Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 502

Published at 23rd of June 2022 11:15:26 AM

Chapter 502: Ranking

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Many people felt that there was an unspeakable relationship between Yang Li and Li Lu, but no one had any evidence.

However, everyone’s attention was now on Jiang Yu, so no one paid much attention to Li Lu.

After Jiang Yu left the stage, it was time for the third contestant to take the stage.

When Jiang Yu returned to the waiting room, Sister Xia quickly handed him a towel and asked worriedly, “How are you? Are you feeling okay?”

Jiang Yu took the towel and wiped her sweat. “I’m fine. Fortunately, Xiao Xia delivered the clothes. Although it took her some time, she made it in time.”

Sister Xia also let out a long sigh of relief and said, “Yeah. I was always worried that Xiao Xia wouldn’t make it in time. I didn’t expect her to get off the car on the highway and run here.”

Jiang Yu also said, “Yeah. It’s all thanks to Xiao Xia that the competition was successful this time.”

When Li Lu heard the word “Xiao Xia” at the door, she secretly gritted her teeth and said, “Good for you, Jiang Yu! Yuan Lai has someone behind you to prepare for you!”

The manager tugged at Li Lu’s sleeve and whispered, “Let’s go back quickly. It won’t be good if Jiang Yu finds out.”

Li Lu shook off her manager’s hand and said, “What’s wrong with you? Are you afraid of Jiang Yu?”

Her manager said timidly, “I’m not afraid… But no one knows what you’ve done now. If others find out, your future will be ruined.”

Li Lu didn’t care. “Who would know? If you don’t tell me, who would know that I changed into Jiang Yu’s clothes?”

Her manager didn’t say anything anymore and just stood behind Li Lu with her head lowered.

“I want to see what kind of ranking Jiang Yu can get with such a big show,” Li Lu said fiercely.

The manager was also helpless.

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She wasn’t like this when she took Li Lu in the first place. At that time, she was still a simple girl full of yearning for the entertainment industry.

But now… for some reason, she had become like this.

“Sigh.” Her manager didn’t know what to say to her — because even if she did, it would be useless. Li Lu wouldn’t listen at all.

“Let’s go back to the lounge.” Li Lu had lost her temper in front of Jiang Yu’s lounge, so she wanted to go back to the lounge.

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“By the way, did Xu Ye come today?” Li Lu asked.

Her manager said, “No.”

“Is that so?” Li Lu sneered and said, “It seems that he has no interest in Jiang Yu. Otherwise, he would have definitely come to a competition like today.”

Her agent wanted to say that Xu Ye actually wanted to come today, but because of the schedule, he couldn’t schedule time, so he didn’t come.

However, Li Lu seemed to be very satisfied with the fact that Xu Ye didn’t come today, so she wouldn’t ask for trouble and tell the original situation of the matter.

After the competition ended, it was time for the audience to vote. Whether it was the live audience or the audience watching the live broadcast, they could all vote for their favorite contestant.

Li Lu sat restlessly in the lounge, anxiously waiting for her ranking result.

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However, she didn’t hear the sentence “First place is Li Lu” but heard “First place is Jiang Yu”.

“Jiang Yu?!” Li Lu stood up with a whoosh, and even her chair fell down. “How can it be Jiang Yu?! How can it be Jiang Yu for first place?!”

Li Lu couldn’t believe this fact. She thought that the person who counted the votes had made a mistake, so she quickly ran backstage, found the host, and asked, “Are you sure that the first place is really Jiang Yu?”

The host looked at the counting machine in his hand and said with certainty, “Yes, it’s Jiang Yu.”

“Are you sure that you didn’t see wrongly?” Li Lu asked again, unwilling to give up.
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