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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Chapter 06

Of course, it is better to take revenge sooner rather than later.

Ye Tan's eyes glowed with treasured light, and she said, "Then I'll go to the Ji Clan Master this time, and the Divine Lord should return early."

For some reason, Xuan Shangjun suddenly had an ominous feeling of foreboding. He said, "After the fight, immediately return to Li Guang Clan and do not provoke right and wrong along the way."

Old man, it's awkward ... Ye Tan ran away, waving his hand away: "I know!"

Revenge, of course, is to repay. But how to report it, is the question. It doesn't make sense to get revenge just for the other party to get the punishment they deserve.

Ye Tan lightly turned the star fragment in his hand, O Ji Lang, meeting Princess Kui will be the most etched memory of your life…

Although the Lei Xia Ze Ji Clan was the lowest class of the Immortal Sect in Xuan Shang's opinion, it was quite prestigious between the human and demon clans, and could be considered as a prestigious clan. It was also easy for Ye Tan to find this place.

The next day, halfway through the hour. Ye Tan stood in front of the Ji's gatehouse, gilt bronze gate with double lion rings.

The door was so high that it seemed as if it was deliberately designed to make the person standing at the door feel a sense of trepidation and awe.

The gatehouse was imposing and majestic, with guards on the left and right, Ye Tan directly handed Xuan Shangjun's token, then took out a silk handkerchief from his arms and began to wipe his eyes: "Please sir, present this token to the Ji Clan Master."

She was pitiful, her words were gentle and rational, and the guards didn't make it difficult, and directly presented the token inside.

In a short while, the Ji Clan's gates opened around and around, and an old man with white beard and hanging chest came out in a sprint, his entourage behind him barely able to keep up.

"Which god sent the token?" He hurried to Ye Tan and looked carefully.

Ye Tan cried pearly tears and sobbed, "Grandpa Ji, last time in the city of sprites and demons, the young woman had a fight with Ji Lang, the second son of the Ji family. When I returned, my father reprimanded me severely and made me apologize for taking his old man's token to his door. I hope Grandpa Ji will forgive the young woman for her recklessness."

She knelt down while crying, feeling very aggrieved. He was only forced to apologize and admit his mistake because of a strict order from his elders.

The owner of the Ji Clan, Ji He, was instantly pale and unsteady on his feet, taking three steps back.

Home ... Father?

That star fragment is the private token of the emperor Xuanshang! She claims to be her daugther, but Xuanshang is not married. Who is she?!

Ji He dare not ask.

--If you ask me, it's the illegitimate daughter of Xuan Shangjun. Will the Ji Manchu Clan be silenced by the God Clan?

However, it is quite possible. In two thousand seven hundred years, when had the Xuan Shang God Sovereign ever used his personal token to stand up for others?!

"Come on!" He almost shouted with the last of his strength, "Tie that sinful beast Ji Lang to me!"

Just by hearing this trembling voice, one could tell that Xuan Shangjun's token was truly useful. Ye Tan cried while adding fuel to the fire: "Grandpa Ji, it was Ji Lang's fault that day, and my father blamed me for it. But the old man said that the discipline of the Ji family was strict and would punish Ji Lang severely. All I have to do is come to the door and apologize. Now that I've apologized, can I go?"

After saying that, she beeped her mouth and left the Ji family in a big step. Ji Lang ah Ji Lang, you just wait for death! Ahahahahaha! It's a good day to do whatever you want.

Ji He stopped his bitterness to the point of vomiting out, and instructed the right and left, "Call the Ji Clan elders, and discuss affairs in the ancestral hall!"

In the afternoon of that day, the Rainbow Hall of the Heavenly Realm.

Xuan Shang Shen was sitting on the upper seat, flipping through the star charts presented by the twenty-eight star signs. The astrological chart is closely related to the Tao of Heaven and has a great influence on humanity. If there is a change in the heavenly dao, the first thing is a change in the astrological signs.

He had just flipped through a few pages when suddenly the immortal attendant Mo Feichi came in. I didn't dare to interrupt even if I came in.

Xuan Shang closed the astrological chart and asked, "what's the matter?"

Fei Chi is a little white rabbit who was rescued by Xuan Shang Divine Lord after falling into the swamp as a child. It was also a blessing that he stayed at the Rainbow Palace when he grew up to serve as a writer. He was the closest immortal servant to Xuan Shang. He is a gentle man, and everyone turns to him for help when they are afraid to report something. Therefore, he is well known in the heavenly realm.

At this moment, he hesitated for a moment before saying, "Replying to the Divine Lord, Lei xiaze's immortal Ji Baiyan is out for an audience."

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"Ji Baiyan?" Xuan Shang Divine Lord frowned, and Ji Baiyan was the current Lei Xiaze Earth Immortal. It's not a high ranking, so it's not a problem to go directly to the Rainbow Palace. But now that it's here, it must happen for a reason. "Let him in," he said.

Feichi has just got the message.

A few moments later, Leixiaze Immortal Ji Bai Yan came in, not only wearing a sinful garment, but also wearing a head that radiated. That's all, and he's dragging a bloody thing in with him.

Xuan Shang's brow furrowed: "What happened?"

Ji Baiyan kowtowed to the ground with one head and kneeled down, "The Gods are in power, there is an unfilial son of the Ji family, who is so arrogant and despicable that he has damaged the Ji family's lintel. Ji Baiyan's heir has no virtue, and has come to apologize to His Majesty!"

With that said, he handed something in both hands. Fei Chi was busy to receive it and present it to the God Xuan Shang. Xuan Shang swept through it with a glance, and it was the same token that he had given to the "Princess Qing Kui" the other day.

Gave on more glance at His Highness's blood-soaked mush, and he finally understood - Ji Lang? Why get beaten up like that. How can a woman like Qing Kui fight so hard?

The first thing I saw was that Ji Luang did not have a good place in his body, and his cultivation was completely ruined. The bones are also severely damaged, and even if they are cured, it is not yet clear whether they can practice again.

He was silent. Ji Baiyan was even more panicked and said, "Ji Lang did not repair the fortune, he was so arrogant, he offended His Majesty's beloved daughter. The Ji clan was so terrified that they had abolished the evil beasts and imposed the family law. I was going to kill this beast. I am afraid that the sinful beast's crime is far worse than this, so I have thought about it for a hundred times, and I have tied him up here."

When he said something else, the Xuan Shang Divine Lord didn't even care much, but there were two words that were clearly captured by him.

Beloved... daughter? !!

Xuan Shangjun's brow up and he didn't speak. Does it even matter? She must have used the feather of a chicken as an arrow to go to LeXiaze to make a fool of herself!


It's no use saying anything now, it's just jumping into the Yellow River is unclear.

Xuan Shangjun put away the star token.

Don't get angry, don't get angry.

She's just a human child, an ignorant child, and doesn't know anything.

With a cold and solemn face, he recited the spell of clearing his mind and quieting his qi again and again, and finally opened his mouth slowly: ''Although Ji Lang is bossy, he has learned his lesson even though he has been sentenced to this punishment. Bring him back and raise him well. They will be subject to strict discipline in the future. The Ji Clan has a hard-earned reputation, and with the blessing of our ancestors today, future generations should cherish their blessings."

Ji Baiyan kowtowed repeatedly, and Feichi next to him had already been dumbfounded - Xuanshang's...beloved daughter? When did this happen?

Xuan Shangjun just took one look at his expression and waved him back with a raised hand.

Don't be angry, don't be angry... I'm not angry with others, Nobody will take care of me when I'm angry...

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