Monster Paradise - Chapter 1667

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Chapter 1667: 1667

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Chapter 1667: That’s More Like It!

Lin Huang completely lost track of time in the virtual realm cabin.

He had no idea whether a hundred years had passed—maybe a thousand years, even ten thousand years… perhaps even longer.

The god sequence chains in his body consolidated one by one from nothingness. Only at the end when they reached one million god sequence chains did Lin Huang finally open his eyes.

The number of god sequence chains had skyrocketed to one million, which was the maximum number his Godly Right could contain.

He instinctively sensed that the number of god sequence chains he could consolidate had reached its limit as well.

He even tried to consolidate the one million and first god sequence chain, but it failed at the very last second of its consolidation. He only gave up trying after three consecutive failures.

“So if I want to elevate my abilities any further, the only thing I can do is consolidate a Dao seal, I suppose…” Lin Huang considered for a moment. He seemed to have reached the true limits of heavenly god-level at present; he could not go any further.

In order to advance his abilities even more, his only option was to consolidate a Dao seal and become a Lord.

‘Do I want to consolidate the Dao seal now?’ Lin Huang thought about it and felt that he did not really have much reason to continue procrastinating.

However, he soon ran into a problem that troubled him.

‘All raptors are Voids. If I consolidate the Dao seal in the material realm, the process should be similar to Buried Heaven’s. The biggest difference will probably be the strength of the raptor.

‘But what if I consolidate the Dao seal in the virtual realm with my virtual body? Will I attract more raptors?’

Lin Huang was considering whether or not he wanted to seize this opportunity to bait and lure large numbers of Voids over to kill them.

‘It doesn’t matter even if this virtual body dies anyway. My virtual body has three lives every day…’

Lin Huang hesitated no longer at this point.

He got up right away and stepped out of the virtual realm cabin, returning it to card form.

Although he was not very sure if the virtual realm cabin could be destroyed, he did not wish to experiment and find out.

Watching the still, dead black and white world before him, Lin Huang calmed his state of mind slightly. The aura of his entire being began to rise.

This time, he did not suppress his strength at all.

He released the full power of the god sequence chains one by one.

His body began to detach from the neutron star and its terrifying force of gravity, gradually floating into the starry heavens.

In this boundless black and white universe, he was as tiny as a particle of dust.

However, his aura had shrouded all the stars around him completely.

If there had been other living beings present in the surrounding star zones, even an ordinary person with no cultivation base would have been able to clearly sense the Holy Power of a god spreading through the entire galaxy.

Lin Huang closed his eyes, his body completely relaxed.

On his body, god sequence chains of various colors surged out from within him like endless tentacles. These god sequence chains were no longer invisible to the eyes of ordinary folk—they had materialized into actual chains.

If onlookers were to witness this scene, they would certainly be shocked by the number of god sequence chains surging out of Lin Huang’s body at present.

There were a million god sequence chains. This terrifying number was beyond all common logic.

One must know that when Buried Heaven had elevated to become a Lord previously, he possessed only twenty-seven god sequence chains. Furthermore, he was already the top powerhouse among Heavenly Gods in the great world.

Even Great Heaven, who had subdued the great world for an entire era, had only mastered forty-two god sequence chains at the time of his unification.

This was no longer a simple disparity in numbers; it was one of magnitude.

The more god sequence chains a Heavenly God mastered, the more powerful his Dao seal would be after unification.

The reason was that the number of god sequence chains would be equivalent to the number of Dao tattoos.

This was common knowledge among all Heavenly Gods.

Furthermore, the number of Dao tattoos on the Dao seal consolidated during each Lord’s first unification would determine the number of Dao tattoos on all subsequent Dao seals.

The Dao seal consolidated during unification would determine a Lord’s foundation.

Two Lords who started with a different number of Dao tattoos would have a bigger gap between their respective abilities in the future as they consolidated more and more Dao seals.

Naturally, the greater the number of Dao tattoos, the greater the difficulty in consolidating the Dao seal. It would also take much longer.

Therefore, Lords with fewer Dao tattoos were not entirely at a disadvantage. They would be able to elevate much faster.

However, for Lin Huang, elevation speed was not a problem at all.

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His cultivation speed had never been slow. Now that he had the Gate of All Realms, which enabled him to enter and exit the virtual realm whenever he wished, he did not have to worry about the amount of time he spent on cultivation at all.

He had enough resources to do what others could not do.

If this were someone else, even if they had sufficient talent and potential to consolidate millions of god sequence chains at heavenly god-level, they could not afford to expend that amount of time to do so.

Possibly by the time they had consolidated millions of god sequence chains, their opponent would have long since elevated to become a Lord—maybe even a middle-rank or upper-rank Lord.

Moreover, hardly any cultivators of the same level had God Territories as powerful as Lin Huang’s, which could contain so many god sequence chains.

Lin Huang’s time resources, his constitution, as well as his God’s soul, God Territory, and his talent and potential…

No ordinary individual could compare in practically every single one of those aspects.

All these factors combined were what gave him such terrifying abilities.

In the void, after the god sequence chains had extended themselves out of Lin Huang’s body, they rapidly began weaving around menacingly, as if each of them had a consciousness of their own.

Not long later, the god sequence chains started to detach from Lin Huang’s body one by one, beginning to dance riotously above his head. They even unleashed all sorts of sequence powers and began to fight.

It seemed as if none of them wanted to submit to each other, and all were trying to gain the upper hand.

Lin Huang, however, did not panic at all. He had known about this already from watching Buried Heaven’s unification previously. This was the first stage of unification—psychic communication.

Moreover, when he obtained the Lords’ inheritances from the death spring earlier, he had looked through some information regarding unification as well. He was now very experienced in how to handle each stage of unification.

During the psychic communication stage, the god sequence chains would gain a measure of intelligence. Therefore, they would battle amongst each other, all vying for supremacy.

This stage was also called the chaotic sequence period and was a very dangerous state.

If one’s God’s soul were not powerful enough to subdue the god sequence chains, the unification would instantly fail.

It was even possible that one’s God’s soul might be crushed by the berserk god sequence chains, and the individual would die on the spot.

As far as Lin Huang was concerned, solving the issues involved in this stage of the process could not be easier.

As soon as his peak lord-level God’s soul was unleashed, myriads of Divine Telekinesis threads shot out, tightly binding the strange creatures that the god sequence chains had become and forcing them to blow up!

The entire process ended in less than three seconds and was extremely violent.

Lin Huang watched as the creature manifestations of the one million god sequence chains blew up one by one to reveal the original forms of the god sequence chains. They retreated back into his body, crestfallen, and Lin Huang nodded, displaying a satisfied grin.

“That’s more like it.”

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