Monarch of Time - Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: 99

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''Master, are you talking about that Xiao Shitou and the girl from that Lin family?''

Since Shun Long had already told little Black about how he had nearly died outside the Blue Forest of the 'Sky Fortune Kingdom', little Black immediately understood what Shun Long meant when he said that it's time to settle some old accounts.

After all the timing between his assassination attempt and the Lin family coming to ask to break the engagement, was far too close to be simply a coincidence.

Shun Fang as well, as a peak rank 3 bronze grade formation master didn't have any enemies, and instead people always rushed to please him and tend to his every need. The status of a rank 3 bronze grade formation master was too ill.u.s.trious in the mortal world after all, for people to plan an assassination against Shun Long for no good reason.

Shun Long nodded his head at little Black as he always had these thoughts in mind, and now that his strength had advanced enough, it was finally time to unravel the mystery and 'settle this old account'.

After removing his robes and taking a shower to get rid of the blood all over his face and body, Shun Long also removed the blood from his robes before he heard little Black saying

''Master, I think that we should celebrate your advancement in body refinement! After all, body refinement is harder than qi cultivation and master has been cultivating for such a short time...''

Shun Long smiled as he heard little Black's words and laughed before saying

''Haha, fine! I was planning to let it ferment for a bit longer but we can try one now.''

Then, under little Black's expectant eyes, Shun Long sent his spiritual strength inside the 'Stone of Time', as he removed one of the buried wooden barrels from his herb field. 

After he removed the barrel's top, a fragrant smell filled the entire room, while Shun Long's face had turned red after smelling this intoxicating scent. 

Shun Long took out a big bowl, and after he filling it with the red liquid from the barrel, he handed the entire barrel to little Black inside the 'Stone of Time'.

Then, both at the same time, they drank the red liquid, one man from a bowl and one dragon from a wooden barrel.

Little Black took a deep gulp before he exclaimed in bliss

''This! This is definitely among the 3 best wines I have ever drunk.''

Shun Long also nodded his head, as the taste of this wine that he had made using the rank 3 'purple fragrant grass' and a dozen more rank 2 medicinal herbs was truly exceptional. But what was also important was that he had fermented the wine for more than 100 years of time inside the 'Stone of Time'.

That was the reason why the barrel was buried in the herb field. Since everything inside the wine was medicinal essence from spiritual herbs, they were affected when Shun Long used his qi to speed up time inside his herb field.

The black dragon greedily emptied the barrel before asking Shun Long

''Hehe, master we still have 2 more barrels.''

Surprisingly, Shun Long nodded his head as he took out one more barrel from the herb field.

After removing the barrel top and filling his bowl to the brim, he handed the barrel to little Black.

Little Black didn't expect his suggestion to work, as the black dragon then blissfully gulped down the wine in the second barrel.

Shun Long who had just emptied his bowl however, closed his eyes as he circulated the 'Monarch's Hourglass'.

Little Black's eyes shone as he thought

''Right! Although the effect the wine has on me is almost negligible, it is after all created by master after mixing a rank 3 medicinal herb with a dozen rank 2 ones, so it can definitely help with master's cultivation.''

Shun Long's qi had reached its peak, as he attempted to breakthrough to the early rank 4 in earth grade. After every 3 minor ranks there was a bottleneck in cultivation, and to advance from the peak of rank 3 to the early rank 4 was precisely one such bottleneck. 

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Shun Long who had just created his 28th ball of qi in the earth grade, tried to push it upwards inside the 'Monarch's Hourglass' above his head, next to the previously created balls. However, his 27 balls of qi already existing inside, were like an immovable wall that simply refused to budge.

After purifying his 28th ball with so much of his qi that he was practically exhausted, Shun Long had finally managed to push it inside, finally entering the early rank 4 in earth grade.

This wasn't just the difference from a single ball of qi but a qualitative one that greatly enhanced the strength of his qi balls.

''Congratulations on your breakthrough master. Are we going to find that Xiao Shitou and his brother now?'' 

Shun Long nodded his head as he said

''I will challenge Xiao Juyan in the arena today, but first, I have to make a trip to the 'Treasure Pavilion'.''

Leaving the 'Mystifying Fragrance pavilion', Shun Long walked for half an hour until he arrived at the 'Treasure Pavilion's' entrance.

After finding an alley to put on his black robes, he then entered inside.

After taking a look at the first floor, Shun Long didn't find anything of interest before he went up to the second floor. 

Surprisingly, among the girls that greeted the guests on the second floor, Shun Long spotted Mei Yi, the young girl that had greeted him the first time that he had arrived on this floor.

Shun Long approached her and after taking out the VIP card that Yin Xing had given him he asked in a deep voice

''Little girl, is Yin Xing here?''

After seeing Yin Xing's VIP card, Mei Yi immediately recognized Shun Long as she stuttered and said in excitement

''Se-Senior! Alchemist Yin is here, I will call him now. Please senior, come with me first.''

After leading Shun Long to a spacious private room, with a table full of delicacies inside, Mei Yi immediately left to call Yin Xing. 

Not even 5 minutes had passed since Shun Long had entered the room, when an excited Yin Xing could be seen rushing through the second floor.

The customers in the pavilion were shocked to see a dignified rank 3 bronze grade alchemist run like that, but Yin Xing didn't pay them any attention as he soon arrived at the private room that Shun Long was sitting in.

After entering inside, Yin Xing bowed his head as he greeted excitedly 

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