MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 1082

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Chapter 1082: Chapter 1082 - Master of Bluffing Battle Tactics

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Chapter 1082: Master of Bluffing Battle Tactics

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Save Mu Zixian?

Obviously, their family assets and lives were at stake. As compared to the six awakened accounts, Mu Zixian’s level 15 account could be ignored.

Save Quan Zhen Sect’s members?

In life and death situations, even his wife and mother would be angry if she was not saved first. This bunch of gaming pals would definitely be too.

Under such a circumstance, it was either to save everyone or save none. Or else, no matter who he saved, their friendships would be damaged.

“Then what should I do?” Vainglory asked helplessly.

“Follow behind them so that when the backup troops come, they can find us,” Fearless said.

Vainglory paused for a while and asked. “Uncle Bull… Is he coming?”

“If he can’t come, we will have to save ourselves.” Fearless followed up with a sigh and said, “Sigh, seems like we will have to owe Nine Solitary Spears another favour this time.”

“Nine Solitary Spears? He… He will save us?” Ming Du asked Fearless in surprise.

Damn it, Nine Solitary Spears and Quan Zhen Sect were longtime enemies. He would be more than happy to see Quan Zhen Sect tortured by others, why would he help them? It would be good enough if he did not mock their downfall.

“Yes!” Fearless said surely.

“Why?” Everyone was puzzled why Fearless was so confident.

“Huh!” Fearless snarled and said, “Because he wants to be a City Lord!”

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Indeed, Nine Solitary Spears had been eyeing the spot for Sky Dragon’s City Lord for a long time and everyone knew how much he wanted to be a City Lord. It was indeed a good excuse to seek his help now.

Of course, whether or not Nine Solitary Spears would help them, it would depend on Fearless’ convincing abilities.

The greatest soulmate one could have would be his opponent. Fearless was had a pretty good understanding of Nine Solitary Spear’s daily habits.

It was not yet twelve midnight so to Nine Solitary Spears, a gaming otaku, this was his golden hour and so, he was online.

Fearless pulled open his friends list and looked for Nine Solitary Spears, then sent a message, “Congxin, are you around?”

Quickly, Nine Solitary Spears replied with a message, “****, no!”

“Hehe!” Seeing Nine Solitary Spears, Fearless gave a genuine laugh.

If he spoke nicely to this b*stard, he would know Fearless had a favour to ask. Hence, he had nothing to lose if he threw an insult at him now.

“No? Then am I speaking to a dog?” Fearless asked tauntingly again.

Nine Solitary Spears angrily replied, “B*stard, are you looking for trouble? Yelling at me in the middle of the night, say what you need to and go!”

“He!” Fearless gave a small chuckle and said, “Little Cong, do you want to strike a deal?”

“What do you mean by little. What deal?” Nine Solitary Spears was ultimately a guild leader. All that scolding did not cause him to forget the main issue.

“Just a small deal!” Seeing how Nine Solitary Spears was on the hook, Fearless calmly said, “Something to do with Sky Dragon City’s City Lord.”


Hearing what Fearless said, Nine Solitary Spears broke out in a wide smile, “Sky Dragon City already has a City Lord. Isn’t it enough that you guys have bluffed me once over it?”

Nine Solitary Spears was another one who feared the strong and bullied the weak. He directly placed Wang Yu’s doing onto Quan Zhen Sect.

However, since Fearless had a favour to ask, he did not rebut. Afterall, Wang Yu was part of Quan Zhen Sect so whatever he did was akin to Quan Zhen Sect’s doings. This was not wrong.

Nine Solitary Spears did not fall into his trap so Fearless sincerely bluffed him, “Congxin, are you going to just watch that guy be the City Lord? You have tens of thousands of subordinates while he only has a dozen. Does it make sense for a dozen people to be in control of all of you.”

“It does, you guys in Twilight City,” Nine Solitary Spears rebutted.

“Well, that’s not counted. We, Quan Zhen Sect, fought for the City Lord position. Feng Yun Realm was just descended to the position. Furthermore, don’t you know us? We only hire the most capable but Feng Yun Realm isn’t the same. He just became the City Lord but only have a dozen people so he definitely feels insecure. I think that since he isn’t that strong now, you should take the chance to take him down!”

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“Enough!” Nine Solitary Spears gave a cold laugh, “You must be planning something against Feng Yun Realm and want us to be the collateral damage. Feng Yun Realm did not offend me. Why should I bother him?”

Learning from his lessons. Nine Solitary Spears had been fighting with Quan Zhen Sect for so many years and have been taken advantage of so much so he did have some caution.

“What are you saying!” Fearless said, “I am doing this for your own good. I feel that if you do this properly, this can be your retirement plan. Do you believe that once Feng Yun Realm grows stronger, he will deal with Apocalypse?”

“Well…” Hearing what Fearless said, Nine Solitary Spears frowned deeply.

Fearless might have bad intentions but his words were effective.

Since ancient days, when a new emperor ascends the throne, he would wipe out his competitors…

In Sky Dragon City, other than Feng Yun Realm’s Feng Yun Alliance, only Peerless Heaven and Apocalypse were their match.

Needless to say, Peerless Heaven’s motto was to maintain peace for the sake of prosperity, never offending people first but if people offended them, they would wipe them out. Hence, no matter how daring Feng Yun Realm was, he would not dare to go after such a strong figure.

Other than them, Feng Yun Realm would only be wary of Apocalypse.

Apocalypse had tens of thousands of players and so, was not to be belittled. If Feng Yun Realm grow, they definitely would not allow Apocalypse to roam around them…

By then, with Feng Yun Realm as the City Lord, no matter how strong Apocalypse may be, they would not be Feng Yun Alliance’s match.

After hesitating for a while, the more Nine Solitary Spears thought, the more afraid he became. He quickly became humble and sincerely asked, “Then what should we do now?”

“Go big or go home. Kill this b*stard Feng Yun Realm! Then won’t you become the City Lord?” Fearless said firmly.

“You are right. However, we have no reason to cause trouble over nothing… Remember, he is a City Lord now,” Nine Solitary Spears said hesitantly.

It was a serious crime to find trouble with a City Lord for no reason. It might even cause Apocalypse to be unable to live in Sky Dragon City anymore.

Fearless said, “No excuse? This morning, Feng Yun Realm brought people to mess with your shop and killed your people. Can you allow him to be such a thief?”

Actually, Nine Solitary Spears long had the intention to kill Feng Yun Realm but he had no reason to. After hearing what Fearless said, he instantly reacted and slapped his thigh, saying “Of course I can’t!”

“That’s right.” Fearless said eagerly, “Feng Yun Realm is ‘hunting’ outside the city and don’t have the system guards with him. This is your opportunity to rebel. Cherish it.”

“Great, tell me the coordinates. I’ll go now…” Nine Solitary Spears exclaimed.

“This… I’ll tell you later.” Fearless said.

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