Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 497

Published at 23rd of June 2022 11:15:31 AM

Chapter 497: Remedy

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Jiang Yu said, “I’ll tell you when the competition is over. But right now, we have to hurry up and bring that spare set of clothes over.”

Sister Xia seemed to have woken up from a dream as she said, “Right, right, right. I’ll call Xiao Xia right now and ask her to hurry up and bring the clothes over.”

As she said that, Sister Xia immediately called Xiao Xia and asked her to hurry to the lounge to bring the spare set of clothes over.

“The studio is quite a distance away from here. It will take some time for Xiao Xia to send over the clothes.” Sister Xia said with some worry, “I’m just afraid that your appearance order will be higher. If that’s the case, you’ll have to go on stage before the clothes arrive.”

“Sigh, there’s no better solution. We can only take it one step at a time.” Jiang Yu didn’t have any better solution, so she could only leave it to fate.

These two people were indeed sisters. One of them had someone destroy their clothes, while the other had someone change their clothes. They just wouldn’t stop. They were always going to cause trouble.

“No matter what, let’s put on makeup now,” Jiang Yu said. “The competition is going to start soon. We can’t stop putting on makeup just because we don’t have any clothes.”

Sister Xia said, “Okay. I’ll call for a makeup artist for you.”

The live broadcast began, and the competition began.

The director drew lots to determine the order in which each contestant would go on stage. There were only five people in total. Jiang Yu was in second place, while Li Lu was in first place.

Sister Xia looked at the order in which the contestants would go on stage and said, “What I’m afraid of comes true. Jiang Yu, you’re in second place. Time is tight. Even if Xiao Xia can deliver the clothes, I’m afraid you won’t have the time to change.”

Jiang Yu looked at the note that said “Two” and said, “Sister Xia, help me ask Xiao Xia where she is.”


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Sister Xia gave Xiao Xia a call. After asking, Sister Xia turned around and said to Jiang Yu, “Xiao Xia said she’s still on the highway. There’s some traffic ahead.”

Sister Xia felt that this was a bit difficult and said, “Jiang Yu, the only thing we can do now is to see if we can change the order of appearance with the person at the back.”

Jiang Yu nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go and ask.”

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However, this was the finals, so everyone was extremely nervous. No one was willing to appear in front of them.

So, naturally, no one was willing to exchange the order of appearance with Jiang Yu. Even the third person wasn’t willing to exchange with Jiang Yu.

“I can’t. I’m really too nervous.” The contestant was called Nian Wei. She was a person who specialized in dance. “I just graduated this year and have never participated in such a big competition. I’m really too nervous. I don’t want to appear so early, so I’m really sorry.”

Jiang Yu smiled and patted her shoulder, saying, “It’s okay. You must work hard.”

Nian Wei blushed and nodded, saying, “Okay, I’ll work hard.”

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Since none of the remaining three players were willing to exchange their order of appearance, Jiang Yu could only return to the waiting room and wait.

“What should we do?” Sister Xia was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, “Why did something happen at this time of all times? Fortunately, we discovered it early. If we only went to change when we were about to go on stage, there would really be no way to fix it.”

Jiang Yu narrowed her eyes and said, “Li Lu always does things that only children would do.”

“Li Lu?” Sister Xia was puzzled. “How do you know it’s Li Lu? Although I also think it’s her, but… There’s still no evidence, right?”

Jiang Yu smiled helplessly, she said, “Li Lu came so early today. At that time, I already felt that something was wrong. And I didn’t pay attention to what she said. Given her previous personality, she would have been angry. But she wasn’t angry today. I guess she was ready to laugh at me.”
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