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Chapter 1567: 1567

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Chapter 1567 Yu Pingan Sacrifices As a Mole!

“What did you say?”

Nie Yunsheng’s face was filled with shock and disbelief.

Tengda was really not playing by the book. Why did it always unexpected its moves?

He quickly took his cell phone from the Vice-President and swiped the hot post.

There were a few pictures in the post. It was a muscular man in Upwind Logistics’ uniform, carrying the goods upstairs easily.

“I’m really stunned. The delivery man’s figure is too good!”

“I thought that I had been working out for several years and was already quite satisfied with my own state. I did not expect that a random delivery guy would be much bigger than me!”

“What’s more, he’s training so well that his muscles are perfect. I’m so envious. I can’t wait to fence with him on the spot!”

“He easily carried such heavy goods up to the sixth floor without panting.”

“I asked him, Brother, where did you train at? He said that you were at Deposit Fitness.”

“I’ve never trained in Deposit Fitness because I heard that it’s especially effective for noobs. People like me who have already trained very well can be dealt with by any commercial gym. However, I’ve changed my mind. I want to train in Deposit Fitness!”

“I also want to train to be as big as a delivery man. I’m so envious!”

At first, everyone’s attention was on the body of the express delivery man. However, as they researched, everyone quickly discovered other details.

“How free must Upwind Logistics’ express delivery man be to have the energy to work out and train himself to be so strong?”

“That’s right. The delivery man from Shengyun Corporation probably works overtime 996 every day. He would be dead tired after work. How would he have the energy to work out?”

“Does that mean that Upwind Logistics’ express deliverymen have more free work and better benefits? Oh my, I want to be a express deliveryman at Upwind Logistics. I heard that they even pay enough insurance and funds!”

“Let’s not talk about anything else. It’s not a problem for this young man to be a professional fitness trainer. His image is good, and he’s actually working as a delivery man at Upwind Logistics? I have to reevaluate the existence of Upwind Logistics’ delivery man.”

“Everyone, don’t make a mistake. I took a look. Isn’t this the person-in-charge of Deposit Fitness? Go and take a look at the video that he posted about dismantling the gym’s routine. He’s the real person-in-charge of Tengda’s fitness department!”

“Huh? That’s true. No wonder he’s wearing Upwind Logistics’ uniform. I couldn’t tell.”

“Something’s not right. Since he’s the person-in-charge of Deposit Fitness, he should be considered a leader in Tengda. Why would he come to Upwind Logistics to deliver packages?”

“I heard that there is some sub-base event, so he came to experience the life of the express delivery man. However, he is indeed eating and living with the other express delivery men. It is enough to show that the work of Upwind Logistics’ express delivery man is not that stressful. The person-in-charge can also be qualified.”

“I already knew that Upwind Logistics might have left Shengyun Express in all aspects, but I did not expect it to be this far! The quality of the express delivery men on both sides are worlds apart!”

“Everyone, don’t be mistaken. Guo Licheng is indeed not an ordinary delivery man. He is the person-in-charge of Deposit Fitness. However, what I want to say is that the other delivery men in Upwind Logistics also have fitness. Everyone can see a clear difference as long as you compare the young men in Upwind Logistics and Shengyun Corporation, especially the experienced Upwind Logistics delivery men!”

Perhaps it was because the picture of the muscular man delivering packages was too explosive that it spread throughout the internet in an instant.

Many people, be it men or women, were salivating at Guo Licheng’s figure.

The image alone was enough to shake off the delivery man from Shengyun Corporation!

What’s more, there were even people who explained that Upwind Logistics’ express delivery men were free and had good benefits. There were also more than ten hours of mandatory fitness regulations every week.

There were not many people who had a perfect body like that after training. However, on closer inspection, one would realize that even an ordinary delivery man had a good figure.

What’s more, the delivery men were healthy and in high spirits. They were completely different from the bad-tempered and inefficient delivery men of Shengyun Express! Of course, this was not to diss the delivery men of Shengyun Express, but because they were in a different environment.

In an environment like Upwind Logistics, the company was urging you to work out. There was not much pressure in life. It was not difficult to train into muscular men.

On the other hand, Shengyun Express was under immense pressure from the young men’s work and performance. Their superiors did not care about their work at all. Naturally, they would lose their temper in the face of heavy tasks and affect their service attitude and physical condition.

From this concept, Upwind Logistics had once again crushed Shengyun Express!

Simply put, Upwind Logistics had won again. They had won badly.

Nie Yunsheng lost again, and badly.

Nie Yunsheng slammed the table in anger. “It’s ridiculous! I’m so pissed off! How did Tengda think of such a move? It’s simply shameless!”

What kind of carbon-based creature could think of such a method to fight public opinion?

He had arranged for Guo Licheng, the person-in-charge of Deposit Fitness to send an express delivery. In the end, it became popular and caused a complete image and public opinion suppression for Shengyun Corporation!


The key was that this move was another attack that could not be counterattacked.

What could Shengyun Corporation do? Invite a few fitness trainers to act as express delivery men to deliver the goods and then hype it up?

Obviously not. That would be too stiff and would easily be exposed.

Upwind Logistics had an overall image. Even if there was no Guo Licheng, just looking at ordinary express delivery companies, the young men would definitely be healthy and energetic.

On the other hand, Shengyun Corporation’s situation was completely different. It was impossible to pretend.

Nie Yunsheng could only watch the popularity fermenting, but he was helpless.

The Vice-President asked carefully, “Boss Nie, what should we do?”

Nie Yunsheng was silent for a moment and said, “We are temporarily helpless in the field of express delivery.”

“Don’t go head to head with the enemy in terms of advantages. That would only be led by the nose by the enemy. You still have to find other breakthrough points.”

“Hao Xian Fitness can’t take it anymore. However, there’s still a possibility of turning the tables with the take-out.”

“Go and contact Boss Zheng from Home Take-Out and arrange to meet a few investors. I want to talk to him in person.”

“Until now, Home Take-Out has not been completely disadvantaged in the battle of public opinion. There is still room to salvage the situation.”

“As long as we play the cards of low prices and public opinion, we can still fight back against Fish-Catching Take-Out in some aspects!”

The situation of home take-out and Haoxiu fitness was different.

As a take-out platform, home take-out had actually obtained a more advantageous market position. What’s more, they hated Fish-Catching Take-Out to the core. They knew very well that Fish-Catching Take-Out’s business model would pose a huge threat, so their attitude was still relatively firm.

Hao Xian Fitness had been beaten twice in a row. It was already smashed onto the ground and could not move. On the other hand, the video did not cause a devastating blow to the take-out company even though it was smashed once. Rui Yuchen might have dismantled the trick of Home Take-Out but there were some fables after all.

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At the moment, Home Take-Out had not really squeezed the delivery guys through the big data algorithm, nor had it really increased the service fees of the retailers to an unacceptable level. These might be the ultimate goal of the future of Home Take-Out but he had not started it yet after all. He only had a prototype.

On the other hand, some delivery men would take the initiative to accept orders crazily in order to make more money. This was a form of autonomy. There should not be any squeeze in public opinion.

Delivery was still a very profitable job for these basic manual laborers after all.

In other words, there were still many delivery men and ordinary users who still had fantasies about takeaways.

As long as the take-out delivery man splurged on subsidies and tried his best to create the image of “I am also a conscientious take-out platform”, and then influence public opinion through the delivery man’s appearance, then it could affect the user’s reputation to a certain extent!

After all, customers would not go against cheap takeaways, and delivery men would not go against high income.

Therefore, Nie Yunsheng saw this point and decided to choose the home take-out as the next breakthrough.

As long as he could gather the advantageous funds of all the companies in the anti-Tengda Alliance to support take-out, there would be a possibility of winning this battle!

Of course, this was not a simple help. Instead, it was an investment. These large investment firms had hoped to use Home Take-Out to monopolize the domestic and foreign market. Now that everyone was in the anti-Tengda alliance, investing was just going with the flow.

Nie Yunsheng was acting as the middleman.

April 20th, Saturday.

“Old Yu, hurry up. This order is going to be outdated again.”

“If you exceed the time limit, you will have to deduct money. You can’t earn more than ten yuan after working so hard for the entire day. What’s the point of giving away take-out?”

A delivery man from a home delivery company walked forward with small steps. Yu Pingan followed behind him, panting.


Yu Pingan looked very unhappy but he still gritted his teeth and followed the delivery man.

“Master Li, do we have to send so many orders every day?”

As Master Li ran, he said matter-of-factly, “Of course. How can we earn money if we don’t run a few more orders?”

Yu Pingan looked at the number of orders in his hand. Master Li had taken 12 orders in one breath. It would be strange if he did not have time to be nervous.

Some of the orders were forced by the platform, and some were ordered by Master Li on the way. However, no matter what, the number of orders shocked Yu Pingan, who had never seen much of the world. This was completely different from Fish-Catching Take-Out! Yu Pingan was originally delivering food from Fish-Catching Take-Out but felt a little bored after a few days.

Thus, he pondered for a moment. Since they were all delivery companies, the situation would probably be similar. Could he take a look at home take-out and spy on the enemy?

Previously, a young lecturer with a Useful App had already gone to take-out in order to write a thesis about the take-out platform.

Yu Pingan felt that as the person-in-charge, he could not just say that he did not want to practice. He had to do it himself!

Thus, he took advantage of Saturday and Sunday Fish-Catching Take-Out’s shifts to look for a delivery man. He said that he wanted to learn from him and see if he could become a delivery man.

In fact, it was to spy on the enemy and deeply check the difference between Home Take-Out and Fish-Catching Take-Out so as to build a good foundation for future public opinion wars.

Yu Pingan said that he wanted this delivery man to bring him to work, but his heart was actually very inflated. That was because he felt that he had been working at Fish-Catching Take-Out for a few days and was already a proficient worker.

Wasn’t it all just delivery? What difference could there be?

In the end, he realized that this was completely different from what he had imagined!

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