Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 499

Published at 23rd of June 2022 11:15:29 AM

Chapter 499: Quarrel

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Li Lu frowned again and thought to herself, “What’s wrong with this old man? Didn’t we agree to praise me before? Why did he say that in the finals?”

Li Lu was displeased and said, “Teacher, since you said that my strength is average, then tell me, whose strength is higher than mine?”

Sha Wei, who was the judge who spoke just now. He said, “Of course it’s Jiang Yu. Among the five people who advanced, even if the dance professionals are ranked together, Jiang Yu’s strength is still superior. I’m not blindly praising her, this is obvious to everyone.”

Jiang Yu! It’s that Jiang Yu again!

Li Lu gritted her teeth, cursing Sha Wei in her heart countless times.

This damned old man, taking my money and not speaking up for me is already one thing, but he actually praised that Jiang Yu instead??! And he even said that Jiang Yu’s strength was superior?!!

The graceful and elegant female judge was called Yang Li. She retorted, “Teacher Sha, even if you’re biased towards Jiang Yu, you shouldn’t praise her so much, right? If you say that out loud, what will those people who specialize in dance think?”

Sha Wei had always been a person who only looked at strength and not background, so he didn’t think that those people who specialized in dance were that powerful.

He said, “Can you deny Jiang Yu’s strength? But you, do you really think that Li Lu is very outstanding?”

Hearing that he doubted her, Yang Li did not want to be outdone and said, “Could it be that teacher Sha really thinks that Jiang Yu is very outstanding? I really don’t know how many benefits you have received from that Jiang Yu to be able to speak up for her like this.”

The implication of her words was that Jiang Yu had bribed the judge to speak up for her.

For a moment, the atmosphere turned heavy.

Sha Wei said, “What you said is strange. Do you think Jiang Yu paid me? But the one who paid was actually someone else…”

Li Lu was worried that Sha Wei would say something about her, so she quickly grabbed the host’s microphone and said, “Isn’t this the dance finals? Aren’t we going to continue the competition and watch the two judges and teachers argue?”

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This sentence successfully stopped Sha Wei from continuing, preventing him from continuing.

The host also reacted and quickly said, “Yes, yes. Next, let’s invite the next contestant — Jiang Yu!”

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Only then did Li Lu step down from the stage.

Everyone held their breaths, waiting for Jiang Yu, who was rumored to be even stronger than a professional dancer.

However, no one saw Jiang Yu.

Half a minute later, someone whispered, “What’s wrong with Jiang Yu? Why isn’t she coming out to compete?”

“Yeah. Is she afraid? After all, the judges have such high hopes for her.”

“Is she really afraid? It’s been almost a minute. Why isn’t she coming out?”

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Seeing that Jiang Yu had yet to appear, Yang Li sneered at Sha Wei and said, “Teacher Sha, where’s the Jiang Yu that you have high hopes for? Why isn’t she coming out to compete?”

Sha Wei ignored her mockery and said, “I only value Jiang Yu’s strength. Whether she wants to compete or not has nothing to do with me.”

Seeing that Sha Wei was not angry, Yang Li also knew that her punch had hit cotton. It was soft and did not feel anything at all.

She immediately felt a little bored and said, “Then you can wait and see when that Jiang Yu can come out to compete.”

Li Lu was below the stage. She did not see Jiang Yu in the waiting room nor did she see Jiang Yu go on stage. She thought that she did not dare to go on stage because she did not have any costumes for the performance.
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