Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 843

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Chapter 843: 843

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Chapter 843 The Heir

“I will go and visit Honored Princess Jing later,” the King said. He made the promise directly due to the guilt he felt. He was going to make it up to Honored Princess Jing.

The Empress Dowager nodded with a very satisfied look on her face.

To get the King to stay by Honored Princess Jing’s side was better than him staying next to Jiang Shuang

Having said this, the King felt quite distracted. He kept thinking about what the Empress Dowager said before. Actually, on his way back to the court, he more or less had some conjectures – but what he had suspected differed from reality. It couldn’t be confirmed that some of what he had suspected existed for real. Therefore, he just could not accept the truth at the moment, especially when everything seemed to be part of the conspiracy.

In his heart, he had never liked anyone from the Jiang Family – Jiang Shang looked down at him and wanted to control him, so that he could become a puppet King. However, Jiang Shuang was in love with him all this time. He was just making use of Jiang Shuang, but he just could not accept the truth that Jiang Shuang was making use of him too.

He felt that he was just a joke – why bother to show care to Jiang Shuang?

It was ridiculous! No one from the Jiang Family was a good person, including Jiang Shuang! She made herself sick just to make him feel concerned about her!

The Empress Dowager felt quite assured seeing that the King was in a kind of ironic misery.

The Jiang Family would never surpass the Yao Family!

“You are the King, so you should stop thinking about this. She is just a woman, all you need to see is the whole country.” The Empress Dowager added.

That made the King get slightly more sober.

His mother was right. She was just one of his wives, and he did not have to dwell upon her. He was the King and he was the head of the country. What he needed was to observe the whole country and expand his territory.

He should drop those minor things.


Since the Jiang Family was planning so hard just to steal his country from his hands, he was going to make sure that none of the Jiang Family’s wishes were going to be realized. And, he was going to make the Jiang Family fall into despair.

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The King gave a light cough, picked up his tea and drank it. He thought for a while before saying to the Empress Dowager. “Lord Ling is a very capable person. He has his own opinions and he can think thoroughly. He is the most outstanding son of mine. Now he has the Phoenix Girl as the wife, so I think that we should pick an heir now, since all of them have grown up.” “What do you think about Lord Ling?” the King asked the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager had no right in appointing the heir, the King just wanted to show his respect to the Empress Dowager when he asked her about that.

However, obviously, he was the right candidate in the Empress Dowager’s heart as well. So she did not counter the King.

Instead of answering directly, she thought for a while and said, “The Eldest Prince has been stationed in the boundary, and you dispatched him there because you expected that he could make some achievements, but it seems that he has done nothing in the past few years, so he must be very incapable. As for the Sixth Son…”

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