Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 3266

Published at 26th of May 2023 08:10:17 AM

Chapter 3266: 3266 Ancient Fierce Beast

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3266 Ancient Fierce Beast
However, this blow of his was captured by the huge palm above. The soaring sword intent dissipated in the air but the huge palm in the sky didn’t disappear. Instead, it struck Elder Mei in mid-air after it had dispersed the sword potent and struck him in mid-air.


There was a loud bang and the huge palm landed on Elder Mei’s body with a heavy blow. Elder Mei fell to the ground. When Elder Mei landed, his body smashed into the ground and made a huge hole in the front courtyard of the Feng Manor.

He lay in the hole, unable to move his body. His eyes were fixed on the vortex in the sky above and blood overflowed from his mouth. The blood never seemed to stop and continued to flow out of his mouth. Fire Phoenix was shocked.

“Old Man Mei!”

Fire Phoenix shouted and flew forward to give him some medicine to protect his heart. However, another palm came down with overwhelming killing intent. Fire Phoenix spread its wings immediately and released a powerful ancient coercion from its body, then it soared upwards to meet the huge palm.

The two forces refused to succumb to each other. At first, the palm from above had the upper hand, but it was blocked by Fire Phoenix. So, it struck down another time, as if to take down Fire Phoenix and not let it have a chance to react.

Fire Phoenix raised its head and let out a cry then flapped its wings. The flames on its body shot up into the sky with a whistling sound, and accompanying the flames on his body were flames that it spat out from its mouth as it opened its mouth and soared into the sky.

The flames shot straight up and burned the dark clouds in the sky turning them red. Burning clouds of fire surged in the entire sky and the wind howled. However, the face in the vortex seemed unaffected by it, as if the flames didn’t bother him at all.

“Ancient Sacred Beast Fire Phoenix! Today, this Lord will subdue you!”

The sharp and sinister voice called out and a huge black claw that seemed to suddenly solidify suddenly protruded from the vortex. It wasn’t a human palm, but a huge claw like one from a contracted beast. The entire claw and huge and black, and its talons were sharp and shone coldly in the flames.

The huge claw struck out at Fire Phoenix from above, as if it wasn’t afraid of its ancient coercion. At that moment, Fire Phoenix’s eyes shrank back when it saw the huge black claw stretch out.


The coercion of the Ancient Fierce Beast!
It flapped its wings immediately and flew away to avoid being caught by the claw. At the same time, Fire Phoenix raised its sharp claws and the fierce airflow carried the flames towards the black claw. However, the attack didn’t have the slightest effect on the huge black claw. It was as if its attack had penetrated directly through the huge black claw.

“Hahahahaha! Do you think you can hurt me? Today, this Lord will break off your wings and make you surrender to me!” The savage voice spoke accompanied by a strong coercion. The masked face in the vortex protruded out a little and stretched its hand out to grab downwards, interchanging blows with the huge black claw.



Suddenly, there was a muffled roar of thunder rolling in the sky. Immediately afterwards, the sound of thunder came from the clouds and shot down towards the back mountain of the Feng Manor. The force was so strong that it shook the grounds…

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