Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 840

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Chapter 840: 840

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Chapter 840 The Assassination

That man came to assassinate Lord Ling, fearing that the person who was from their family would not be able to take the throne, right?

The King was so furious, but soon he felt that he was lucky enough at this point.

When he first arrived in the town and saw the pale-looking Jiang Shuang, he could not help feeling sorry for her. He almost passed on the position of heir to his eighth son, just because she was sick.

Luckily, the Empress Dowager and Honored Princess Jing arrived right on time to stop him. Otherwise, the consequences would be beyond repair!

Those old soldiers from the Jiang Family were watching in the darkness. They were waiting for someone from the Jiang Family to take the throne so that the Jiang Family could continue to flourish, and General Jiang Shang was still on top of him!

However, the heir would never be his eighth son. It would never happen.

The King thought with determination inside his heart. He even suspected that the Queen was pretending to be so sick just to soften his heart. Zhao Yiqiu was part of her plan, and he was not telling the truth. Otherwise… the whole thing seemed so coincidental.

Jiang Shuang became sick, which he heard of and then he visited the town. At this point, the old troup from the Jiang Family appeared and tried to kill Lord Ling.

Maybe the whole thing was within the Jiang Family’s plan.

The more the King thought about this, the more nervous he became. The Jiang Family was such a scary existence!

His mother was right – he was the King and he should not feel sympathetic to anyone, because his kindness was a very easy thing to make use of.

Six hours passed before they arrived at the court.

The King went to visit Lord Ling at the imperial hospital.

The place where Lord Ling was attacked was not far from the court, but it was quite far from Lord Ling’s Mansion. Therefore, they came to the imperial hospital where many imperial doctors were available to conduct the treatment.

“Ling, where is he?” The King asked as he walked into the imperial hospital.

“Lord Ling is in the inner chamber. He has been so badly injured this time! The assassin aimed to kill Lord Ling! Luckily, it hit on the side, otherwise Lord Ling might have suffered from more serious problems!” the doctor of the imperial hospital said with a twisted expression.

The King found the situation so irritating.

Lord Ling was his ideal candidate, so he shouldn’t suffer from anything! Nothing should ever happen to him!

He hurried into the inner chamber and looked at the man lying there.

Lord Ling was wrapped with white bandage, and the King sensed the strong scent of blood in the inner chamber. He was very sensitive to the scent of blood, since he already smelled that back in the town.

Lord Ling was fast asleep.

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His pageboy had intended to wake up Lord Ling because of the King’s arrival, but he was stopped. The King was just here to check on the situation.

All he needed to do was to see how badly he was injured.

However, now he understood that Lord Ling had been stabbed seriously and the old soldiers from the Guandong Troup must have aimed to kill him.

The King turned around and De Fu hurried in.

He passed on the message to the King. “Most of the attackers were killed right on the spot, and the remaining ones are to be examined. After serious punishments were conducted, someone reported that they were just one small branch from the Guandong Troup, and that the old soldiers from the Guandong Troup are still hidden somewhere.”

The King nodded and got the general point. He was thinking as he continued to walk forward.

De Fu asked. “King, are you going to return to the town?”

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