Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 501

Published at 23rd of June 2022 11:15:27 AM

Chapter 501: Better

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The manager whispered, “Let’s go back. Judging from the time, Jiang Yu’s dance should be over. Since we can’t see the actual situation on the stage, we might as well go back and have a good rest.”

Li Lu didn’t want to go back. She frowned and said unhappily, “Why should we go back? Can’t I see what happened to Jiang Yu?”

Her manager also whispered, “But… There’s no way to be sure that Jiang Yu will make a fool of herself, right?”

Li Lu didn’t say anything. After a long while, she said unhappily, “Let’s go back to the lounge.”

Her manager was right. If Jiang Yu didn’t find a costume for the performance and only had that set of white clothes, she would indeed make a fool of herself. She might not even be able to participate in the competition.

However, Jiang Yu had not only found a replacement costume for the performance, she had even completed the entire dance with the white outfit that she had left for her. Even if it did not achieve the expected effect, it could still be considered as completing the competition in a proper manner, where did she get the idea of making a fool of herself?

It seemed that she had secretly helped her out? Li Lu thought angrily that she had really shot herself in the foot this time.

Jiang Yu stood straight on the stage and did not see the host coming up to host. She had no choice but to borrow a microphone from a staff member beside her and said, “Hello, everyone. I’m Jiang Yu.”

As soon as she said that, everyone came back to their senses and realized that there were tears on their faces.

The host hurriedly wiped away his tears and ran up to the stage, he said, “I’m really sorry. I lost my composure a little. However, Jiang Yu’s dance has indeed brought us all into an emotional state. As I watched from the side, I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing.”

Jiang Yu bowed politely and said, “I’m very happy that everyone liked my dance. I didn’t know that my performance today would be so extraordinary, and it really surprised me.”

This sentence seemed to come from a person who was full of conceit. But from Jiang Yu’s mouth, it was the truth, and it could even be said to be humble.

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This was because Jiang Yu’s dance today was indeed stunning. Just like what Judge Sha Wei had said, even a professional dancer might not be able to compete with Jiang Yu.

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The host said, “I wonder if the judges have any comments on Jiang Yu’s dance?”

Yang Li took the lead to pick up the microphone, she said, “Her strength is average. I think she’s not as good as Li Lu. However, there are still three contestants whose dances I haven’t seen yet, so I can’t say much. Let’s just wait and see. What if the three contestants behind are all better than Jiang Yu?”

What she said made a lot of sense, but everyone knew that the three contestants behind might not be as good as Jiang Yu.

Just as Sha Wei said, Jiang Yu’s strength was still better.

Sha Wei took the microphone, he said slowly, “I have acknowledged Jiang Yu’s strength from the very beginning. I don’t think her strength is outstanding, but she is indeed the most talented seedling I have seen in my many years in this industry. If she is willing to continue dancing, I can guarantee that she will be very accomplished in this aspect.”

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Sha Wei had given such a high evaluation, so Yang Li could not say anything to refute it. She could only say one last thing, “There are many people who have the ability, and there is more than one Jiang Yu.”

She did not mention Li Lu again, but those who were interested knew that she was referring to Li Lu.

Hence, someone guessed, “Does Yang Li Know Li Lu? Or is there a relationship between them?”

“Why do you think so?”

“Otherwise, why does she always speak up for Li Lu, saying that Li Lu’s strength is better? And she always belittles Jiang Yu.”
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