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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Chapter 05

Xuan Shangjun turned his head, and only then did see several servants surrounding a noble family's male son, who was sitting to the side.

Xuan Shangjun had been in charge of the affairs of the Heavenly Realm for many years and knew all the forces in the world like the back of his hand. At this moment, a sweep of each other's clothes had already understood each other's identities - the descendants of the Leixia Ze Ji clan.

Sure enough, before he could speak, the opposing family servant had already has proudly said, "you don't know Ji Lang, the second son of leixia Zeji's family?"

Xuan Shang's eyes were slightly sunken and he said, "Slightly heard of it."

That's true. The Ji Clan was still somewhat related to the Divine Clan, there are several immortals in the tribe. It's just that nowadays the rank is not high, so Xuan Shang's memory is superb and he still has impressions.

As soon as his voice dropped, the other party's face was pale: "Since you know each other, do you think you are worthy to sit in the same seat as our second Lord?"


Xuan Shangj didn't speak and sat down a row back. Ye Tan glanced back and patted his forehead: ''Do you want to be so humiliated? How can you not have the slightest sense of entitlement in front of a woman, after all?"

Shui Fu on the stage laughed and laughed: "Slut, don't think that if you have a small white face, someone will support it. Generally, the face is good, and the bones are soft."

Xuan Shang heard nothing of it, and Ye Tan was so angry that she jumped down from the arena again and rushed to him: "You're really spoiling the matter! Hey! I'm still a beauty, right? Can't you have some backbone and act like a man in front of a beautiful woman?"

Xuan Shang sat upright, his eyes not slanting: "A dispute of wills and qi is harmful and unhelpful."

"You!" For the first time in his life, Ye Tan was so angry that she couldn't say a word.

On the stage, Shui Fuzhen in a red suit smiled at Ji Lang: "The second elder brother and others, after packing up this bitch, we will go to Denghe."

Her words were so delicate that the second son, Ji Luang, whose bones were half crisped, held a jade lamp and raised it to her, "I'll make a celebration wine for my sister first."

"Celebration?" Ye Tan laughed coldly before jumping challenge arena again, "You guys really treat me like I don't exist!"

With a flick of her right hand, a flowering branch was already in her sleeve, barbed and divided into three leaves, each of which was a sharp and sharp weapon. Only one orchid bloomed at the top, the flakes white to blue, obviously hardened.

Xuan Shangjun's eyes paused, this weapon is not common.

Ye Tan did not care about him anymore, and soon fought with Shui Fu Ye. Shui Fuyi's technique is also the number of the fairy house. Because it is too shallow, it is difficult for him to distinguish the department.

A roar of applause resounded around, and someone in the nearby stands said, "There are two beauties in Tianxiang platform. No wonder there are more and more visitors."

Another person said, "That's what you don't know, right? The purple one is beautiful and awesome. As long as she's around, Tianxiang'll be as popular as ever. Some of the people who came here wanted to watch the old men sweat and fight. Or this beauty's wuhe dances beautifully."

What the stage said, Ye Tan didn't care. There is a lot of Tianxiang. There are two people pecking at each other, and compared to Tianxiang, her talent is obviously much better.

After the twelve moves, Tianxiang was already in a dilemma, and was about to lose. Her red lips were clenched, and she was not satisfied.

The flower thorns in Ye Tan's hands chopped off, watching as her golden hooks were about to fall off. The crowd was in high spirits, and the stage roared with joy as the beauties fought. Tian Xiang shouted. Suddenly, a black shadow on the seat flashed, and someone under the stage leapt up and cut Ye Tan straight with a sword light.

Xuan Shang's right hand pinched the knot, was about to help, but saw that although Ye Tang was not disturbed, the flower thorns in his hand back to protect a hand, blocked the sword, but the weapon was also almost out of hand.

"You!" Ye Tan didn't even have to look to know who this sudden meddler was. She said, "Ji Lang! Is it okay to interfere with a win or a loss at will above the ring? Besides, the rules, no men allowed on the field, don't you know?"

The crowd below the stage murmured softly, this Ji Lang was the strongest among the young disciples of the Lei Xazhe Ji Clan.

It was rumored that the first Immortal Calamity would soon follow. The owner of the Ji Clan, Ji Hejian, had high hopes for him, and even their old ancestor, Ji Baiyan, who had become an Earth Immortal, had taken special care of him. No one wants to provoke such a proud newcomer.

Ji Lang held up Shui Fuyu, who was lying in his arms softly, "Second Brother. My hand hurts." She was tearful and soft. Ji Lang rubbed her wrist for her, lengheng: "I'm here, can you tell the rules by turn?"

Ji Lang holds up Shuifu, who lies in his arms without bones: "two brothers. My hand hurts. " Her words are tearful and soft. Ji Lang rubbed her wrists and groaned coldly: "I'm here. Can you tell me the rules?"

Ye Tan didn't say a word and jumped off the Arena. Shuifu was immediately proud and said, "Slut, you step down first, you lost this game!" After finishing, go to get the blue Buddha fruit and jade in the colorful box.

Ye Tan ignored her and walked straight to Xuan Shang. Xuan Shang watched her approaching step by step, her dark fragrance growing stronger. He suddenly had a feeling of "I know what she's going to say". Sure enough, Ye Tan looked at him with a ghostly gaze: "You just watch them so bully your partner?"

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Xuan Shang stifled a laugh and said, "All the way through the words of persuasion, you have fallen on deaf ears. How come you're my partner now?"

Ye Tan was puffed up like a frog, and she was pulling three points without reason, immediately saying, "Don't you, a titular man, have the slightest intention of protecting the weak?"

"Weak?" Xuan Shang said, "If you know that you are weak, you should be in the palace and not appear in the city of sprites and goblins."

Here it is again ... Ye Tan reaches out his hand, pulls on his waistline, and changes a soft tone. Ye Tan, sweetly said: "But ... Ji Lang is bullying, you see it too. If other people come with you, if they be bullied by him, won't it be a disgrace to you too? "

The beauty is full of hatred and the soul is lost.

But it is not of good moral character to use beauty for deliberate ingratiation. Xuan Shang waved away her hand, and his tone was a little more serious: ''My face, it doesn't matter. But it is not right to use gestures to support others."

You're an old man!

Ye Tan secretly gritted his teeth, while Ji Lang over there laughed, ''Beauty, he is just a bale, with a good skin. And why do you have to be so dainty with him? If we don't get rid of you early, there will naturally be people to protect you everywhere."

Ye Tan glanced at Ji Lang, spread his hands, and said, "Well, you're right." After that, he turned and left. Ji Lang wanted to follow her, and Shui Fuzhen's fingertips turned around his chest, and said, "Brother Ji." The end turned, flower-chattered, Ji Lang could still care about her, and left Shui Fuzhen.

Of course, Ye Tan had to go as well, only to take a few steps and find Xuan Shang still trailing behind her. She arched a eyebrow and asked, "What else are you following me for?"

The change of face was swift. Xuan Shang said, ''If I strike, the four realms will think that the God Clan intends to regulate the city of sprites and demons. However, the laws of Heaven's Dao are that yin and yang coexist and that light and darkness coexist together, and the existence of the city of sprites and demons naturally makes sense. The God Clan has no other plans at the moment and must not cause misunderstanding."

That's a good explanation, too. But would Ye Tan think so? She asked, "Can't you hide your identity and teach Ji Lang and that bitchy maid a lesson?"

Xuan Shang found himself saying more words this night than he had in the past year. He said, "The Ji Clan is at the bottom of the Immortal Sect, and Ji Lang is a low-ranking member.. If I strike, I will not win."

Ye Tan grunted coldly, "So the result is that I've been bullied with you, and you don't even dare to stand up and say something!" No, the old man couldn't be impressed with a few words. She rolled her eyes, tears already falling, and drawled, "They're bossy, as you can see. If it was just one Ji Lang alone, I wouldn't have been able to talk to you. But his guards, all of them, were not weak in cultivation. It could be seen that the Ping Su Ji Clan Master must be partial to him. Do you only care about the greater good of the God Clan, but don't see the people around you being trampled on and bullied?"

After saying that, she lifted her sleeve: "Look at people's hands!" A red mark on her wrist was the result of Fang Ji Lang's surprise attack and his qi pressure on the flower thorns in her hand. The bloodstains come from white wrists, like plum blossoms blooming in frost and snow. Brilliant to the eye.

Xuan Shangjun looked down for a moment, took out the star shard from the waist, and put it in her hand: "Today's thing is indeed Ji Lang's delusion. Take this token to Lei Xazer, find the Ji Clan Master, and fight Ji Lang again. Your strength, if you fight alone, is enough to beat him. And to ensure that he doesn't interfere later."

Whew! This old man eats soft but not hard. Ye Tan received the shard, his voice soft and soft, and asked, "Is it true?" The star's tentacles are warm, polished smooth and warm, and the top is threaded with silk, and the top bead is exquisite and fringed. But she was still uneasy, she asked, "Then what if I go to the Ji family, they are powerful, what if they bully me?"

Xuan Shangjun glanced over the wound on her wrist and said, "No way."

Thinking about it, Ye Tan finally took the fragment into his arms, but showed a smirk and said, "I'll take it then."

She'd had a bad attitude all along the way and hadn't given him a good look. This smile, however, is as bright as a star.

Xuan Shang moved his gaze away and the beauty smiled, truly bewildering. "Hmm." he said.

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