Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000: 1000

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Chapter 1000 Prelude

In the grand palace above the gray fog.

Through Enuni’s prayer point of light, Klein saw the scene inside his valet’s room.

As his vision pulled out and slowly extended out, he began taking in all of Böklund Street. Among buildings covered in fresh flowers and grass, Intis parasol trees that shielded the sunlight slowly swept past. There were slow-moving carriages that were elegantly or beautifully adorned, and youths dashing quickly on bikes.

Finally, Klein locked onto Unit 39– Member of Parliament Macht’s residence. He then lowered his field of view and began observing every animal and human to see if there was any black-haired, black-eyed, monocle-wearing man.

Phew… There’s no switching or grafting of fate… Nearly ten minutes later, Klein heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, a carriage drove into Macht’s residence and stopped at their doorstep.

A young lady with curly black-green hair and bright, dark-brown eyes alighted from a carriage. It was none other than Hazel who had returned


She was wearing a dark green dress that didn’t expose her shoulders. Her lips were slightly pursed, and she wore a relaxed look with a hint of joy.

Upon seeing Hazel in such a state, Klein’s heart skipped a beat.

This was definitely abnormal!

From Klein’s point of view, the rat demigod had only two outcomes after meeting Amon’s avatar. She either had a trump card and managed to escape successfully at the cost of being heavily injured, or she had turned into a Beyonder characteristic to strengthen Amon’s avatar. And regardless of the outcome, there was no way Hazel could find her teacher. She would definitely be in grief and pain, feeling dispirited and sad. So how could she be relaxed and happy?

With her taking the risk to head to the manor in the suburbs to inform her teacher, she’s not a cold and selfish person… Her present state indicates that she has confirmed that her teacher, that rat demigod, is fine. She has even been rewarded, perhaps obtaining all kinds of knowledge about the supernatural world… This is in conflict with my theory of the rat demigod’s outcome. No, it’s not in conflict. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth… Klein leaned back into his seat and came to a conclusion:

Amon had not only obtained the rat demigod’s Beyonder characteristic, but he had also stolen her fate and had replaced her identity!

Therefore, to Hazel, her teacher hadn’t encountered any mishaps and would only need a period of time to lie low… After making the confirmation, Klein silently exhaled and felt a little relaxed.

To him, the most terrifying aspect of Amon was that no one knew what form or identity “He” would use to appear. It could be possible that Member of Parliament Macht would one day wear a monocle, or that insects in the garden would turn around with monocles on their faces. Therefore, after grasping the identity Amon might use to appear, Klein couldn’t help but feel more assured.

As for Amon’s performance being problematic in front of Hazel, Klein believed that it was impossible. After all, Amon was a King of Angels that was fundamentally good at deceit. Even if “He” mentioned something that differed from what the rat demigod had said, “He” could easily use the excuse of it being a test with what “He” now said being part of her formal education to fool her.

Of course, based on Pallez Zoroast’s depiction, Amon definitely wouldn’t appear as a rat demigod, so I shouldn’t be careless… Klein did some observations before retracting his gaze and leaving the gray fog.

Inside his room, he sat on a reclining chair and drank some black tea with a lemon slice. He half-closed his eyes and considered how he could deepen his relationship with Qonas Kilgor.

After an unknown period of time, Klein suddenly opened his eyes and activated his Spirit Vision.

At the demigod level, he could already activate it at will.

Almost at the same moment, Reinette Tinekerr walked out of the void with the four blonde, red-eyed heads in hand. One of them had a letter in its mouth.

“Who’s letter is it?” Klein asked as he reached out his right hand.

“Sharron…” Reinette Tinekerr’s other head answered.

Miss Sharron? She should be making her final preparations for the advancement. Why would she suddenly write to me? Klein was slightly puzzled as he received the envelope.

After he opened it, he found very little content. There was only a simple line:

“Emlyn White is seeking out the Rose School of Thought.”

Emlyn is seeking out the Rose School of Thought? Klein pricked up his brows in surprise.

His opinion of Emlyn was a Sanguine who was afraid of trouble. Unless necessary, he didn’t even wish to head out. So how could he actively search for the Rose School of Thought?

This definitely isn’t Emlyn’s own will… Yes, Emlyn had mentioned that some important figure of the Sanguine was meeting him… This is a new mission that the Sanguine gave him? It’s very possible! However, why didn’t he mention it in the Tarot Club? Oh, it was focused on the punishment operation, and he had other clues, so he temporarily kept it from us? Klein thought as he leaned forward. Under the watch of Miss Messenger’s eight eyes, he took out a piece of paper and a fountain pen from his coffee table.

He wasn’t curious about Emlyn’s clues, because it was an obvious matter.

Since Miss Sharron knew that Emlyn was seeking out the Rose School of Thought and had asked their mutual friend, Detective Sherlock Moriarty, about this matter, it meant that this Sanguine had likely asked the help of the black market arms dealer, Ian, from the Bravehearts Bar.

This also meant that, in Emlyn’s previous commissions, he must’ve noticed Sharron or Maric; otherwise, it was impossible for him to mention the Rose School of Thought to an ordinary person.

I don’t know enough about the Apothecary pathway. I can’t determine how Emlyn discovered a Wraith or Zombie… Klein crossed his right leg as he placed the letter on his thigh and began scribbling:

“This is likely a mission the Sanguine’s upper echelons gave Emlyn. They hate the Rose School of Thought members who believe in the Primordial Moon, and they have directed this anger at the other factions of the Rose School of Thought…”

Upon writing this, Klein paused and added, “I suspect that the Mother Tree of Desire has the intention of encroaching onto the authority of the Moon domain, but I’m unsure why the Primordial Moon believers would join the Rose School of Thought. This secret existence seems to have a very complicated relationship with the Mother Tree of Desire. They are at odds, but they have also cooperated. It’s hard to tell…”

Putting down his pen and folding the letter, Klein looked at Miss Messenger who had been waiting. He asked with a chortle, “How did you know that I’ll be replying?”

One of Reinette Tinekerr’s heads succinctly answered, “Inkling…”

Right on the heels of that, the four blonde, red-eyed heads spoke one after another, “You…” “Seem a…” Little livelier…” “Recently…”

“Your expression…” “Has also…” “Become much….” “Richer…”

As Klein pulled out the box that was connected to his golden pocket watch, he took out a gold coin from it and said with a self-deprecating smile, “Repeatedly wearing a thick mask isn’t good for one’s mental health. I realized that after becoming a demigod.”

Therefore, unless he was in situations where he needed to disguise or hide his feelings, he limited the use of his Clown’s power to control his emotions.

Reinette Tinekerr didn’t say a word as the heads bit on the gold coin and letter before vanishing.

Watching Miss Messenger leave, Klein leaned back slightly and inwardly muttered,

I wonder if Miss Sharron and Maric will use the Sanguine to deal with the Rose School of Thought members in Backlund…

Miss Sharron is probably focusing her time and efforts on her advancement. She might not involve herself, but I can’t be sure about Maric…

Emlyn changed into his Church of Earth Mother priest robes, and then wore a red coat and a silk hat before walking out the Harvest Church. He then got into a rental carriage by the roadside.

After saying his destination, he casually cast his gaze out the window.

At this moment, Emlyn sensed something as he abruptly moved his body, leaving shadowy afterimages in his wake as he moved to the side.

Then, he saw a figure appear out of nowhere.

It was a young man whose coat wasn’t buttoned, revealing the white shirt and black vest within. His brown hair was a little moist and messy as though he hadn’t combed it in a while. His brown eyes were filled with temperance, as though he was restraining certain urges deep within his heart.

Upon seeing this pale corpse-like face, Emlyn tipped his chin and said with a smile, showing no signs of nervousness, “You have finally come.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I’m a member of the Rose School of Thought that’s here to finish you off?” The young man’s figure turned somewhat transparent.

Emlyn scoffed and said, “Would I not be aware of the Rose School of Thought’s history? Or matters about the betrayal of the temperance faction and their escape?

“Well, how do I address you?”

“Maric,” the young man replied. “Is this the information you received from the upper echelons of the Sanguine?”

Emlyn was taken aback as he tsked.

“You are smarter than I thought.”

He used such a remark to confirm the other party’s guess.

Maric slowly drew a breath and leaned forward slightly.

“How did you notice our existence from Ian’s side?”

Emlyn leisurely leaned back into the carriage and said with a smile, “Humans have the smell of humans. Wraiths have the smell of wraiths.”

Maric fell silent for a few seconds before asking, “You Sanguine wish to deal with the Rose School of Thought members in Backlund?”

“The important members,” Emlyn replied by making an emphasis.

“If that’s the case, we can use ourselves as bait to help you fish out the Rose School of Thought members. However, I need confirmation.” Maric rubbed his eyes and said directly, “I know you are unable to make the decision. You can first return to seek permission from the Sanguine. After you obtain their assurance, you know where to find us.”

Having said that, he handed a dossier in his hand.

“This is from Ian. It’s the initial feedback from tracking Ernes Boyar. Many bounty hunters have completed this together.”

Emlyn received the dossier and nodded in a rare look of solemnity.


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