hvin Rambis was about to leave.

Even though it had only been five minutes since his appearance, making it insufficient for Xio and Fors to enter the nearest Evernight cathedral, Audrey was still eager for Hvin Rambis to leave as soon as possible. To face off a demigod of the Spectator domain was unimaginably stressful.

There’s still a chance after this. As long as I maintain my consciousness, there will still be a chance. Audrey, don’t be depressed, don’t be impatient… Audrey silently consoled herself as she watched Hvin Rambis turn around and walk towards the hall.

She didn’t relax and didn’t breathe. She tried her best to maintain her normal state.

Suddenly, Hvin Rambis stopped in his tracks and turned around. He narrowed his pale blue eyes and looked at Audrey. “Why were you so scared when you first saw me?”

…I-I was too surprised at that time, so I didn’t manage to hide some of my emotions well? Audrey felt her scalp tingle under her long, blonde hair as her thoughts whirled quickly. She asked, puzzled, “Really?

“Isn’t this normal? Someone suddenly appeared beside me. A brief shock is inevitable.”

Hvin Rambis nodded, as if agreeing with this explanation. He sized up Audrey and suddenly said, “You used to carry a mystical item that can change one’s form with you as an accessory. Why didn’t you wear it today?”

To a Spectator, this detail was an abnormality.

Oh no… I’ve been hiding Lie beneath my clothes most of the time. How did he notice that I wasn’t wearing it this time… He has secretly read some of my memories, memories that I didn’t protect to appear normal… Faced with Hvin Rambis’s question, Audrey felt her thoughts stagnant.

The reason why she wasn’t wearing Lie was simple—she was afraid that this accessory would amplify her emotions, preventing her from being able to completely hide her true thoughts when facing a demigod from the Spectator pathway.

This meant that she had predicted that she would meet Hvin Rambis today. This was something that shouldn’t have happened under normal circumstances!

In the blink of an eye, Audrey grabbed onto an idea and smiled blankly.

“It will amplify my emotions and reduce the success rate of the hypnosis attempt. I removed it in advance to avoid any accidents.”

Hvin Rambis nodded and said, “So that’s the reason…”

Just as Audrey was feeling a little relaxed, this “Spectator” pathway’s demigod suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“If it’s just this matter, there’s nothing worth suspecting. But compared to when you saw me, the fear that slightly exceeded normal limits seems to imply something…”

As he said that, Hvin Rambis’s light-blue eyes turned vertical and was quickly dyed with the color of gold.

The two golden vertical pupils clearly reflected Audrey’s image in her rider’s attire.

With a buzz, Audrey’s thoughts became extremely muddled. Only the “her” under the spiritual sky barely remained conscious.

The surface of the spiritual sea surrounding the island surged with waves, enveloping it.

At the same time, the sinister-looking Hvin Rambis returned to the island and stopped beneath the sea surface, allowing patches of grayish-white dragon scales to fly into the foundation of the island where most of a human’s subconscious lay.

Audrey suddenly felt her thoughts twist, prompting her to say everything, confessing all her secrets.

Relying on the lucidity of “herself under the spiritual sky, she barely controlled herself and didn’t reveal anything. She also knew that there would definitely be problems if this continued, so she quickly diverted some of her thoughts and, relying on the angelic blessing and her splintered consciousness, prevent Hvin Rambis from noticing it.

Some of those thoughts included reaching her hand into her left pocket.

Just then, Hvin Rambis, who had invaded her mind world, looked increasingly sinister as he snorted.

“There really is a problem!”

If there wasn’t a problem, Audrey would’ve started with the most important matters, revealing all her secrets and private matters one by one, instead of staying silent!

Likewise, since the manipulation attempt happened so quickly, Audrey didn’t have the time to sort out all her secrets. Even if she wanted to hide anything, her lucidity would be discovered the moment she spoke.

After confirming that something was off, Hvin Rambis didn’t hesitate any longer. His gaze turned extremely cold as grayish-white scales covered his skin.

The storm in the spiritual sea suddenly intensified, and Audrey, who was under the spiritual sky, staggered.

The last bastion of the defenses of her consciousness was rapidly weakening under the repeated attacks, putting it on the verge of shattering.

“Humph!” Hvin Rambis increased the force of the mind storm once again, feeling satisfied that Audrey’s entire Island was shaking.

This meant that he was about to completely control her!

At this moment, he heard an ancient word:


In the real world, Hvin Rambis looked up in surprise. All he saw was that Audrey’s green eyes were dyed with the brightest, the most dazzling gold.

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