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Chapter 950: 950

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Chapter 950 Keeping Secrets

Emlyn fell silent for two seconds as he lowered his chin and asked, “Who… is it?”

To him, angels were naturally worthy of respect, but those who could truly make him bow his head were the important figures addressed as “He” by every Sanguine. “They” had witnessed and experienced the Sanguine’s long history, the source of his pride.

“I’m not sure. But in short, I’ll notify you when the time comes.” Cosmi Odora shook his head.

… The person is coming because of the Ancestor’s revelation? There are subsequent instructions? Why doesn’t the Ancestor directly give me a revelation? This will be better concealed. I’m “Her” chosen one! This is to avoid agitating Mr. Fool? Questions flashed past Emlyn’s mind as he answered them himself.

He didn’t speak further as he wore his top hat and left Odora’s villa.

When he arrived at the door, he looked at the thin clouds that could hardly block out the sun. Emlyn curled his lips in disdain, raised his hand to press down on his hat, and ran for a rental carriage at the end of the street as he inwardly mumbled, Such weather really isn’t suitable for heading out!

The medicine that The World wants isn’t rare. It can be concocted in fifteen minutes… Hmm, the ingredients I ordered previously should be in by today. I can carry out the transaction with Miss Magician that I’ve delayed for days…

Backlund, Cherwood Borough.

Fors placed glass bottles on an altar and looked at the light blue and golden liquids, feeling the exhilaration from shopping. More enticing than a cocktail. I wonder what it tastes like. Putting some ice in might make it taste better… Seriously, what am I thinking? These are all medicine! Fors sputtered at herself and hurriedly cleaned up the room.

Upon receiving the medicine required for medical treatment, she finished her preparations for heading to the abandoned castle in Delaire Forest. She was just waiting for Xio to return!

After tidying up certain matters, Fors slumped onto the sofa and casually picked up a few newspaper copies and began planning her itinerary for the day.

Set off at dusk. Dinner will probably be when we arrive at the town bordering the forest…

Amidst her silent mumbling, Fors flipped to the copy of News At Sea.

Suddenly, her gaze froze as a familiar name was reflected in her eyes: “Gehrman Sparrow!”

This adventurer had appeared at sea again, boarding the Black Tulip with a middle-aged name known as “Death Consul.” He killed Admiral Hell Ludwell, changing the lineup of the seven pirate admirals again.


Fors subconsciously patted her chest, unsure what she was happy about.

At that instant, she had a baffling feeling that Gehrman Sparrow’s experiences were sufficiently legendary, something that could definitely be written into a novel!

Unfortunately, he’s not someone who’s easy to get along with; otherwise, I can totally be a part-time biographer to write a book for him… Haha, if I were to write the book titled “Gehrman Sparrow,” I’ll definitely be targeted by the official Beyonders… Fors thought in amusement before hearing the lock turn.

She looked up and saw Xio pushing open the door and entering the living room.

“You’re early?” Fors asked in surprise.

Xio ruffled the right side of her blonde hair and said, “I met with MI9 again and received a mission.”

“What is it?” Fors sat up, asking out of curiosity.

Xio casually threw herself onto the single-seater.

“Investigate the background of the crazy adventurer, Gehrman Sparrow.

“Based on the information provided by MI9, he’s a terrifying Beyonder, and the name he uses is fake. Even his identification documents are fake. He probably came from Backlund.

“They suspect that Gehrman Sparrow has another identity and partners here.”

Upon hearing the word “partners,” Fors couldn’t help but twitch the corners of her mouth. She had the urge to tell Xio that MI9’s guess was right. Gehrman Sparrow’s partner was sitting directly opposite her.

She coughed slightly and acted calm while she asked, “Why are you investigating Gehrman Sparrow’s background?

“What did he do this time?”

Xio glanced at the stack of newspapers beside Fors.

“Haven’t you read today’s News at Sea?

“Gehrman Sparrow killed Admiral Hell Ludwell and is now known as the strongest adventurer of the Five Seas.

“By the way, MI9 also told me that Gehrman Sparrow might very well believe in the secret existence known as The Fool. This is news that came from many different sources, including the Aurora Order and the Rose School of Thought.”

I can testify to that… They are right… Fors forced a smile and said, “Sounds rather dangerous.”

“Yeah.” Xio nodded. “I only plan on gathering the intel and not delving too deep into it.”

Fors didn’t continue on this topic as she said, “I’ve already prepared the medicine. Shall we head to Delaire Forest today?”

Xio had already become a Sequence 7 Interrogator a few days ago, and she had mastered a rather useful power, Psychic Piercing.

“Alright.” Xio stood up, showcasing how she was a woman of action. “Let’s set off now.”

“Ah? Let’s wait a little longer. I was thinking dusk…” Fors replied, feeling a little resistant.

She often wished to procrastinate until the last moment.

Before long, she was pulled out of their rented apartment by Xio while bringing all kinds of items along. They got a rental carriage and headed for the metro.

Amidst the sonorous whistle of the steam engine, the massive steam locomotive hauled its meandering body and entered the platform. Under the illumination of the wall lamps on both sides, it stopped

Fors and Xio stood outside a carriage and waited patiently for the passengers to alight.

Suddenly, they saw two Red Gloves.

The owner of the Red Gloves was a man in his thirties. He wore a white shirt with a black trench coat. His collar was raised up high, covering his chin and mouth.

He had a pair of dark-green eyes with golden-brown sideburns. He held a silver chest that was big enough to put a tiny violin in it.

Fors and Xio exchanged looks as they lowered their gaze, staring at their toes.

As a high-ranking deacon of the Church of Evernight’s Nighthawks, one of the twenty-two members of power in the Church, and one of the three bigwigs of the Red Gloves, Crestet Cesimir wasn’t someone who cared about parading himself around. He enjoyed traveling alone, taking the transportation that commoners took, making him appear like an ordinary clergyman.

After transferring to another line, he eventually arrived in North Borough. He then took a rental carriage and headed straight for Saint Samuel Cathedral where he met Backlund diocese’s archbishop, Saint Anthony Stevenson.

After greeting each other and praising the Goddess, Cesimir found a seat and said, “I’ll be troubling you to provide me with some help for the next couple weeks.”

The clean-shaved archbishop, Anthony, in his black robe with red accents sat down as well. He deliberated before asking, “Is it something to do with Ince Zangwill?”.

“Yes.” Cesimir nodded slightly. “The Holy See wishes that I inform you that another servant of the Goddess, the matron of the Evernight cloister, Ma’am Arianna, will be in Backlund not long from now.”

This ascetic was ranked first among all the thirteen archbishops.

Without waiting for Saint Anthony’s inquiry, he explained in detail, “Ma’am Ilya learned plenty of important information from Ince Zangwill’s remnant spirit, including his mental problems that 0-08 used to escape, as well as the details of his cooperation with the royal family and the Demoness Sect…

“After machinating the Great Smog of Backlund, Ince Zangwill was betrayed by 0-08 and had ended up being possessed by the Red Angel evil spirit. He headed for the Southern Continent alone in an attempt to set up a trap to hunt Ma’am Ilya.

“An important point to take note of is, that in Ince Zangwill’s memories, there is a very important underground ruin. It’s in the northwestern outskirts of Backlund, an area just before the Tussock River flows in.

“My mission is to find that ruin.”

Saint Anthony finished listening in silence before asking in thought, “Ince Zangwill doesn’t know of the exact location?

“He has never been there before?”

Cesimir shook his head.

“He had entered, but he was led in there and didn’t grasp the required key information.”

Saint Anthony tersely acknowledged before asking, “Have you figured out which batch of people from the royal family that Ince Zangwill was working with?”

“No.” Crestet Cesimir paused and continued, “Based on normal logic, regardless of whether the partners donned disguises, if they meet, there should be the corresponding memory fragments, but inside Ince Zangwill’s Spirit Body, there were no traces of that. It was as though it never existed.”

“Perhaps it’s an influence of a deed. The source of the deed’s power that even a Sequence 4 demigod can’t resist is something worth paying attention to.” Saint Anthony nodded very slightly.

He thought and said, “The telegram didn’t include much. I do not know the exact sequence of events. Who exactly killed Ince Zangwill?”

Crestet Cesimir exhaled slowly and said, “A name you might never believe, Klein Moretti.”

“The Nighthawk who died in the line of duty during the Tingen incident?” Anthony’s wrinkles deepened.

“Yes, that’s what Ilya sent back. No one knows how Klein Moretti, who was only a Sequence 8, had resurrected, or how he could kill Ince Zangwill, a demigod wielding 0-08…” Upon saying this, Cesimir’s expression turned somewhat odd. “The Holy See requests us to strictly keep this intel confidential. We are not to divulge this to anyone who isn’t an archbishop or high-ranking deacon. Furthermore, we are not to pursue Klein Moretti, pretending as though he’s still in his grave.”

Saint Anthony fell silent for a few seconds as though he recalled something trivial. He nodded and said, “Perhaps, he’s a Blessed of the Goddess…”

Cesimir suddenly looked up at Saint Anthony as though he was a lunatic.

His lips quivered, but he ultimately didn’t say a word.

Anthony didn’t continue the topic as he looked at the door and said sternly, “Your mission might need plenty of investigations. This requires enough manpower. Hmm, Soest’s team has completed their mission in the Southern Continent. I’ll get them to return quickly and follow your instructions.”

“Alright.” Crestet Cesimir didn’t put up any objections.

“Rest for the remainder of the day before returning to Backlund?” Leonard looked up at team captain, Soest.

Soest looked pitifully at Leonard, who had been silent for quite some time, and nodded.

“That’s right.”

After watching this Spirit Warlock leave his room, Leonard sighed and leaned against the wall.

At this moment, dark red light surged out from before his eyes, enveloping him completely without any prior warning.

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