Martial World - Chapter 1130

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Chapter 1130

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Chapter 1130 – Refining Heavenly Tribulation

Originally, all of Lin Ming’s flesh had cracked apart, and the glistening white bones of his arms, legs, and chest were revealed. One could even count his ribs. There were also bones that were dislocated from the pressure. Even though Lin Ming’s bones were tough, they still couldn’t resist the continued grinding from the two primal chaos diagrams!

After his flesh reached such an appearance, his meridians and blood vessels also became tattered. His organs were almost squashed into mush, becoming a pile of messy goo.

The only complete body part he had was his brain. Within the protection of his skull, his spiritual sea hadn’t been damaged at all. Even so, for a person devolved to such a miserable state, there wasn’t any meaning left in having a complete brain.

This sort of condition could have been described as undoubtable death!

If a normal martial artist were to look like Lin Ming now then they would have already completely died! A Life Destruction martial artist had a stronger life force than a common mortal, but if their heart was pierced, their head was cut off, and their blood had all drained away, they would still die. This was the Heavenly Dao Laws.

Only during the crossing of Life Destruction when one’s body disintegrated could a martial artist preserve their life. That was also because this process was supported by the Heavenly Dao Laws, thus they wouldn’t die.

In this sort of situation, it was impossible for Lin Ming to live without some sort of transcendent divine pill, much less rely on his own regenerative ability to recover.

But now, a miracle was occurring in front of everyone present!

They watched on helplessly as Lin Ming’s flesh and blood began to grow back!

The dazzling white bones were covered again with a layer of fascia. Then, the blood vessels moved over them like glistening red vines, spreading everywhere. Afterwards, the meridians reformed, the organs repaired themselves, and the muscles were completely reborn, their lines even stronger and more perfect than before.

Then, his wounds began to stitch back together, with fresh flesh rapidly regenerating at a rate visible to the eye. His flesh glistened and shined, like translucent red crystal!

Even his withered hair fell off, and new hair grew out from the old, passing down over his ears. These hairs, after being tempered in energy, sparkled with a lustrous sheen. Their silk-like texture even contained the profound mysteries of the Laws. If Lin Ming’s hair grew long enough, it could even be plucked out and used as a material for a saint artifact divine bow’s bowstring! This was proof of just how tough it was!

At this time, Lin Ming seemed as if he had almost achieved the boundary of the legendary diamond Vajra body, an immaculate and immortal body!

“Impossible! This is impossible! He should have absolutely died, just how is such a heaven-defying turn of events possible!?”

“What happened!? This can’t be!”

White Brook and Xiao Haogan had expressions as if their fathers had died as they watched Lin Ming’s body be reborn anew.

Looking at the present situation, there was an extremely high chance Lin Ming would be able to cross the heavenly tribulation. At that time, with Lin Ming’s terrifying talent, it shouldn’t be a problem at all for him to become a Great World King. The two of them would be in an extremely miserable position!

“What do we do? What can we do?” Xiao Haogan asked, at a complete loss.

“How the hell would I know! At this time there is nothing we can do to change the past. If Lin Ming dies then that would be perfect, but even after being pushed to the brink of death and looking like he did, he still didn’t die. His life is far too tough! Chances are that he won’t die this time. We must not make enemies with him anymore, especially on the surface!”

White Brook wasn’t an idiot. Now that Lin Ming had crossed Ninefall, his status in Carefree Island would be like the sun in the sky. With Mo Riverbliss supporting him, even a Highest Elder like him would be a joke in front of Lin Ming. If he tried to make enemies with Lin Ming, wasn’t that just asking to die?

The yin yang dao diagrams still spun as before, pressing down on Lin Ming. In that instant, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed open. His vision was like two divine lights piercing through the endless night, shining through the vast space.

His strength had returned!

Lin Ming suddenly clenched his fists together. With every movement, his joints seemed to explode with loud crackling sounds. He could feel a surge of energy rushing through his body. The power of thunder, fire, yin, and yang heavenly tribulations, as well as the tremendous power of the melted dragon bone relics rampaged within him. But, he forcefully suppressed them all!

This feeling as if his entire body was filled with energy caused Lin Ming’s blood to boil over. He concentrated his energy into his dantian, letting out a long and loud cry!

Hah – !

A terrifying sound wave burst out in all directions. With a deafening rumble, countless sheets of earth and stone were raised up by this sound wave. The clouds for several hundreds of miles were washed away, and even the tribulation clouds seemed to be affected as they faintly trembled.

Happy! Awesome!

Lin Ming laughed out loud, his bellows ringing through the skies!

He had never imagined he would feel such an explosive strength in his body as today. He was like a volcano on the brink of eruption, every step he took shattered the earth!

“Good young man! How did he do this!?” The Elders of Carefree Island looked on in utter shock. This sudden reversal was simply like a dream.

“Is this because of those beads he swallowed? Although I couldn’t see just what those beads were, they shouldn’t have been a transcendent divine medicine. Those beads contained a power that was far too tyrannical; they should have been some rare and fierce heavenly treasure. If Lin Ming swallowed such medicine at his peak state he might blow up from the energy, much less now.”

“I thought that Lin Ming’s body would burst apart after swallowed those beads, but such a change actually occurred. Just what secrets does he have on him?”

There was not a single Elder of Carefree Island that could understand what happened to Lin Ming’s body. Let alone them, even Mo Eversnow and Mo Riverbliss were looking on, dumbfounded. They too had no idea what was happening!

“This is absolutely not an effect of the dragon bone relics. The dragon bone relics are a violent and wild energy, and it is already extremely difficult for Lin Ming to withstand them with his body, much less for them to help regenerate his flesh. Could it… could it be… that black mystery bead?” Mo Eversnow suddenly thought. This was the only possible explanation. But just what was that black mystery bead? It actually had the strength to defy the power of heavenly tribulation! Even a top transcendent divine pill would pale in comparison!

At this time, the heavenly tribulation was continuing around Lin Ming!

Yin yang tribulation was truly worthy of being called the strongest level of the nine heavenly tribulations. It was a calamity of essence, energy, and the divine. Lin Ming had crossed the tribulation of the soul, of his flesh and blood, and now all that was left over was the tribulation of his dantian!

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And at this time, Lin Ming’s body had been restored to almost its peak state. How hard could it be to survive one more tribulation?

In the sky, the dual yin and yang energies twisted together, forming dao runes and streams that constantly flushed into Lin Ming’s meridians, fusing together with the sealed thunder and fire tribulation within Lin Ming’s body!

The thunder tribulation became increasingly wild, the fire tribulation became that much more fierce!

These two energies had been suppressed by the Heretical God Sprout from the very start, but that was only a temporary suppression. As for refining them, that was not simple at all. Especially after Lin Ming had encountered catastrophe after catastrophe; just when did he have the chance to refine them?

But now was different!

“Thunder and fire tribulation, I hope you had your fill of hurting me. This time, I’ll be the one to refine you!”

Lin Ming shouted out loud and the Heretical God Force erupted. The energy of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation, together with the yin yang tribulation, was all completely suppressed by the Heretical God Sprout!

“Be refined by me!”

The Heretical God Force was a transcendent divine might!

Only a transcendent divine might could refine the power of heavenly tribulation. If an ordinary martial artist’s cultivation method was used to refine heavenly tribulation, all that would happen would be a tremendous counterattack!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Within Lin Ming’s dantian, energy boiled like magma, erupting like a volcano!

Such an impact placed a great pressure on Lin Ming’s dantian. But Lin Ming steeled his mind; he would thoroughly refine this yin yang tribulation and thunder and fire tribulation!

It had to be known that the power of heavenly tribulation contained immense benefits!

Lin Ming had crossed eight levels of heavenly tribulation and also over half of the ninth level of heavenly tribulation. The advantage this had to his flesh, blood, and bones was unfathomable.

His battle spirit had also broken through the elementary gold level, jumping straight over gold small success and reaching gold large success!

Even the Phoenix Blood Spear had transformed from a saint artifact to a spirit artifact after breeding its own source artifact spirit. This was something that a supreme elder might not be able to accomplish even in 100,000 years!

In this situation, Lin Ming still wasn’t satisfied with withstanding the baptism of heavenly tribulation. He wanted to refine the power of heavenly tribulation and use it for himself!

“Lin Ming, he… he is… heavens! He is refining heavenly tribulation!”

“This… refining heavenly tribulation!? He… he is far too crazy!!!”

Heavenly tribulation was not some trifling matter. When an extreme genius martial artist similar to Lin Ming crossed heavenly tribulation, they would be absolutely cautious lest they enrage the heavenly tribulation and cause a mutation to occur. Once heavenly tribulation arrived, all they could do was silently withstand it, allowing their body, dantian, revolving core or inner world, and soul to accept the baptism of heavenly tribulation. They had to use their own true essence to disperse the power of heavenly tribulation.

Who would dare to directly refine heavenly tribulation?

That was simply suicidal!

But now, Lin Ming was doing exactly this!

If the Heavenly Dao wishes to destroy me then I shall control the Heavenly Dao and make it my army of a million soldiers! I will have it ride through the endless space with me, battling through the rivers of stars!

The road of martial arts was originally defying the will of the heavens. And Lin Ming had the heart and soul to reverse the heavens themselves!
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