Monster Integration - Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

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They suddenly stopped twenty-meter in front of us, looking at us viciously. This monsters bigger than I noticed earlier, just a little smaller than searing hog that I fought in the past.

'Laugh laugh!' this is the scariest part of hyena monsters, their creepy cry that that sound in between laugh and cry, every time I hear it, all hair of my body stands.

Saliva could be seen dripping from their mouth, I have read that some monsters really love to eat human meat than other monsters, hyenas seemed one of them.

'Whoosh' they attack, all six of them move toward Sarah to attack, "shit!" I said and just had taken a step to reinforce her that suddenly these hyenas split into two groups, each bigger hyena leading the group.

Their target is Jim and me, they completely ignored Sarah. I am dead! I thought of seeing three hyenas running toward me.

These monster really are deceitful, first, they made us think they were attacking Sarah, seeing that we let our guard a little, seeing this opportunity they spit in two groups, to hunt weaker members of our party.

I gripped sword and try to circulate the fifth move of the exercise, last time I have circulated till the fourth move but in today's desperation, I was able to circulate the fifth, although it's extremely painful and I was stepped away from blacking out, I still endured it, in the time of death.

Seeing three monsters coming toward me, I know there is little chance of me coming alive out of this but I am holding on that hope to live.

Just as they were two meters apart from and I lifted my sword to attack, "Bam!" a big purple lightning ball suddenly came out of nowhere and directly hit the head of the big monster.

This distracted all three monsters from attacking me as their leader got hit.

'Oh!' The lightning ball that attacked the hyena monster leader turned out to Sarah fluffy Lynx cub, altho it only able make some burn mark on it's but it's unbelievable that this cute little lynx monster can do that.

"Laugh!" Hyena monster let out its weird cry and attack that fluff ball lynx but soon purple lightning covered it the body and it dodge the attack easily.

It all looked long but it happened within seconds, when I took a quick look at the other side, Sarah was fighting the second leader monster and Jim is between two hyena monsters.

The two hyenas that were staring dumble for a second cried out and came to attack, "Laugh, laugh!" I barely dodge the teeth to the two monsters.

They are really fast without giving me the choice, they attacked me again, I have no option but dodge their attacks, their agility is so high that they are attacking me from every angle.

It is a good thing that I brought the armor, it has been doing a good job protecting against their attacks and due to my strong body, I will able to bear the extra force that my armor can't handle.

"Laugh!" a mournful cry comes out of the monster, I look toward it see that Sarah's swords were releasing lightning element skill on the wolf leader, burned mark appear all over its body.

I was shocked seeing that, it hadn't been two minutes since the fight started and she already this injured the monster, even if I was fighting only one hyena right now, I wouldn't be able to inflict a regular wound on it.

The other monster who was busy chasing Sarah's lynx monster, quickly gone to his partner's rescue.

"Slic.." "Fuck!" I cursed as I received an injury just above my ear when I was busy looking at Sarah, it is heavy injury but not fatal.

Thank god I was attacked by monster claws, not its teeth, if it were its teeth, it would have easily broken my skull, this is the price I paid for distracting in between fight, I will not repeat this mistake again.

"Chomp!" I barely able to save my ear getting eaten by monsters, I can still feel it breathe by my ear, these monsters are really vicious, in the past ten minutes I didn't get the single chance of attacking instead, I got hit by many times.

Because of armor, I have been wearing saved me from injuries, I just have to bear the extra force that goes over the limit of armor with the body, it is a good thing I am practicing exercise, that has made my body stronger than the others of my level.

Using armor had come with a high price, I can only support armor for two hours before my mana drained completely.

if its only armor I've been using solely, my mana would have to be supported more than two hours but I and also using my sword artifact which is lightened with fire.

And the thing is, the armor and sword artifacts are running only at their 20%-25% capability, only when I level up specialist grade than did I able to use it at its full capability.

Currently, I am barely dodging these two monsters attacks, I don't have any choice, I am powerless to do anything as these monster are too powerful for me to do dodge.

I only have one hope that is devils exercise, I am sure if I am able to circulate to the seventh move, I will have enough power to go offensive on these monsters. I have been trying to circulate the sixth move but pain is so immense that I didn't able to it, still, I was backing down, I am trying it every second, with enough tries I will be able to endure it.

"Boom!" another one, Ashlyn fireball hit the hyena monster but it didn't d any damage except for irritating it and burning it few of its hair.

"Laugh!" it weirdly cried out at Ashlyn for a moment before again started attacking me. "dhap!" monster had sneakily attacked my back with me sentencing, it is good we are clearing and there aren't any big trees near or I would have directly collided in it.

Using the force of the move, I put some distance between me monsters, it would take them seconds to catch up but it's enough for me to catch my breath and ready myself from them.

"Laugh!" I heard the mournful sound of hyena when I looked up to see, Sarah already had killed one leader and heavily injured another one.

I am shocked seeing this, between hyenas she fighting and hyenas I am fighting are same difference, she even has a greater difference that as she was fighting against Lv. 2 of Specialist Grade but she still able to finish it while I wasn't able to make a scratch on monsters I am fighting.

Even Jim, he also injured the two hyenas he fighting, although injuries are light they are still injuries.

I felt happy seeing Sarah killing the monster, the more early she finished, the more quickly she will give us assistance killing the monster.

"Rustle." I faintly heard, I got bad feeling hearing this voice, not soon after three big hyenas come out trees, and seeing their kin dead, they both ran toward Sarah to attack her.
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