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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Chapter 10

The gods sent an ambassador to inform Li Guangyan, ready to welcome Tianfei Qing Kui into the heavenly residence after ten days.

This is a good thing, Li Guangxi and the state teacher are willing to leave it alone, and Li Guoshi , the prime minister, is discussing the spare things that Qing Kui should carry when she goes to the Gods.

Just then Ye Tan brought to Qing Kui through the wall. At this moment, the eyes of the three people turned, and they saw the gray-faced faces.

Li Guangyan's hair was spread like a furious lion's, "Bastard! What have you done again?"

This is naturally cursing Ye Tan. She and Qing Kui were soaking wet, and now returning from the grass, they are naturally dusty. In addition, the wound on the forehead of Qing Kui was blistered with blisters and it was very scary to look at.

She is the future Tianfei! And the Gods will take her into the heavens after ten days!

Li Guangyan's lungs were bursting at the thought of leaving her, and she took a few steps forward to hold to Qing Kui: "How is the princess?"

Then a group of court ladies and servants reacted, and all of them immediately surrounded. Li Guang Chi Yao stepped forward and took the pulse for Princess Qing Kui. Although he was a prime minister, his medical skills were good.

The dissimilated way of Qing Kui was passed on from him and he would not listen.

Li Guangyan came up, and saw the wound of Qingkui's forehead, and his anger suddenly became even stronger: "What happened?"

Qing Kui said, ''Father, don't worry, your daughter is fine. It was the demon scouts who infiltrated the palace to find out what the divine envoy was up to. It is fortunate that Ye Tan saved my life so that I could return safely."

"The Demon Clan?" The three of Li Guangyi's monarchs and all the officials were all dumbfounded, and they said, "I think it's because of the divine ambassador, Lin Fan, and the demon tribe. The princess was frightened when the demon invaded the Li Guang Clan. I beg Your Majesty to condemn them."

How could Li Guang Yang be so concerned about this? He held Qing Kui's hand and felt the coldness on his body and said, "What happened to your forehead? After the rain, the dampness is heavy, and you are frightened; hurry back to the palace. Pixia! Make a tea to calm the princess."

There were palace men in the palace already busy preparing, and Qing Kui said, "Father, Qing Kui only have a skin wound. It's just that Ye Tan's lungs were wounded by the demon breath to save me from fighting with the demon clan, so I'll treat her first."

Li Guangxu turned back to see to Ye Tan, and his expression of concern instantly turned into a cloud full of gloom. He asked in a deep voice, "Where did you meet the Demons?"

This was naturally a question to Ye Tan, and Qing Kui, fearing that he and Ye Tan would quarrel again, hastened to tell the truth: "the Moon Lake behind the temple."

Li Guang Yang, said, "The lake has been closed for many years, and I have made it clear that no one is allowed to enter or leave. Why did you encounter the Demon Clan in that location?"

His eyes were fixed on Ye Tan as he asked this. Ye Tan spread his hands and said, ''Why ask so much? Whatever is said is my fault anyway. Why don't you just punish me directly?"

"You!" This is like pouring oil on the fire, and leaving the light in a hurry. "You collude with monsters, and it's just ridiculous and dissolute. Now, if you break into the forbidden area without permission, let that Qing Kui who came to look for you take risks together! You know the sin! "

Nizhang only felt a sharp pain in her meridians as she ruffled the drenched flowing sea and asked, ''Guilty? What's my sin? I let her come to me? Besides, if you don't know that as the State Master and head of the Zhen Demon Division, you can't stop the demon tribe from infiltrating from outside and protect the future consort from within, Now the father is blaming me here? "

I wish I hadn't heard of the slight stagnation, Li Guang Yang was on the verge of having a stroke: "It's the opposite..... You are in great trouble, but you don't know how to repent, kneel down!"

Yetan said, "I repent? It's not me that the demons sneaked into the palace to inquire about the news. What am I repenting of? "

Prime Minister Li Guang Chirao laughed coldly and said, ''Moon Lake has been sealed off by His Majesty for many years. Only the princess came and went alone, not even the palace people followed. Now the demon tribe is not infiltrating elsewhere, but coincidentally, they are in Moon Lake. They even almost took Princess Qing Kui. With such a coincidence, shouldn't the princess explain it?"

Ye Tan looked displeasure: "Old Dog Red, you really know how to spit blood."

Li Guang Yang slapped her face, and her right cheek turns red. He was so angry that he trembled with anger: "you're making trouble all over the place. Is there any reason?"

Qingkui also felt a pain in her face. She covered her face with one hand: "Father! It's not what the Prime Minister thought. When I went to Moon Lake, Ye Tan wasn't there at all! She's dealing the Demon Clan to save your daughter, and I ask Father not to blame her!"

I would like to help her, and hurriedly apply medicine to her wounds, saying: "Princess Qing Kui is pure in nature, and will inevitably be confused by people with ulterior motives. I'd better go back to the Palace first to have a rest."

Li Guangchi said, "Your Majesty, I have long said that this woman is inauspicious, and I have kept her alive for His Majesty's sake. But does she feel any sense of gratitude for His Majesty's greatness? She is not only a demon, but she is also a demon, which almost endangers Princess Qing Kui. Does His Majesty still want to harbour the indulgence?"

Ye Tan stared at Qi Guang Chiyao, her gaze growing grim as she said, "Old Dog, if I collude with the Demon Clan, I'll be the first to put the ten of your clans to death."

The tone was terrifying, and Li Guang was scared.

"Evil!" "Kneel down!"

Ye Tan necked a stalk and also said loudly, "I'm right, why do I have to kneel?"

He was so angry that he almost fainted. He roared, "come on, give me a hundred lashes for this evil

A soldier hesitated for a moment and came forward with a whip. Li Guang Yang, who was leaving, shouted angrily, "Heavy hit!"

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Several soldiers held down Ye Di, whipped it down, and Ye Di immediately leached a long blood stain on his back. Qing Kui screamed, kneeling in front of Li Guangxi, Li Guangxi reached out to help, but also knew that if punishment Ye Tan, Qing Kui would inevitably suffer.

Qing Kui said, "Father! It was indeed not Ye Tan's fault for what happened tonight. How could she, a daughter, bear such a heavy punishment? Even if the Prime Minister doesn't believe her, doesn't he believe even Princess Qing Kui?"

Li Guang Chiruo saw that Qing Kui also suffered, and stopped talking now. After all, the future concubine cannot afford to lose anything. Li Guangxi shook his cheeks, and for a long while, he yelled at Ye Tan: "Is that right ?!"

Ye Tan was burning inside, holding back the blood, and his voice was louder than his own: "You're just the one who cares about your green anemone, and you listen to the nonsense of the old Chiyao! You're a couple of foolish sycophants, and you want me to admit it! Yuck me!"

"Excessive ... Excuse, Excuse ... Excuse me!" Li Guang Chi Ruo turned white with fright, even with a low voice. Li Guang spit his blood out of breath: "Kill me to death!"

A few lashes down from the soldier and Ye Tan's back was immediately bloody. Qing Kui couldn't stand it, and was pale and sweating like pulp. She knelt down in front of Li Guang Yang, still pleading bitterly. Ye Tan gritted her teeth and refused to cry out in pain.

After standing for a while, he could not help but ask again, "do you recognize your mistake?"

Ye Tan's voice was low, but the words were still clear: "Yes, don't recognize!"

Li Guangxi has the same heart as her.

He opened his mouth and was about to speak. Suddenly, there was a voice from outside the palace: "The envoy of the Demon Clan Jiuyin was ordered by the demon to see His Majesty the Emperor."

Before he came, the voice came to the ears of all, but it was as loud as a bell.

All the courtiers froze... Still waiting outside the palace in courtesy? When have they been so polite?

In front of the palace door, there was silence for half a day, and Li Guang Yang asked, "The devil has sent an emissary to the Li Guang clan, I wonder what happened?"

On the tiles of the palace at the entrance of the Palace of the Sun, a purple-black mist gathered and swirled, and the demon messenger Candle Nine Yin slowly appeared in a magical breath. He was wearing a black robe, embroidered with the Criminal Heaven Battle Tattoo, which was a Demon Clan decoration. Only this time, the normally arrogant demon clan actually knew how to be polite. He bowed and gave a salute and said, ''Toon Emperor. The devil heard that there was a princess of the Li Guang clan, Princess Ye Tan, who was a virtuous and talented worker, and ordered me to come to propose my marriage. The Demon Clan would like to employ Princess Ye Tan of the Li Guang Clan as the future Crown Princess of the Demon Clan and make an eternal marriage alliance with the Human Clan."

In just a few words, he shocked the civil and military courtiers of the Li Guang Clan. Even if you don't want to hear it or not, you're petrified in place.

virtuous and talented worker? Who made the rumor in front of your deities? You Mozun really should boner those who say this and use it to dip in the sauce ...

No one answered, Zhu Jiuyin thought that he had made his intentions clear. He asked with a smile: "His Majesty the Emperor, I don't know where the future concubine is?"

Now, even Li Guangyan didn't know how to answer--she isn't this over there?

After a while in the cold, Li Guangchi laughed and rounded the field with a smile: "The magician has no idea, the human race is rigorous, and the woman should not show her face before she marries. The princess Ye Tan is distinguished, and at this time, it is not suitable to show up.

Zhu Jiuyin snored, and even if he washed the water and used it to soy beans, he would not have thought that the fluffy mass next to him would be their future demon concubine!

He understood the rules of the human race, saying, "That 's the case, and that 's how the matter was set. The demon heard that the Gods will be welcoming the future concubine into the heavens after ten days, and he also deliberately explained it. On the same day, greet Ye Tan princess to enter the Demon Tribe. Your Majesty make preparations early."

Then he turned into a purple mist and walked away.

Li Guangjun and his three officials looked at each other.

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