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This brought out the responsibility and mission of a reporter. Shen Fanxing sneered, “Say that again. Who are you seeking justice for?” For some reason, the reporter felt fearful of Shen Fanxing’s words. “You… even if it’s not for anyone, you should clarify yourself, right? The comment

She had already expected this press conference… Seriously… She had to admire him. In the past, from a male’s point of view, he felt that there must be a man with a powerful background helping her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to turn the tables so easily. Until her re

Old Master Bo sat on the sofa with both hands on his walking stick. His face was ashen. Seeing this, Mother Chen’s happy mood instantly sank. Even the smile on her face became unnatural. After being stunned for a long time, she reacted and hurried forward to criticize the servants.

With that one glance, Mother Chen’s eyes widened and her face turned pale. Her legs were trembling. After that, she forced the servants to kneel and even threatened them to scram. That scene and the quality of the painting was like a super member’s 1080P HD. Every expression and every

She looked absolutely terrified. “I… I’m just telling the truth… Why are you so fierce? It’s as if you want to eat me…” The girl’s words made Old Master Bo notice the hatred in Madam Chen’s eyes. His softened heart hardened again. He pushed Mother Chen aside and shouted angrily, “Leave

“Then you can return to your previous workplace.” The arrogance in Mother Chen’s eyes changed instantly. She stared blankly at the staff opposite her with a defeated expression. The staff member quickly filled in the form and placed it aside. He looked up and shouted, “Alright, next!”

Shen Fanxing could totally understand Lou Ruoyi. Wasn’t she the same? How could she bear to make things difficult for Bo Jinchuan? “I understand,” replied Shen Fanxing. Then, she smiled and said, “Old Master can’t beat us. In this world, we’re the ones who have stayed by his son and gr

“It’s fine if you repent and admit your mistake. If you should go back, you have to go back. After all, people have a few years to live. Since Old Master likes you, he will at most let you serve him for a few more years. However… you haven’t changed…” Madam Chen’s expression was rather interesti

“Anyone with desire and greed will definitely jump in… Second Uncle obviously wants more.” Bo Sichen nodded in agreement with Shen Fanxing. How long had he suppressed himself all these years? Now, he had gone through so much trouble to get the company? “Since you want to do this, it’s

Bo Jinchuan pressed his lips tightly and his face darkened. She straightened up and picked up the phone that had fallen beside her bed. The next second, Lou Ruoyi hung up the call. Lou Ruoyi, who was about to speak, blinked when she heard the beep. Her eyes widened in anger. “Hey,

Hua Jin looked intently at Tang Yu as he calmly said, “I saw two female fans enter your room some time ago and didn’t come out for two days and two nights. It seems like an intense battle went on in there!” Liang Yin was about to say “impossible” when the actor stopped her with a hand gesture an

Intrigued by her reaction, Hua Jin caught up with her. “Why are you walking so fast?! Can you slow down? Your legs are so long.” However, Liang Yin immediately said, “These are your legs, not mine.” The actor snorted at that. “They’re yours now!” Liang Yin pursed her lips, refusing to

Liang Yin had promised to keep it a secret. The problem was that if the actor found out who Sister V was, it would be bad for her. Sister V was Tang Yu’s manager. Her name was Ivy and she was known as Sister V. Tang Yu had a few fans circles that Sister V managed. Sometimes, Sister V would post

Chapter 1449 – The New Myriad Sect RankingThis was the first time Tianming had entered the ninth level of the Violetglory Pagoda. Not even the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, with its twenty-five-million-strong Ninedragon Army, could provide something like this. There were a hundred caeli imperius here—fifty

Chapter 1450 – Son-In-Law’s SectThe return of the Veildragon Palace and the promotion of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect on the myriad sect ranking didn’t matter. The ranking wasn’t important, but an immediate adjustment of the nova source was a problem. The weight of the nova source was related to the lif

Chapter 2998: One Finger Like the present grand ancestors, Ao He stared at Huang Xiaolong as though he was staring at some dumb*ss beggar asking to meet the emperor of a kingdom at the gates of the imperial palace. When he finally processed what Huang Xiaolong said, he roared with laughter. “What d

Chapter 367Mount Paozu, the sun shone brightly, and the sky was clear.The warm light through the gaps in the forest, on the ground, speckled with light and shadow. The interior of the forest, grass, and trees grow, the forest green wood, deep places from time to time echoed the angry hiss of beasts

Chapter 369: The Question of Uchiha Sasuke!When Uehara saw that Orochimaru was actually able to escape, he felt that it was a bit inconceivable. This guy really needs to be caught like a bug…As the mastermind and the strongest ninja in this world, Uehara still hoped that only he could open auxiliary

Chapter 828. Sequence 10That man walked along in the darkness. He would walk a few steps then turn around and stay still as though he was lost before moving again. It didn’t seem like he had a destination. Even if he did, it was pitch-black darkness all around, making it impossible to have a sense o

Chapter 1438: Reappearance Of InvincibilityThe phantom image behind Wang Su was quite clear. It was a hand, and it was even possible to make out the palm lines on it. Its light illuminated Wang Su, giving her a divine appearance.The moment that Lu Yin saw this, he thought of the imprints that he had

Chapter 1018: Myriad-stone MountainYou Zilin and You Ziling finally understood Feng Feiyun’s plan.You Zilin happily followed behind Feiyun and said: “The evaluation must be too important and competitive. Elder Lin doesn’t want to offend all the lords so he wishes to maintain neutrality, at least in

Chapter 2236: Changes To The SoulBy the looks of it, Davis had successfully forged a Soul Physique by reversing the mutated Supreme Immortal Sigil that he had created after fusing the black and white tendril of Fallen Heaven. It was such a risky move, but he had managed to come out alive and almost

Chapter 2237: Mystical AuraNadia and Eldia shot into him, exploring their newly renovated home, while Davis took a step forward and appeared in his chamber. He turned to look back to find the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace floating in mid-air, although it was only the size of a hand, causing

Chapter 2238: Revitalizing The DealThis chapter upload first at: NovelBin.Com Myria became stunned before she slightly lowered her head, raising her hand to rub her temple as though relieving the headache she had got just now.“Will you ever stop courting death?” Her lips moved, causing Davis to crac

Chapter 2239: Resurrection TechniqueThis chapter upload first at: NovelBin.Com “Forget what I said.”Just when Davis thought Myria was going to demand Fallen Heaven or indirectly mention its return, she shook her head, continuing.“Since you have the requirements at hand, I’ll teach you the Fallen Sou

Chapter 1249: An Yang’s Jealousy (1)An Yang had to return to university to settle some formalities.He was currently taking a break from university. Once his break was over, he could return to university to continue his studies.An Yang drove his car through the university gates.When he drove past the

Chapter 1250: An Yang’s Jealousy (2)“He’s A Sheng’s friend,” Jian Yiling replied. In her mind, this was another convincing reason.“This isn’t related to that though! Master Sheng indeed only likes you! But that doesn’t mean his friends are the same as him! Furthermore, just because a man treats his

Chapter 1208 – Lightning Shadow SwordLin Yun had successfully broken the Four Phase Sword Array that was under the control of four Elysium Core Realm experts. At the same time, the brutality that he displayed exceeded everyone’s expectations.At the same time, everyone was shocked by the sword holy s

Chapter 1209 – Don’t Scare Me!Test the sword again? Lin Yun smiled because he could sense a playful gaze from the surroundings. After all, he had snapped the Incineration Sword, which left a deep impression on everyone. He had broken a saint artifact that was comparable to a thousand rune saint arti

Chapter 1870: Gathering Large ArtifactsAfter a day of fighting, the battlefield finally showed a confrontation between two large armies. Then the Great Realm of Cultivation began to retreat with Zhao Hai’s first army holding up the rear. This didn’t give the Heavenly Demons any chance to pursue.The

Chapter 1871: UnthreatenedIt was easy for Zhao Hai to use the large artifacts of the Great Realm of Cultivation. Once the Undead understood how they operated, he would be able to use them freely.Zhao Hai has no issues about the large artifacts. What he was focused on were the 500 people in front of

Su Bei could forget about staying safe from this matter. What about the child? Just as she was thinking, Qiu Minxuan called her and said, “Huixian, I’ve accepted a variety show for you. Although it’s a little tough, you’ll get paid. If you have no objections, I’ll sign the contract?” H

[What else do the braindead fans have to say? You guys are busy protecting your idol, but she has already been prosecuted by her own company! Stop struggling!] [I will always believe in Su Bei. I believe that she would never do such a thing!] [Sheng Tang Entertainment, if you can’t give us a

Lu Heting soon saw the footage of Su Bei and Du Luo. He had set up a special reminder on Weibo. As long as there was any news about Bei, he would be notified of it immediately. He simply glanced at the footage and knew that Su Bei had no interest in this man. Su Bei was not someone who was g

The current situation wasn’t beneficial to the company’s development, but it wasn’t easy to change things. He could only allow his two granddaughters to oppose each other. When Su Bei came over, Tang Yue’s assistant stopped her and said, “There’s a high-level meeting inside. It’s not appropr

Chu Junmo raised his eyebrows. He suddenly remembered that when he met Gu Qiqi for the first time back then, in order to help her tide through the difficulties of having her application changed for the college entrance examinations, he had secretly negotiated with the principal of the Empire Mil

“In this year’s competition, according to the usual practice, every participating country will provide a national treasure as a prize. We have divided the national treasure into three parts too. They will be won by the champions of the three different groups!” Gu Qiqi didn’t care much about thes

“Dream on!” Luo Yin rebuked him without holding back. He was a descendant of the higher void. How could he be subservient to others just because of the life and death of his companions? Although they were all brothers. But the nature of the so-called “brothers” had changed after th

Although he might lose his freedom for a short period of time, he would only lose his freedom during the Imperial City trial. Once he left the Yunlun mountain range, no one would be able to restrain him. Luo Yin was not stupid. The moment Mu Zixi threatened him, he knew that he would no long

Shen Li had been very busy this Spring Festival. Since the first day of the Lunar New Year, she had been kept busy with various New Year greetings. Since she was in Hong Kong City, many people could not meet with her, so she made quite a number of video and voice calls. On the 17th day