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Chapter 10: 10

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"Zhang Jin, you!"

Su Yun's gaze turned cold and his heart was filled with anger.

At this moment, Su Ling, who had been standing in the back, suddenly laughed. He stood out and faced Zhang Jin, who had a cold and arrogant expression, and said: "Uncle Zhang, are you so sure that your nephew Su Ling is unable to refine a first class Spirit Pill?"


Hearing this, Zhang Jin was stunned. He was too excited when he just entered the hall and did not notice Su Ling's existence. In other words, in Zhang Jin's eyes, Su Ling had already died in the wilderness and would not come out alive. He never expected that he would actually be here and meet Su Ling again.

"You … You actually didn't die! "

Zhang Jin was shocked and his voice trembled. He felt that it was unbelievable and coldly stared at Su Ling.

"Hur hur, Uncle Zhang is joking. "The Zhang Clan hasn't even died yet, how could I have died?"

He stared at Zhang Jin and said: "Since Uncle Zhang wishes for me to refine a Tier 1 Spirit Pill, then I will refine a Tier 1 Spirit Pill in front of everyone in this hall. It can be considered as Uncle Zhang's wish."


Zhang Jin's mind was in a state of turmoil as his embarrassment turned into anger.

Su Ling was still alive?

How could he not die!? If Su Ling did not die, wouldn't that mean that the plan to destroy the Su Clan could only be replanned?

"Alright, let me see how you are going to refine a tier 1 Spirit Pill."

Zhang Jin took a deep breath as he calmed the panic in his heart. He knew that Su Ling was a well-known trash in Azure Sun City. He could not concoct a Tier 1 Spirit Pill.

After which, Zhang Jin clapped his hands.

At this moment, a white-haired old man sneered with a face full of contempt, and quickly walked into the great hall of the Su Clan.

"Old Mo, sorry for troubling you!" I am still a little worried about the pill refining process of Su Ling's nephew.

Zhang Jin looked at the white haired old man and said solemnly. He did not believe that Su Ling would be able to concoct a Tier 1 Spirit Pill, and Su Ling would definitely use underhanded methods. Thus, he had already prepared and brought a Tier 2 alchemist to supervise Su Ling in concocting pills.

"Good for you, Zhang Jin!" Looks like you're purposely plotting against our Su Clan. "

Seeing that Zhang Jin had actually come prepared along with a Tier 2 alchemist, Su Yunshan's expression immediately turned incomparably ugly. He said indifferently in his heart, "Even if Ling'er is unable to concoct a Tier 1 Spirit Pill, I will definitely not hand over Little Sister Su to the Zhang Clan."

Su Yun Shan was Su Ling's father and knew Su Ling better than anyone. With Su Ling's capability, not to mention refining a grade-1 pill, Su Ling would probably need to look for books to find out what a grade-1 pill was.

Thus, Su Yun Shan was sure that Su Ling would not be able to concoct a first class Spirit Gathering Pill. Su Ling must have bought a first class Spirit Gathering Pill beforehand and considered it as being his.

However, who would have thought that Zhang Jin would bring a second tier alchemist with him to monitor the entire process of Su Ling's pill refinement.

Old Mo was very old and he was wearing a black robe. He stared at Su Ling and said, "Alright, you can start concocting the pills now."

"Mm. Alright."

Su Ling nodded his head and looked towards Su Yun Shan: "Father, please help me prepare the alchemy furnace and ingredients."

"Sigh …"

Su Yun Shan sighed helplessly.

Su Ling insisted on concocting pills to prove himself. The situation in front of him was already dire, and he had no choice but to make his move.

"Someone, bring the cauldron and the medicinal herbs here!"

Su Yun Shan said loudly.

Very quickly, a few servants from the Su Clan brought a pill furnace and some green medicinal ingredients to the hall.

Old Mo stepped forward and inspected the furnace and the ingredients before saying, "Leader Zhang, there's nothing wrong with the furnace and the ingredients."

"That's good!"

Zhang Jin chuckled and nodded his head. With a gloomy look in his eyes, he said, "Go! Su Ling, my nephew, I have personally witnessed you concocting pills. "

"Hehe, it's my honor!"

Su Ling smiled and said calmly.

In fact, Su Ling clearly remembered the enmity between Su Ling and Zhang Jin.

Su Ling was waiting for an opportunity to destroy the entire Zhang Clan. As for this sinister Zhang Jin, he had to die!

Su Ling frowned. His eyes were filled with a trace of coldness. After two lifetimes, he no longer had the impulse to do things. He still knew how to endure and waited for an opportunity to make his move.

Looking at the alchemy furnace in front of him and the medicinal ingredients, Su Ling smiled and said indifferently in his heart: "With my current soul force, even if I can concoct a second grade elixir, Body Tempering Pill or Bone Ablutionary Pill, how hard would it be to refine a mere Spirit Gathering Pill? Forget it, let's just let this bunch of ants broaden our horizons and look at my pill forging skills! "

Soon after, Su Ling's gaze sank. He casually picked up the crystal clear medicinal herbs beside the furnace.

Su Ling threw the herbs into the cauldron.

Following which, Su Ling fiercely smacked the furnace with his right hand. Traces of mystical Qi flowed out from his Qi Sea and into the furnace through his palm.

At the same time, Su Ling used his left hand to grab the core ingredients to concoct the Spirit Concentrating Pill, the Ice Crystal Fruit, and threw it into the furnace.

Old Mo stood at the side and stared coldly at Su Ling's actions.

Before he came here, Zhang Jin had already warned Old Mo that Su Ling was trash who didn't know how to refine pills.

"Hehe, this guy, is indeed a piece of trash! "He has already failed in his pill forging."

Old Mo's gaze was ice-cold as he coldly spoke.

"Old Mo, with your words, I feel at ease. I thought this guy would really be able to concoct a Spirit Pill! Now it seems like he was just putting on an act. "

Zhang Jin chuckled as he followed beside Elder Mo.

"Even though he knows some basic alchemy techniques, he forgot to purify them!" Even though the Spirit Gathering Pill is only a Tier 1 pill and is the most basic pill, if it is not refined, it would be impossible to refine. "

Elder Mo frowned as he explained.

Elder Mo was very clear that for those pill refiners, purifying was a process that they had to go through.

Unless one had extremely terrifying soul control, and was able to directly remove impurities from medicinal pills during the refining process.

However, even the most accomplished alchemist in Qingyang City couldn't guarantee that he would be able to completely remove the impurities during the process of refining a pill.

If he couldn't completely remove the impurities from the pill, then the pill that he refined would definitely be a low-grade pill or even a useless product.

It was because of this that at this moment, Old Mo had already determined that Su Ling must have failed this time.

He subconsciously closed his eyes, unwilling to continue watching.

Su Ling clearly heard the words that Old Mo spoke just now.

That's right!

It was just as Old Mo had said, when a pill refiner refines pills, they must go through a purification process. Su Ling was indeed not at the beginning of purification. In many people's eyes, Su Ling had definitely failed this time.

It was a pity that Su Ling was a peak Grade Nine Alchemist in his previous life. The art of refining pills that he possessed far exceeded that of ordinary alchemists.

In the process of pill forging, he could perfectly purify the herbs.

Su Yun Shan stood at the side and heard Old Mo's words. His heart instantly turned cold, although he already knew that it was impossible for Su Ling to refine a first class Psionic Condensing Pill, when he saw Su Ling fail with his own eyes, he felt very upset.

"Ling'er, no matter what happens, I must ensure your safety, and even more so, ensure little sister Su's safety."

Su Yun Shan sighed and said solemnly.

At this moment, Su Ling was controlling his mystical Qi.

He used his soul force to check on the situation in the furnace. A few minutes later, a white mist shot out from the furnace, leaving a refreshing fragrance in the air.

That white mist was the impurities that Su Ling had extracted.

Old Mo opened his eyes abruptly, he witnessed the white mist flowing out of the pill furnace with his own eyes, and felt incredulous.

Just now, he had closed his eyes because he was sure that Su Ling had failed.

But now, Su Ling had actually purified the herbs and even removed the impurities. This was simply inconceivable.

"Impossible!" This was impossible! How did he do it? "

Old Mo was extremely shocked in his heart. His face was full of horror as he stared at Su Ling and exclaimed in shock.

Regarding Old Mo's surprise and his constant questioning, Su Ling merely chuckled a few times.

At this moment, what was left in the furnace was the essence of the medicinal herbs. As long as one controlled the heat and profound energy well, one could refine the essence of the medicinal herbs and condense the Bone Ablutionary Dan.

"Core Formation!"

Suddenly, Su Ling shouted in a low voice and began injecting his own weak mystical Qi into the furnace. He only stopped injecting his mystical Qi into the furnace when the sticky essence of the medicinal ingredients in the furnace began to condense into a pill emitting a dark green glow.

"Come out!"

Su Ling smacked the furnace with his palm. A bright green pill that emitted an alluring fragrance fell into Su Ling's palm.

Su Ling glanced at the elixir. Soon after, he threw the elixir towards Zhang Jin and said with a smile: "Uncle Zhang, this is a Spirit Gathering Pill that you wanted your nephew to refine."

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